‘Receiving energy facilitation sessions with Fiona is a caring and nurturing experience, where gentle energy can be felt moving and pulsing through the body to areas that need attention. After the sessions, for me, there is a sense of calmness, deep relaxation and increased clarity of mind.  Fiona is a long-time, treasured friend and colleague, whose pure intention is to help people to release their blockages, so they can move forward to experience a more fulfilling and enjoyable life.

It has been my privilege to spend many fascinating hours with Fiona, practising a variety of energy modalities in order to gain proficiency and a deep understanding of this work. Now Fiona is ready to spread her wings and embark, with confidence, on her exciting career using her own uniquely channelled energy modality, which is truly amazing to experience.  With love and gratitude for our continuing journey.’

 Bess de Groot

Teacher and practitioner of Reiki and Thetahealing

I have now received three sessions from Fiona … and found myself each time immediately falling into relaxation without having to try. Which is always a bonus to have someone do it for you! After five or ten minutes I fell into a deep ‘space’ of Peace and allowed the process to work its magic. Which it certainly did. I ‘came round’ exactly on the hour which proves to me I was not asleep … and over the next 48 hours or so … received the flowing energy of The Divine through my Being . I would Highly recommend a  session for the value of just this one hour is most beneficial. On a personal level I KNOW Fiona to be a lady of integrity and Truth … seeking only to serve the Highest good.

Blossom Goodchild.

Fiona is a natural and gifted Healer and Teacher. She is so in tune with the energy in which she is facilitating. It is magical to witness Fiona working with this energy, it’s like she is enveloped in an aura of true beauty, grace, confidence, truth, light and love………love always,

Namaste Vikki – Yoga & Reiki Teacher

Fiona is a natural healer who works with a high degree of integrity, professionalism, kindness and thoughtfulness for the people that she assists. I have personally received healing sessions from Fiona and had very powerful positive results. You will receive favorable healing as well for your body, mind and soul.  

Tina Zion  USA   International Author, Lecturer, Intuitive

“I’ve had many sessions with Fiona, each one grounded my nervous system and left me feeling wonderful. The journey ever changes but each time I have had something to work through and gave the intension to release.

While she does, the energy work I feel, see, hear many things all of which I am ready for and of course all of which help me to let go of what’s no longer needed. Today in our session I saw and felt my DNA and cells changing form. Re-forming to the new higher density. It was magnificent to see my cells that were burden with red and black be transformed with golden divine light become new again. After this I saw my DNA moulding, turning and renewing itself. Re-joining together to create a new me! I can’t wait to continue the great work with Fiona she has helped me grow spiritually and even in day to day life with my kids. Because why would you want to carry what you no longer need?”

Emma – Queensland

I have been seeing Fiona White as my healer for just over a year now.

What can I say. I don’t ‘really’ understand what gifts have been bestowed upon this magical woman. But all I know and need, is that when I leave my sessions with Fiona – my inner voice of my truest self is more dominant than ever.

Fiona makes you feel comfortable from the very beginning – she makes vulnerability an asset to your life. I have been in the position of being ‘scared’ to tell Fiona my whole truth, yet she blankets you with such a soft loving energy that makes you want to let everything go and just surrender. She is one of my safest confidants.

If you are going through changes in your life of any scale, if you are feeling stuck in life, if you feel that you need to gain more understanding of the journey you are on, I could not recommend Fiona more.

She’s a gift to us all X

~Shan~ Australia

I went to see Fiona at a point of transition in my life for energy facilitation sessions. These were deeply relaxing and spiritually nourishing experiences. Fiona is authentic and clear in the way she works. I also learned so much from our conversations, from which I was able to shift into more expansive perspectives about my life and spirituality. I felt a deep sense of trust, safety and presence spending time together, that she is truly dedicated to serving the Highest Good.

Cass – Queensland