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Be a master of your energetic discernment.

Are you feeling energetically drained, out of balance and out of alignment with yourself, nature, and life in general? This may not be just because of something you are doing or feeling physically and emotionally. It may have to do with the energy around you as well.


There is a shift occurring within our bodies as well as within the Earth’s planetary body.  This shift is a transition into higher vibratory frequencies of crystalline light. The planet is undergoing massive transformation and as she integrates these higher vibratory light codes we too will be aligning with these higher vibratory frequencies.  Our embodied 7 model chakra (energy vortices) system requires cleansing, balancing, harmonising and integration so that we are able to embody this new crystalline light and walk harmoniously and peacefully upon the new Nova Earth (Gaia).  In order to align and integrate these new light codes we will be required to address any blockages within the energy flow of our nadi’s, meridians and chakras that can present in the physical body as symptoms of discomfort,dis-ease and general ill-health.  These blockages create stuck, lethargic energy, which when witnessed within the subtle energy body can present as all manner of formless configurations that are not conducive to our health.    This powerful Crystalline Light Technique© can illuminate these configurations so that we can bring them into integration enabling the energy to flow and to anchor in the new configurations of the Crystalline Light of the One Source.

Our physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and light bodies (aura) have been bombarded with toxic energy that gives mass to these deleterious configurations creating the energetic template for discomfort, discordance and dis-ease.  We live in a world that is fraught with harmful toxic energies found within our foods, water supplies, air we breathe, even upon the ground we walk in some cases.  They can be felt, or witnessed, as negatively polarised electro-magnetic frequencies, psychic attack energy, psychic hook energy, collective consciousness programming and belief structures, and many other inorganic frequencies that have a controlling effect upon the masses through many societal platforms.  The Central Nervous System can be greatly affected due to the physical and energetic toxic build up and this can cause miscommunication, discordance and dis-ease throughout the entire body complex.  It is important the Central Nervous System receive the energetic upgrades and re-aligned corrections to ensure clarity of communication with the physical body through the higher refined spiritual aspects of the neurological system.  

Through this Crystalline Light Technique© the individual chakras and subtle bodies are scanned for imbalances, blockages and the irregularities of configurations that have not yet manifested in and through the physical body.  The cohesive Crystalline light is integrated to correct and bring imbalances and irregularities into balance and re-alignment.  This Source frequency Crystalline Light frequency is who we really are, and through the awareness and energy of the frequency we can remember this truth.


This technique is a powerful energy based modality that assists in raising the vibratory patterns of the body (matter) and the subtle energy bodies (anti-matter) to align with the higher frequencies of the True Divine Self.  As we are inherently connected to the Mother Nature, the Earth, the Crystalline Light within us is grounded into the crystalline grid of the New Earth, Gaia.  Grounding in this way has a dual effect where even though we are connected we feel lighter, not only within, but also as we walk upon the earth.

Alchemy occurs and the energetic shift within aids you in becoming more discerning of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual subtle energies that ebb and flow in, through and around you. Processing of this shift ensues and the changes can be felt not only physically but also within the inner landscape of the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

If you have been doing inner landscape polarity work and would like further energy enhancement and upgrade then this Crystalline Light Technique© is perfect to expand your perceptive fields and awaken sleeping codes within.  Working in this way with the energetics of the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and light body matrix facilitates the anchoring in or more of your True Divine Self.

Session time – 1 – 2 hours

Energy Exchange:

            1 Session                  –           $  70 – $120 (Sliding Scale)


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Distant healing sessions available

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All of the modalities for energy healing listed on this website are divinely guided, developed and received through Fiona in alignment with her True Divine Self and her highest truth.  All aspects of these modalities remains copyrighted to Fiona White. ©White Light Energetics.  Please note that Theta Healing™ is used in collaboration with the Polarity Integration Technique©. 

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