Whether you are seeking integration, expansion and growth through inner landscape work or moving through yoga asanas White Light Energetics offers you the most appropriate gateway that will soothe your soul and allow transformation in the highest and best way, and with ease and Grace.

The following White Light Energetics techniques are offered to assist you to learn, understand, process and to use the innate intelligence of your body by bringing your awareness to that which may be imbalanced, hidden, inharmonious, discordant and out of alignment with your True Divine Self.  The hustle and bustle of life, and the demands upon the body and mind, due to the external circumstances in life, lend to becoming separated from the innate intelligence within.  Limiting belief structures, patterns and emotions, when suppressed and ignored, are held within the body/mind as unconscious patterns and metaphors that can have a negative debilitating effect upon our body/mind/spirit complex/matrix.  These unconscious issues, suppressed and ignored negative belief structures/patterns and emotions may be brought into conscious awareness by expressing as physical symptoms within the body/mind complex.

The Central Nervous System and neural pathways transmit and receive messages, a unique body/mind consciousness that can deliver these messages with clarity or with obscurity.  The subconscious and unconscious mind will hold memories of repressed, or consciously forgotten, past wounds and traumas due to the pain and hurt experienced.  These repressed memories and experiences are a core source of our beliefs, habits and behaviours creating obscurity within the messages transmitted and received.

Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual core stability and alignment are necessary for integrative health and vitality.  Crystalline energetic re-connections and alignments upgrade and re-calibrate the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies ensuring core stability and integrity.



These White Light Energetics techniques offer profound opportunities

for body/mind/spirit

integration and personal evolution, growth and expansion.


Polarity Integration Technique ©


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Negative polarisation and positive polarisation co-exist within the physical body as vibratory frequency, and manifest as belief structures, and/or patterns, that is defined by how we perceive our self and our reality. These belief structures and patterns create self-imposed limitations and keep us bound in a perpetual cycle of mis-creation and distortion.  We are here to be the creators of our reality, to stand as co-creators with the One Infinite Creator, and take responsibility for our creations.  All of our distortions and mis-creation’s, all the unacknowledged, rejected parts of self, all perceived imperfections, weaknesses and flaws that do not align with our True Divine Self, gets buried deep within as ‘Shadow’aspects of self.


The ‘Shadow’ offers the greatest opportunities and the most profound tools for transformation.  By journeying into and through the shadow aspects we can receive deep insights as to what limits us and holds us back from empowerment and enlightenment.  It is through our triggered and charged reactions to persons, situations, perceived problems etc. that ‘Shadow’ offers insightful signs and symbols for growth and expansion in our everyday life. 


Polarity Integration is the resolving of duality by bringing the ‘Shadow’ to light. The illusion of separation keeps us in a limiting belief structure of ‘them and us’, ‘good and bad’, ‘right and wrong’. Polarities are perceived to be opposites based on how we perceive our self in our reality. When we consciously choose to integrate our polarities we transform our perceived reality. By mastering our inner landscape we can step into an aligned state of resolution and integration.


Polarity Integration Technique© is a process of intuitively scanning the physical and subtle bodies to illuminate energetic blockages.  By digging deep within these energetic blockages of unbalanced emotions, traumas,fears and doubts we are able to get to the underlying key bottom belief structures creating the self-imposed limitations that cause the conflicting polarised energetics.  The more focus,energy and momentum we place upon the negatively oriented belief structures and self-imposed limitations the deeper the neural mapping pathways.  The deeper the neural pathways the more influenced we are by negatively polarised patterns.  Thoughts are energy, thoughts are ‘things’,and through the natural laws energy out is energy back.  We experience that which we dwell upon and we draw to ourselves that which we focus upon through the universal law of attraction and law of cause and effect.  Focus is what we pay attention to and the thoughts that generate from that attention amass and create a momentum of energy which can be either positively or negatively polarised.


This intuitive integrative healing technique walks you through a step by step process of Polarity Integration, working with the model of recognising, accepting, processing, harmonising and integrating these negatively polarised shadow aspects of self. Integration of these negatively polarised aspects of self is the key to harmonious balance within which will then expand outwardly touching all aspects of your life.  New neural pathways can be cultivated enabling you to live a life of balance and equanimity.  The language of light encoded in the verbalising of intent gives momentum to the energetics creating a shift not only physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually but also consciously. 


This technique is for those that are wishing to uncover that which has been hidden, and to bring into harmony the energy that creates inner turmoil without the administration of energy healing. 


Please note:  Theta Healing™ is used in collaboration with this technique.


Session time – 1 – 1½ hours  

Energy exchange – $70

‘One on one’, ‘face to face’ appointments only.

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All of the modalities for energy healing listed on this website are divinely guided, developed and received through Fiona in alignment with her True Divine Self and her highest truth.  All aspects of these modalities remains copyrighted to Fiona White. ©White Light Energetics.  Please note that Theta Healing™ is used in collaboration with the Polarity Integration Technique©. 

Crystalline Light Technique ©

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Are you feeling energetically drained, out of balance and out of alignment with yourself, nature, and life in general? This may not be just because of something you are doing or feeling physically and emotionally. It may have to do with the energy around you as well.


There is a shift occurring within our bodies as well as within the Earth’s planetary body.  This shift is a transition into higher vibratory frequencies of crystalline light. The planet is undergoing massive transformation and as she integrates these higher vibratory light codes we too will be aligning with these higher vibratory frequencies.  Our embodied 7 model chakra (energy vortices) system requires cleansing, balancing, harmonising and integration so that we are able to embody this new crystalline light and walk harmoniously and peacefully upon the new Nova Earth (Gaia).  In order to align and integrate these new light codes we will be required to address any blockages within the energy flow of our nadi’s, meridians and chakras that can present in the physical body as symptoms of discomfort,dis-ease and general ill-health.  These blockages create stuck, lethargic energy, which when witnessed within the subtle energy body can present as all manner of formless configurations that are not conducive to our health.    This powerful Crystalline Light Technique© can illuminate these configurations so that we can bring them into integration enabling the energy to flow and to anchor in the new configurations of the Crystalline Light of the One Source.


Our physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and light bodies (aura) have been bombarded with toxic energy that gives mass to these deleterious configurations creating the energetic template for discomfort, discordance and dis-ease.  We live in a world that is fraught with harmful toxic energies found within our foods, water supplies, air we breathe, even upon the ground we walk in some cases.  They can be felt, or witnessed, as negatively polarised electro-magnetic frequencies, psychic attack energy, psychic hook energy, collective consciousness programming and belief structures, and many other inorganic frequencies that have a controlling effect upon the masses through many societal platforms.  The Central Nervous System can be greatly affected due to the physical and energetic toxic build up and this can cause miscommunication, discordance and dis-ease throughout the entire body complex.  It is important the Central Nervous System receive the energetic upgrades and re-aligned corrections to ensure clarity of communication with the physical body through the higher refined spiritual aspects of the neurological system.  


Through this Crystalline Light Technique© the individual chakras and subtle bodies are scanned for imbalances, blockages and the irregularities of configurations that have not yet manifested in and through the physical body.  The cohesive Crystalline light is integrated to correct and bring imbalances and irregularities into balance and re-alignment. 


This technique is a powerful energy based modality that assists in raising the vibratory patterns of the body (matter) and the subtle energy bodies (anti-matter) to align with the higher frequencies of the True Divine Self.  As we are inherently connected to the Mother Nature, the Earth, the Crystalline Light within us is grounded into the crystalline grid of the New Earth, Gaia.  Grounding in this way has a dual effect where even though we are connected we feel lighter, not only within, but also as we walk upon the earth.


Alchemy occurs and the energetic shift within aids you in becoming more discerning of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual subtle energies that ebb and flow in, through and around you. Processing of this shift ensues and the changes can be felt not only physically but also within the inner landscape of the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.


If you have been doing inner landscape polarity work and would like further energy enhancement and upgrade then this Crystalline LIght Technique© is perfect to expand your perceptive fields and awaken sleeping codes within.  Working in this way with the energetics of the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and light body matrix facilitates the anchoring in or more of your True Divine Self.


Session time – 1 – 1 ½ hours

Energy exchange – $70

Distant healing sessions available

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All of the modalities for energy healing listed on this website are divinely guided, developed and received through Fiona in alignment with her True Divine Self and her highest truth.  All aspects of these modalities remains copyrighted to Fiona White. ©White Light Energetics.  Please note that Theta Healing™ is used in collaboration with the Polarity Integration Technique©. 


Crystalline Integration Technique ©

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Crystalline Integration is the process of conscious assimilation by choosing to shift ones’ physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body/bodies into a more expanded perception and higher vibratory frequency.  When the cells of the body vibrate at a higher frequency the denser energetic constructs of imbalance, dis-ease, aches, pains, and blockages will be unable to match the higher frequencies allowing the body/mind complex to free itself up for subsequent healing.

By recognising that there is more to life and more to who we are we begin to ask questions.  These questions take us on an explorative journey within, our inner landscape, and to without, our outer landscape.  We begin to seek the higher qualities of self through self-awareness, processing, alignment and integration.  Having the understanding that the body may manifest aches and pains because of stuck energy caused from emotional, physical, mental and spiritual traumas and patterns, and having the courage to address them you walk the path to Crystalline Integration.   All that no longer represents who you are, or who you are becoming, can be consciously integrated (Polarity Integration Technique©) through crystalline light technology (Crystalline Light Technique©).

Crystalline Integration Technique© can take our expanding conscious awareness and shift it into an aligned state with our higher dimensional expression of self. The planet (Gaia) herself is being showered with higher dimensional frequencies of crystalline vibratory light emanations (Cosmic light) that are causing global transfiguration and metamorphosis. This filters through to us as we walk upon this beautiful planet causing a vibratory response within.  This vibratory response oscillates and pulses through our body/mind complex and is returned back into the matter body of Earth (Gaia).


All that does not resonate with these higher light frequencies becomes illuminated so that we can then choose to consciously integrate with, and morph into, our new crystalline light bodies (Crystalline Light Technique©).


Crystalline Integration Technique© coalesces the Polarity Integration Technique© and Crystalline Light Technique© into a higher refined modality of a unified field of light.  Working within this unified light modality the shadow aspects of self can be illuminated and alchemically changed by allowing the Crystalline Light to cleanse the energy nadi’s, meridians, chakras, creating new energetic alignments to the True Divine Self.  The Crystalline Integration Technique© is not only a fusion of the Polarity Integration Technique© and the Crystalline Light Technique© it can also trigger keys and codes within that create the space to align the ascension of the physical expression with the de-scension of our Divine True Self. The process of digging deep within the self-limiting patterns and structures is then followed by the crystalline energy work.  The digging work uncovers that which is the most appropriate to work upon/within and the energy work provides the momentum for the release of uncovered blockages.


Due to many external and internal influences and traumas our heart and sacred heart complexes have been hurt, broken, misled, fragmented and shut down causing energetic fractures within the subtle bodies.  Most of us live our life with our heart centres closed off, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, to the ebb and flow of the love/light of the One life force energy.  When this occurs it has a rippling effect upon the rest of the body.  With the bombardment of toxic energies (see Crystalline Light Technique©) the Central Nervous System is greatly compromised and this can lead to all manner of miscommunication within our body/mind complex.


This is a powerful technique that will shift energy within and create a platform for release and alchemical change.  The inner landscape becomes easier to navigate and you begin to notice how the many subtle changes within have begun to bring you into a more harmonious flow.  This flow is not only within the physical body but also within the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.  Our inner landscape (microcosm) is a reflection of our outer landscape (macrocosm).  When the inner landscape is in harmonious flow, the outer landscape will also flow harmoniously along with it all facets of our life including relationships, career and everyday living.  Aligning with this flow can bring much ease, Grace and clarity and all aspects of our life.  You may begin to realise that the choices you make are divinely guided, instead of ego driven.

♥ Session Time              –      2 ½ – 3 hours

    Energy Exchange      –      $200

♥ Session Time              –      2 – 2 ½ hours

    Energy Exchange      –      $150

♥Session Time               –      1 ½ – 2 hours

   Energy Exchange       –      $120

Distant healing sessions available

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All of the modalities for energy healing listed on this website are divinely guided, developed and received through Fiona in alignment with her True Divine Self and her highest truth.  All aspects of these modalities remains copyrighted to Fiona White. ©White Light Energetics.  Please note that Theta Healing™ is used in collaboration with the Polarity Integration Technique©.


Fiona is a natural healer who works with a high degree of integrity, professionalism, kindness and thoughtfulness for the people that she assists. I have personally received healing sessions from Fiona and had very powerful positive results. You will receive favourable healing as well for your body, mind and soul….

Oh my goodness Fiona—thank you for our session!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was driving home an hour before our session, thinking about many other things when you instantly popped into my awareness. Then at 5 minutes prior to the session I felt an urgency to lie down and settle in. I felt and saw your presence next to me. At some point I actually felt your hands pressing down on my abdomen and felt the blankets move slightly with the pressing down motion. WOW!!!

I saw the release of 2 globs of something lift out of me. 25 minutes or so in the session I became extremely HOT and then that subsided. Now here is something that is very weird even for me: I had the vision of the right side of my back open up and a healthy baby lifted out of the opening. I held it then all of that disappeared. It opened up out of the exact place that I have been having terrible muscle spasms. Isn’t that amazing! I then felt an enormous calm flow over me and went into a deep sleep. I was up at 6am very perky. I usually drag out about 8:30am. I immediately unloaded the car of a bunch of things and began my day etc. 

Please, please realize what a clear vessel you are for this healing. Make some business cards or flyers made with all of your training listed and do not try to give it a name just list the different techniques that you have learned. No one will even think to ask you which one you are doing because it is unique healing vibration.

Off you go into your new adventure!!!!!!!   With all the love I have to give…………..Tina


USA - International Author, Lecturer, Intuitive



“I’ve had many sessions with Fiona, each one grounded my nervous system and left me feeling wonderful. The journey ever changes but each time I have had something to work through and gave the intention to release.

While she does, the energy work I feel, see, hear many things all of which I am ready for and of course all of which help me to let go of what’s no longer needed. Today in our session I saw and felt my DNA and cells changing form. Re-forming to the new higher density. It was magnificent to see my cells that were burden with red and black be transformed with golden divine light become new again. After this I saw my DNA moulding, turning and renewing itself. Re-joining together to create a new me! I can’t wait to continue the great work with Fiona she has helped me grow spiritually and even in day to day life with my kids. Because why would you want to carry what you no longer need?”



Graphic Designer QLD

Fiona is a natural and gifted Healer and Teacher. She is so in tune with the energy in which she is facilitating. It is magical to witness Fiona working with this energy, it’s like she is enveloped in an aura of true beauty, grace, confidence, truth, light and love………love always,

Namaste Vikki

Yoga & Reiki Teacher