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As the illusory veil that separates 2020 with 2021 moves closer many of us may feel a pull, as though we have a magnet strapped to our hara/navel centre, wrenching us into a place that might seem as though we are losing control of what we perceived was familiar, or normal for us.   What will 2021 bring?  Maybe 2021, the year of 5 (2 + 0 + 2 + 1) will bring about important life changes and these changes, if we align with them and allow them, will offer many positive opportunities for us.


We have moved through a year of upheaval (2020), a year that shifted the goal posts for many of us, a year that caused great upheavals, shifts, and cleanses.  The great cleanse many of us experienced helped to lift the sludge, and sloughed off the debris from our DNA to reveal beautiful encrusted diamonds dotted upon the ladder strands.  These beautiful encrusted diamonds appear as water droplets sitting upon the strands of the DNA and just as water is absorbed into fabric, so too are these encrusted diamonds absorbed into the DNA.  The encrusted diamonds are metaphor for crystalline spheres that are filled with codes which trigger the instruction sets within our organic template generating catalytic change.


Just as Maseru Emoto witnessed change within the crystalline structure of water after the water was exposed to beautiful harmonising music, and loving thoughts were sent, so too does our DNA respond to these crystalline codes.  They are absorbed with our own unique crystalline command that is being re-synthesised to align us with our organic divine template.  Each of us has a template, a formation code, just as everything in existence does.  This code, the template, is unique to us and holds the sequencing for our growth, evolution and emergence.


Much of the agitation felt in 2020, gave rise to inner dissonance.  The sludge, debris, imbalances, imperfections, and distortions hidden in the shadows came bubbling to the surface as the inner dissonance spiraled from deep within.  2020 gave us the opportunity to consciously slough off all manner of debris as it rose enabling more ‘water droplets’ of crystalline light to be absorbed.


This has all been in preparation for this coming year of great change.  And as we move across the threshold into 2021 the crystalline light is filling the cells of our body raising our vibration so that we are able to anchor into matter form (physical body) the highest light quotient appropriate for our level of embodiment.


The new frequency synthesis will lift us into an higher octave of being and in doing so may create symptomatic experiences in the physical body.  Some may experience symptoms of this expansion which affects the physical vessel in ways such as purging, cleansing, aches and pains, colds and other symptoms as the higher self initiates the infusion of this light.  Some may perceive the experience of this light synthesis as easeful and some may perceive this as discomfort.


Infusing this light takes us into the higher octave of being, or what has been labelled as the 13th octave, a level of higher consciousness aligned with the true Mother Arc principle.  Embodiment of this level of light has us remembering and recognising what true unconditional love is.  A love without conditions is foreign to many of us and it is the acceptance of unconditional love for self that causes dissonance within.  It is not until we are able to transform belief structures that have held us captive in the cages we have placed around our hearts that the cages can finally be dissolved.  It is through self-love, unconditional self-love, that we can dissolve this dissonance, stripping away all that has kept the inner child caged.  The freeing of the inner child will facilitate the emergence of our sacred hearts to reveal our True Essence Self.


We are moving into the year of 5, an opportunity for change.  This is the ray of centre, and the ray that holds the foundation of the self that is anchored upon the earth steady as the stellar sovereign self is remembered and embodied.  It is the ray that illuminates the true genuine acceptance of our divine sovereign self as we experience a physical expression, a life upon Earth.


The following metaphoric narrative offers us insight regarding this shift and how the inner child is an important factor in this:


~  Imagine you are standing in a beautiful meadow full of wild flowers, upon fresh green grass, gently stroking the nose of a unicorn to connect with it.  This unicorn is a silvery white pearlescent colour and the sun reflects diamond sparkles of light off its glittering coat.  A magnificent creature that oozes a sense of wisdom, of presence, of representing the white light of the one source.  Although quite long, the horn is elegant and has a beautiful white pearlescent plasma light swirling in a spiral motion through it, and around it, causing rainbow rays of light to arc out across the meadow.


You realise there is no need to calm the unicorn as radiates calmness, groundedness, and centredness, however, it doesn’t stop you from stroking its silvery white nose in a gesture of gratitude.  With such grace the unicorn rears up before you and as it does so you feel a sensation rise up within.  It is in this moment that you realise the kundalini fire energy held within the tailbone area stirs and spirals upward through you igniting and illuminating the light bulb of awakening.


As the unicorn calms under your touch again you appreciate the metaphor that is offered, which is the integration of, and embodiment of, the white fire energy of kundalini.  The stillness within that this integration and embodiment process creates, and the horn that has white plasma light sparks swirling around it, symbolises the crystalline light consciousness streams of Christos/Sophia consciousness, is metaphor for awakening into higher consciousness.


Unicorns are a creature of mythical fantasy and enchantment associated with feminine energy, mystical wisdom, and magic which allows the innocence and imagination of the inner child to come out and play.  Only the child with the purest of hearts is able to approach the unicorn.  A patient and extremely tolerant creature, the unicorn will not only wait for those that choose to purify their hearts, but will assist them to do so.  Magic, miracles and wisdom can then be bestowed upon the initiated pure hearted.  ~


Open to receive the gift of magic, miracles and wisdom as we move into, and through 2021.  Allow the inner child to show you how to be magical, how to discern miracles, and how to harness wisdom.


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