It is difficult to define the work that Fiona does without placing boundaries or limitations upon her work.  Experiencing many awakenings has led her to connect to her truth taking her through processes of transformation and conscious expansion.  Through these experiences she has chosen to be a conscious participant of holding the light, over-lighting, not only, her own ascension process but being able to offer this guiding light to those that choose to walk their own evolutionary path whether it be through Conscious Living Coaching, Ascension Support & Light Awakening Coaching, Quantum Healing, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy®, or Yoga Instruction.


Fiona has the ability to, through over 25 years of experience in energy facilitations and intuitive insight, assist you to bring that which is hidden in the unconscious, or shadow, out into the light.  After it is seen, and recognised for the process that is playing out in your life, it is then that Fiona can help you transform, balance, and heal.  This will allow you to raise your vibratory frequency expanding your awareness so that you may then live life more consciously.  She will also help to trigger an awakening of, and an unlocking of, deep codes within.  These codes are already a part of who you are, and are not yet realised.  This is the template for co-creating your reality.


Fiona neither claims to be your healer or psychic for she knows that there is no greater intuitive guide or healer than your own True Self. She does not think that you are in need of fixing as she knows that as your True Divine expression there is nothing to be fixed.


She is however a conduit for the divine flow of Source Energy, that ‘ONE’ life force energy and brings through light encoded templates that will initiate a response within which will open pathways of communication to your True Self.  This is integral in the harmonious balance and integration of your transformation, and healing.


Fiona knows that each of you is unique and what may be aligned for one may not resonate with another.  Which is why she will intuitively tailor the many techniques, tools, and modalities she has at her ready for your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual evolutionary growth, expansion, transformation, balance, and healing.


Fiona’s greatest passion is to shine a guiding light to help you open pathways of communication and to bring you into the loving embrace of your own True Self.


All that is shared on this website is through Fiona’s experiences and she asks that you please only take what resonates with you, to find your own truth through discernment, and to let all else go.