Transformation and Healing


It is not a coincidence that you have arrived here. In the world of White Light Energetics there are no coincidences. And, it is here that you are being offered an opportunity for profound change, transformation and healing. White Light Energetics is here to offer the Gladstone area healing, hypnotherapy and yoga.

It is your inherent birth right to be living a happy fulfilled life, unrestricted by self-imposed limitations, fears, doubts, worries and concerns. 

And it is you birth right to:

REWRITE YOUR NARRATIVE and be the lead character of your own story.

REALISE YOUR POTENTIAL and be the change you want to see.

RECLAIM YOUR POWER and your gifts, tools, talents, and abilities. 

REMEMBER YOUR PURPOSE and have inner peace and contentment. 

RECONNECT WITH YOUR TRUE SELF and receive direct inner guidance.

Transformational Coaching

Life, wellbeing, mindfulness and Spiritual life coaching

Transformational Healing

Quantum Energy Healing, NLP Timeline Therapy, Hypnosis and Theta Healing

Yoga Classes

Vinyasa, Hatha, Chakra, Restorative, Yin and Private lessons

About Fiona

Hi, I’m Fiona. With over 25 years of experience in energy facilitations and intuitive insight, I can help assist you to bring that which is hidden in the unconscious, or shadow, out into the light. I am now offering hypnotherapy, energy healing and yoga practices to the Gladstone area. 

Through White Light Energetics I stand as a guiding light to assist you to live your life consciously, and to co-create the reality you want.  It gives me such joy to shine a light of recognition upon your soul so that you can rewrite your narrative, realise your potential, reclaim your power, remember your purpose, and reconnect with your true divine self.

Your path is unique to you and at White Light Energetics we provide a variety of modalities to assist you to make these profound changes for growth, expansion, understanding, insight, and awakening.

Take the first step to walking into the open arms of self-empowerment, self-discovery, self-awareness, balance and harmony, and schedule your 20min FREE connection call with Fiona.


White Light Energetics is your gateway to your True Divine Self whether it is through the physical pathway of Yoga or through the Polarity Integration Technique©, Crystalline Light Technique©, Crystalline Integration Technique©, or Divine Template Technique©

Living in alignment with the eternal love and light raises our awareness of our True Divinity.  Our physical bodies are sustained and maintained through the flow of the life force energy.  Eventually when we are able to sustain a high level of our True Divine Light we will be able to slow, or even reverse, the aging process.  READ MORE

My greatest passion for healing is to shine a guiding light to help you open pathways of communication and to bring you into the loving embrace of your own True Self.

Yoga Sessions Gladstone

Gladstone Touch Football Clubhouse, Harvey Road Gladstone

Yoga is not a sport. Yoga is a way to increase the vitality of your physical body and a devotion to yoga can change your way of life.

With this practice you will experience and learn yoga asana’s, mindfulness, meditation and
breathing techniques to assist you in maintaining equanimity in your daily life.

Vinyasa Flow, HATHA, HOLD

Tuesday Mornings 
5:45am – 6:45am

Vinyasa Flow, HATHA, HOLD

Thursday Mornings 
5:45am – 6:45am

Vinyasa Flow, HATHA, HOLD

Tuesday Afternoons
4:45pm – 5:45pm

Vinyasa Flow, HATHA, HOLD

Thursday Afternoons
4:45pm – 5:45pm

Hour of Power

Tuesday Night
6:00pm – 7:00pm

Slow and Steady

For Beginners – Thursday Night
6:00pm – 7:00pm

Have you been seeing the number 21 lately?

Have you been seeing the number 21 lately?  Well, there’s a reason for that!   This number can be presented on its own (21), in between (3213), mixed with (3231), at the beginning (2133), at the end (3321), reversed (12), mirrored (12:21), or any number of other...

Melting the cage to soar FREE

There is a light in which some can see, and some cannot.  It is the light within, and if seen, is the brightest of bright.  The light within, if seen, is of such brilliance that “knowing” is refracted as a ray through the heart prism and all colours emanate from...

The “Quester”

Incoming signals are being misinterpreted by many of us as we move into greater alignment with our truest nature.  The misinterpretation of signals is not due to anything we are doing, or not doing.  It is difficult to navigate a system if we do not have the correct...

The game of marbles

Imagine there are many marbles rolling around on the floor.  The marbles only remain still when the surface they are on remains level.  If the surface is tilted then the marbles will roll according to the tilt.  In order for the marbles to stop rolling the surface...

The truth will set you free – My dream about bulls

The following is a very vivid and lucid dream I received the other night.  I am sharing it with you as it is relevant in these times.   ____________________________________   As the underbrush was thick and dense it was difficult to see them at first.  It...

Moving across the threshold into 2021

As the illusory veil that separates 2020 with 2021 moves closer many of us may feel a pull, as though we have a magnet strapped to our hara/navel centre, wrenching us into a place that might seem as though we are losing control of what we perceived was familiar, or...

The Glassblower’s masterpiece

The domino pieces are falling, the jigsaw puzzle pieces are being placed correctly, and the scrabble pieces are speaking the language that is necessary for those of us that choose to learn the light language these scrabbled letters are offering.  There is metaphor...

Sovereign Embodiment

The current dynamics upon the earth have offered a rare opportunity to all of humanity.  Although many may feel as though their world has been in thrown into disorder and confusion with all that has been going, this has offered the opportunity for greater sovereign...