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The domino pieces are falling, the jigsaw puzzle pieces are being placed correctly, and the scrabble pieces are speaking the language that is necessary for those of us that choose to learn the light language these scrabbled letters are offering.  There is metaphor upon metaphor, layer upon layer, and there is a code to be deciphered by each and every one of us.  Not all of us are going to see the code within the code, however, for those that are able to untangle the sticky web of illusion there will be clarity, there will be light, there will be a new dawn arising.


It is within a sacred space in our hearts that the minutest particle, essence, of being, is stored.  It is within this space that the keys unlock the codes.  There is a metaphoric door within this space that is opening unto each and every one of us.  It is through this door that we shall walk and when we do it shall be in remembrance, in de-LIGHT that we will know, in an instant, that we are home, in the light of our truth.


There is an essence, a voluminous quintessence, taking place within those of us that are choosing to awaken, and yet there are many that have already awoken and are well and truly on their journey, embodying this essence of self that has not before been achieved upon the planet, other than for those that were perceived masters of their time.  The keys and codes are awakening, not only upon, and within, the planet, but within the bodies of all of humanity.  This is being drawn into aligned resonance through the law of harmonics, and as it plucks upon our heart strings the higher crystal components of the consciousness units of the developed, lighter, refined crystalline heart are being softened, blown, and shaped into an artform reminiscent of a glassblower’s masterpiece.


There is no design too fanciful, there is no limit to the finesse of the design.  There are however principles to follow, a template to respect and a medium to use, or not (this is a choice point).  The principles of the True Mother, the True Father, and The Son/Daughter apply here.  The template of our True Divinity matter.  And the sand acts as the silicate catalyst for the crystalline light, the medium that is to be shaped.  A multitude of colours can be imbued within our masterpieces.  As the masterpiece is crafted its viscosity is measured by the friction between the molecules of fluid.  Kundalini activation causes an internal heat that determines the viscosity of light to form, anti-matter to matter, depending upon the resistance to it.  Stresses in our life, stresses held within the very fabric of being, can cause breaking point if we are not annealed cohesively.


We are the masters of our own unique design, all blowing our own masterpieces, which are being showcased as the ‘NEW’, the new light body, the new physiology of the crystalline multidimensional being.  Gaia is the display cabinet in which our ‘NEW’ masterpieces sit.  There are many alterations to her many shelves/layers contributing to her structural earthly shift.  As we sit upon her shelves, and as the light penetrates the very design we hold, we act as the rainbow bridge to the new consciousness units of our silicate crystalline bodies of lightness. We are the many crystals that adorn the most admired, and the most watched jewel of the universe, “Gaia”.


To craft our masterpieces well we can wash away the debris within our sands of time.  We can spend precious moments on our design (choices) that will shape the final artwork (our reality), and we can reconnect to the principles of divine feminine (Mother) and divine masculine (Father) and balance these within.  Our masterpieces can radiate as the rainbow bridge to higher consciousness.  The choice is ours.


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