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What is quantum energy healing?


Science is finally starting to recognise the correlation between the physical body, consciousness, mind, thoughts, and dis-ease/disease.


The body is made up of atoms, and subatomic particles, molecules, cells, tissue, and the whole-body system is composed of energy, and when interrelated, composes the human energy field.  Or what is known as the electro-magnetic field.


The mind churns out thousands of thoughts per day, and not all of these are positive and conducive to our health and wellbeing.  Thoughts such as anger, fear, anxiety, resentment, worry, and stress are negatively polarised and can cause discomfort, suffering, and dis-ease as the body’s hormones go out of balance, depleting the brain of the chemicals required for happiness, causing damage to the immune system.


Consciousness is the silent witness, that aware part of ourself that is beyond the body, mind and ego.  We are not our body, we are not our mind, we are not our ego.  It is the waking self that has awakened from the illusion that we are physical beings having a spiritual experience, to self-realised spiritual beings having a physical experience.


Consciousness, as depicted by René Descartes, noted for his dualist theory of consciousness, gave us the most notable synopsis of human consciousness:


“I think, therefore I am.”


Everything in the universe is in constant motion, never resting, and consists of layers of vibrational frequency.  Therefore, all of the atoms, and subatomic particles, in the body vibrate at differing frequencies emitting an electromagnetic field of light (Lightbody or Aura) that can be witnessed through Kirlian Photography.


There is also the concept that everything that exists is dual, has poles, has a pair of opposites, or has two sides of polarity.  Polarity exists upon the same spectrum of frequency; it is just at contrasting oscillations of that spectrum, or two sides of the same coin.  Therefore, when we reference polarity here, we are speaking of one spectrum, one oscillation of this spectrum is illuminated and the other held as contrast and in shadow, not yet witnessed.


Quantum energy healing takes in all of these aspects, physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, atomic, subatomic, electromagnetic, light, lightbody (Aura), polarity.


Crystalline Source Light Integration technique is a quantum healing organic technology that works within this understanding of quantum energy healing.


The awareness of contrast and the integration of recognised duality/polarity brings the ‘Shadow’ (as mentioned above) into light, offering wonderful opportunities, and tools, for transformation and healing.  By journeying into, and through, the shadow aspects (ego) of self we can receive deep insights into what limits us and holds us back from self-empowerment and self-realisation.


Thoughts are ‘things’ and we place a momentum of energy behind these ‘things’ through our triggered and charged emotional reactions to our external environment, people, situations, perceived problems etc.  Situations in our life can be quite traumatic, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  This traumatic energy can be suppressed, hidden away, and blocked and held in shadow.


By bringing the ‘Shadow’ into the light, we can find a neutral zone, a zero-point field, in which to consciously observe our duality/polarity, that has kept us in limiting belief patterns.  These patterns, charged by our emotions, have an adverse effect on our physiology and energy field.


We are a mind/body/spirit complex and life force energy, prana, is taken in through the body via the breath, and Chakra’s (wheels/energy vortices) and it flows through the energy pathways, or channels, called the nadis and meridians.  These energy pathways and Chakra’s can become unbalanced, can hold stuck energy, and can block energy flow, requiring cleansing, balancing, harmonising and integration.


We live in a world that is fraught with harmful toxins found in our foods, water supplies, air we breathe, and space around us, bombarding our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies toxic energy.  Contrast that is biased toward negative electromagnetic frequencies, energy that belongs to other people, places, objects, and animals, collective consciousness programming, and other inorganic frequencies can have an adverse effect on our health and well-being.


The Central Nervous System can be greatly affected due to the physical and energetic toxic build up and this can cause miscommunication, discordance and dis-ease throughout the entire mind/body/spirit complex.  Our lightbody (Aura) comprises of a multitude of interrelated electromagnetic field energy layers representing a protective covering for all the bodies.  The lightbody houses the electromagnetic energies of our soul/spirit and connects to the physical body.  When communication between the lightbody and the Central Nervous System work and function together the energetic balance of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies can be demonstrated through our thoughts, behaviours, and actions.


It is important the Central Nervous System receive the energetic upgrades and re-aligned corrections to ensure clarity of communication with the physical body through the higher refined spiritual aspects of the neurological system.


Our human bodies, as well as our entire DNA records, are made in crystalline properties, and of crystalline light.  The crystalline light is the eternal living light of the ‘One Source’ Creator of all that is.  This Source love/light frequency of crystalline light is who we really are.  Our Soul/Spirit desires for us to remember this truth by bringing it into our awareness at the most appropriate moment in our lives.  This crystalline light unlocks our own personal keys and codes within creating space to allow for the alignment of the ascension of the physical expression with the de-scension of our true Divine Self.


The process of digging deep within the self-limiting patterns and structures is then followed by the crystalline energy work.  The digging work uncovers that which is the most appropriate to work upon/within and the energy work provides the momentum for the release of uncovered blockages. The energy of Source frequency is the foundation of these energy facilitations and I stand as a clear and open conduit and channel, a catalyst, for your transformation and change.


This is a profound and powerful technique that will shift energy within and create a platform for release and alchemical change.  The inner landscape becomes easier to navigate and you begin to notice how the many subtle changes within have begun to bring you into a more harmonious flow.  This flow is not only within the physical body but also within the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.


Our inner landscape (microcosm) is a reflection of our outer landscape (macrocosm).  When the inner landscape is in harmonious flow, the outer landscape will also flow harmoniously, along with it all facets of our life including relationships, career and everyday living.  Aligning with this flow can bring much ease, Grace and clarity into all aspects of our life.  You may begin to realise that the choices you make are divinely guided, instead of ego driven.


All pathways of communication to your own intuitive divine guidance are opened and we can then consciously choose for our Higher Self, Greater Self, to be the captain of our vessel, and guiding light.  You are your own master and by choosing to receive this profound healing you are consciously mastering your own reality.


Be a master of your inner landscape.

Be a master of your energetic discernment.

Be a master of your own reality.



♥ Session Time              –      2 ½ – 3 hours

Energy Exchange      –      $200

♥ Session Time              –      2 – 2 ½ hours

Energy Exchange      –      $150

♥Session Time               –      1 ½ – 2 hours

Energy Exchange       –      $120


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All of the modalities for energy healing listed on this website are divinely guided and received through Fiona in alignment with her True Divine Self and her highest truth.  All aspects of these modalities remains copyrighted to Fiona White. ©White Light Energetics.  Please note that Theta Healing™ is used in collaboration with the Polarity Integration Technique©.

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