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Imagine there are many marbles rolling around on the floor.  The marbles only remain still when the surface they are on remains level.  If the surface is tilted then the marbles will roll according to the tilt.  In order for the marbles to stop rolling the surface must be made steady, and level again.


The marbles are all teetering on a surface that is unsteady at the moment.  The unsteadiness is due to the controlled agenda having domination over the template controls that keep the floor steady, and level.


Maybe we are all marbles on this surface which, to us, has appeared as steady ground.  Maybe we have lived our lives sensing that the ground is level and solid beneath us, and that which we have been told, what education we have received, what we have been given from those in the know, what we have been shown through media and other social platforms, is truth, and is solid, and is given with the intent to keep us all level-headed.


What if something rocks the surface that we are all standing upon.  Would we, as marbles, be able to adapt to this tilt, to this tipping action?  This feels a little like what has been happening in the world this past year is.  The solid, steady, level surface we thought we had been standing on has been tipped one way, then another, and then moved around and around causing us to lose our grip on our reality.  It has been causing confusion, mayhem, chaos leaving us feeling dishevelled, bewildered and discombobulated.


Something has rocked the very ground/world beneath us.


As marbles we roll about in many different directions and this can be frightening as we have no idea what direction we will roll in and where we will roll to, or who/what we will roll into.  Never before have we rolled this way, or any way for that matter, because we always thought we were in control of the slope, of the ley of the land, so to speak.  This game of marbles that has kept us in the illusion that we were balanced, steady and level, has had rule changes causing deviations and fluctuations in/of energy we find difficult to stand upon/sit within.


When the marble starts rolling it gains momentum, speed, and there will be a rapid increase in velocity.  This velocity will be felt as though it has been catapulted into a reality that is unfamiliar.  It is like rolling through the wardrobe doors into a new world (Narnia-a reference to the book “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis) where the environment is different, the reality before it is different.  As the marble gains momentum, it will traverse the terrain of this new world, of which it has no experience, and no map to guide its way.


In preparation to be able to understand, and navigate, this new terrain beyond the cupboard doors, the marbles have been awakening certain organic navigational systems so that allow them to intuitively know where to roll, how fast to roll, and when to roll.


In this new world, the marbles are able to stop rolling, to take a moment of reflection upon what has happened.  When clarity enters the mind, the marbles will see that this reality they are now in is what they have been working toward for eons and eons.  This is the ‘new’, and it is amazing at how quickly the marbles adapt to the ‘new’.  The false sense of balance, of steadiness, of having solid foundations can be seen for the truth of what it was, an illusion, a manipulation of the truth.


In the ‘new’ world, the marble is able to know, to know without doubt, that this is truth, and that this is not an illusion.  All sense of being tilted, of being tipped one way or another, will be lifted and a sense of freedom replaces it.  The marbles know they are free to explore this reality without boundaries, without limitations.


What a sense of sovereignty they will all have.  They will become expressions of truth organically, in alignment with divine truth coding’s and templates, as opposed to artificial, inorganic coding’s and templates.  This will be their crowning glory.  Each marble that stands upon the illusory surface of reality is here to tip the scales, to tip the illusory surface so that they all roll towards the north star, their own inner truth compass which leads them to, and through, the cupboard doors into the ascension timeline of the ‘new’ world.


What can the marbles do to ensure they do not roll in the opposite direction, away from the ‘new’ world?  They can ensure they know where their true north is, not the false north.  The magnetic field around their heart will guide them to their true north.  The marbles can listen to their hearts, become more heart aligned, and heart cohesive, so as to safeguard their alignment with their true north.


The marbles can remember that their heart field affects those around them and this alone can assist others to find their true north.  Making a commitment to themselves, and to their own truth seeking will also guarantee momentum towards the new world.


There are many marbles already rolling their way to the ‘new’ world.  We can jump into their slipstream and be drafted along with them as they have chosen to be the lighthouses that lead all vessels to safe harbour.  You will know, and find, the lighthouses that shine their true light for their slipstream, their rays of light, will be illuminated before you.


Which way do the marbles in your game of marbles roll?  Are they committed to rolling towards true North?  Will the marbles easily be able to adapt to the new terrain, to the new coding’s and templates?  Can you find the joy in playing this game of marbles?

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