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Have you been seeing the number 21 lately?  Well, there’s a reason for that!


This number can be presented on its own (21), in between (3213), mixed with (3231), at the beginning (2133), at the end (3321), reversed (12), mirrored (12:21), or any number of other ways it may present itself to you.


The recent winter solstice (in the southern hemisphere), the shortest day of the year with the shortest amount of daylight and the longest night, is said to herald the official start of a new season.  This is a time when your shadow can be the tallest it can ever be in natural sunlight.


This is a new beginning, a new phase, granting us an invitation to step into the fires of initiation to help us see clearly those tall shadow aspects of self, not previously identified and accepted, so that we can cleanse, clear, purify, balance, and align with that which helps us to remember.


To remember what?  Our true identity (Sat Nam).  Our light.


When we walk through the fires of initiation, into the very depths of our being, we may find that the self, the image of the self we have created, may melt away to reveal our truth.  When we walk through the fires of initiation we will be revealed in the new light, a reflection of the One Light, the light of Source.  We become the flame within the flame, within the flame.  Just as a wood fire produces yellow & orange flames indicating unburned carbon, and the blue flames indicating the complete burning of carbon, we too experience levels of initiation that burn away the dross, the inorganic compounds of belief structures, habits, and cyclical patterns.


By consciously choosing to, and giving intent to step into the fires of initiation we will automatically experience what is most appropriate for us, at our level of induction that catapults us into the next phase, the next new beginning.  If we have just begun our journey then we will experience an appropriate level of initiation that may be subtle, and, unless we are very astute to the process, unnoticeable.  For those that are here to experience more, to wander the hallways, and byways, of new dimensions, to journey beyond the self-imposed limitations, and are practices at working upon themselves, they will find that the level of initiations they experience are most appropriate for where they are currently at.


There are no higher, or lower, levels to this, there is a new phase, a new beginning.  However, in this June Solstice portal, there is a special dispensation offered to anyone ready for these initiations.  The energetic configuration of this is unlike anything we have experienced before.


An explanation of this is difficult; however, we could say it is like popping corn.  The kernels heat up and eventually reach a flash point in which the outer casing cracks open to reveal the inner white soft flesh of the popped kernel.  It is as though the kernel folds outward, and inward, upon itself and the outer casing is transformed becoming the inner white flesh.  It is at a certain level of heat that the transformation occurs.  The intensity of the heat will determine when each individual kernel will pop.  Each kernel will pop when they are ready to.  As a kernel going through an initiation process it is important to trust that the timing of our popping, our revelation, is most appropriate for us.


When we have conscious awareness that this is taking place, and we give intent for the process, and if the intent is given in the highest alignment through service, through love, we are gifted all that is required is to receive and experience what is most aligned for us.   If the intent is ego based then we will experience the same vibrational match to that, and we may even come face to face with a roadblock and the way forward may be obscured in some way.


As our outer casings crack open don’t be surprised if the graceful ballerina reveals itself and dances in the light of the moon, pirouetting itself across dimensions, using waveforms to carry itself into the light of truth.  Having the Grace, flow, and flexibility, the ballerina traverses dimensions with elegance and lightness, knowing itself as the light.


As our outer casings crack open don’t be surprised if the proud warrior reveals itself and boldly walks into places where the light is dim, shining a light so bright to reveal that which has been hidden, hidden truths, hidden agendas, hidden knowledge and wisdom.  Having the strength and courage to traverse dimensions with poise, with compassion, knowing itself as the light warrior.


Yes, the number 21 is significant for it is the coordinates that map out our own individual, and collective, turning point.   We sit within a vector of energy, the Solstice portal of the 20th, 21st, and 22nd of June 2022, that has moved into alignment with the highest light.  There have been many corrections made to the many inverted distortions and we are offered the opportunity to recognise how these corrections will play out in our personal life, and as a collective.


For those of us that are aware of the potential that before incarnating we agreed upon a particular mission.  This mission was to be carried out if/when the alignment, the corrections could be made.  There was a potential, and if, for whatever reason, the alignments didn’t happen then we would choose to do it all again, to go through these initiations, to remember, to reveal, our truth.  We, as the collective, hold within us the keys and codes that are necessary to reverse, to correct, to align any distortions in our personal field, in the collective field, and also within the planetary field and consciousness fields.


Imagine that we are able to reach out into the stars, and watch the ‘life game’ from the vantage point of the grandstand, nestled in the stars.  The seats we sit in are very high, and the playing field is way below us.  Sitting so high in the grandstand helps us to grasp that as we sit within the many dimensional layers, dropping down to ground level, Earth side, is difficult for the level of light we hold.  We need to be prepared to cope with that level of density.  And, so, too, do we need to be prepared to embody more of the light of our truth, our higher vibratory resonance.


As we watch the game below on the playing field, we notice that we are actually in the game and we are our own coach from on high.  All of the players perform to their best abilities, and they neither succeed, nor fail.  They merely experience that which is happening, and adjust, adapt, go with the flow, allow, learn, notice, etc.  We, as our own coaches, are not only able to coach ourselves, but to also coach others that may not yet be aware they are playing the game.  There are some that will be ready, some that will not be.  Those that are ready will take up new positions on the field.  Whatever position they move to will be suitable for the skill set they hold.


As we sit in the stands and watch the game from on high, we are able to see the broader perspective.  That is why it is so important our soul connection is restored.  It is the soul that can assist us to see the broader perspective.  It is our soul that is able to see the playing field with clarity, without distortion.  Some on the playing field look as though they are trudging through mud.  Some are spritely, and bouncy, flitting across the surface without their feet getting coated in mud.  Some look as though they are floating above the ground, gliding to greater heights.  The work we do upon ourselves will determine what position we play.  Are we a play maker, a defensive player, an attacking player, or a finisher?

We are moving into a second phase play.  It is important, when playing the game, to go slow, and to take the option that is best for the team.  That might mean that we may have to metaphorically take one for the team so the second phase can be played out.  There are no winners, or losers, just win-win situations for all.


Yes, the configuration of 21 represents the father and mother, and the son/daughter.  The 2 + 1, makes three, the trinity wave of Father Christos, Mother Sophia, and solar son/daughter, child.  It is the Christos-Sophia path of spiritual ascension, of unity consciousness, of the inner sacred masculine and divine feminine made whole.


There is a sluiceway that has been created to allow those that are ready to be swept up into the current, an up-streaming, of a higher resonance that runs alongside this vector of energy, portal, we are in.


It is similar to the East Australia current, made famous by the Disney movie Nemo.  Be as ‘Crush’ and the other turtles in Nemo and ride the current, rather than trying to step out of it, or worse, opposing it and swimming against it.  If we oppose these energetic up-streams we may find that we are struck with an energetic force head on, as if sailing into 100 knot winds.  Riding the currents of this solstice energetic configuration means we can pull the sails down, save on energy, lie back and enjoy the ride.


This current is a spiralling vortex that takes us around the spiral as quickly, as slowly, and as far, as one is ready to go.  Some of us will spiral around and around, others will spiral once, or only half way around, depending on what level of the spiral we are at.  Some will spiral rapidly; some will move slowly.  Some may feel as though they have sea legs as the rapid spiralling action literally feels as though their life is spiralling out of control. Whatever way we choose to experience this is entirely up to us.  We can, as co-creators, choose to slow the spiralling momentum down, or speed it up, however, if we choose to speed it up then we should ensure we are prepared to do so.  As the energy spirals up beneath our feet it may feel as though you are lifted off the ground, as though we feel light on our feet, a sense of floating/gliding.  Some of us may even feel dizziness as the spinning/spiralling may disorient us throwing us off balance.


Everyone spirals in their own unique way.  Some may spiral downward, if that is their choice to do so, and this is a choice.  In the downward facing spiral, the light becomes diminishes, becomes dimmer.  This downward spiral can feel like a vacuum pulling all sense of hope out from under foot.  It doesn’t matter what our choice is, or where we are at, there is always hope for something new, for something positive, and something light.  That light is the light of our truth.


The upward spiral moves at a rate we are prepared for.  If we have chosen rapid movement, rapid ascension, then we will experience what is necessary to be in tune with our truth, and mission.


So, yes.  There is a reason we are seeing 21.


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