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Incoming signals are being misinterpreted by many of us as we move into greater alignment with our truest nature.  The misinterpretation of signals is not due to anything we are doing, or not doing.  It is difficult to navigate a system if we do not have the correct compass, or equipment.  The misinterpretation of signals is due to the misleading signals that are being projected into the field.  It is the distortions within the field that are causing many of us to feel a little as though we are bobbing up and down in the water like a cork.  We can feel as though we are getting our heads above water briefly only to find we are, in the next breath, back underwater, so to speak.  Another analogy could be of the peaks and troughs of waves in the ocean.  Some of us are riding the peaks, and some of us find ourselves in a trough.  The troughs seem to appear to be getting deeper and that we are remaining in them longer as the distorted signals are preventing the flow into and up the incline to the next peak.  It doesn’t matter what analogy is used it is merely to assist in recognising that we are misinterpreting signals/frequencies in our field due to our inner compass not yet fully recalibrated to the new energy, the new photonic light.


The recalibration process is already occurring and we are receiving these recalibrations as we sleep.  Even as we find ourselves awake at all hours, not able to sleep due to these recalibrations, they are still occurring on a higher level.  We may be finding ourselves waking at odd hours, laying awake for hours, and maybe not even getting back to sleep at all.  This recalibration is occurring to fine-tune the instrument, and the inner working of the new platinum components of the recalibrated compass are causing an anomaly in our personal energetics.  The old model is not working for us as well as it used to and as we flip over to the new model, as recalibration occurs, we may experience temporary electromagnetic glitches, per se.  This is metaphor; however, many of us are feeling these electromagnetic field glitches.  An example of this is losing time, finding yourself doing something you didn’t realise you had started doing, corrections in the alignment of the spine, body aches, cold/flu symptoms, memory lapses, fatigue.  The new inner components of the compass are recalibrating and affecting the outer encasing.


An inner Compass that is fully recalibrated, can then be referenced as a new Light Congruency Compass.  Our new Light Congruency Compasses can guide us (all of humanity) into the higher constructs of mind, into the unified light/field of Unity Consciousness.  To many of us this field of Unity Consciousness has always existed as a mystical field in which one chooses to set out on a quest to find.


In order to follow a quest, one must make the necessary preparations.  A Quester will pack their suitcase and ensure they take the necessary equipment needed to navigate their way across the terrain.  This mystical field in the valley of the unknown has been sought by many, however, the fear of the unknown has prevented many from finding it.


And the Quester may find themselves in the many quicksand pits of third density that prevent them from, not only beginning their journey, but going further along on their quest.  Without the necessary tools they are unable to navigate their way around the quicksand traps that hold them in the density of fear, doubt, worry, concern, etc. and they fail to see that all they need to pull them out of the quagmire, is already with them.  There are vines that offer the flailing subject a way out, however, due to their flailing they are unable to still themselves long enough to see the vine that is partially hidden beneath composting leaves.  Finding stillness within the quicksand is their only hope.  Within the stillness they are able to see clearly what tools are already at hand that can offer them safety, surety, and a way out.  The recalibration of the compass, with new light technology, will show the Quester how to see the pools of quicksand before stepping into one.


Once the Quester navigates clear of these quicksand traps, they may find themselves in prickly brambles.  The prickly brambles will scratch at them, cut them, lacerate them, and will entrap them as their clothing gets tangled in the thorny stems and branches.  Once the outer garments are caught in the brambles the Quester will continue to be lacerated until they are able to still themselves and receive the inner guidance necessary that will help them navigate their way out of the brambles.  The thorny brambles represent the narratives, words, verbiage, venom, pessimism, victim programming, negative self talk that the Quester listens to and takes to heart.  The more the Quester struggles with it, ruminates over the narratives, has triggered emotional responses to them, then the more lacerated they may become.  Their garments will become more tangled as the fabric catches on the spikey thorns of unconscious linguistics.  Stillness, and conscious linguistics will allow the Quester to stop receiving perceived lacerations, cuts, and scrapes.  As they open more into the stillness they may hear, sense, know, or feel clear directives as to how they can move the body in a certain way, in unison with the movement of the brambles.  Pushing the brambles aside in a particular way ensures the spikey thorns have no further affect upon them and eventually frees them from the sting of the repetitive narratives.


As the Quester moves out of the brambles, he/she may find him/her self faced with metaphoric frequency webs.  These frequency webs, replicative of sticky spider webs, can be likened to artificially programmed frequencies that have an adverse effect on the Questers biorhythms and physiology.  To the Quester they may also feel as though they have a scrambling effect upon the brain, the mind, and consciousness.  These scrambling capabilities can confuse the Quester and present as deceptive harmonising frequencies of which the seeker may open up to, allowing more frequencies in.  Should the Quester allow these frequencies to distort their field, stress will affect the physiology of the nervous system.  Agitation, anger, frustration, road rage, quickness to anger, irritation, exasperation, aggravation, shut down, withdrawal, and depression are just some of the signs of these scrambling.  As the Quester gets caught in the false, inorganic frequency webs they may have a sense of hopelessness, helplessness, and stuckness.  It is not until they find stillness that they are able to discern the energetic differences between true authentic organic frequencies of light and the false frequency nets/webs that will ensure they are stuck in the thickness of density.  Upon finding stillness, going within to their own inner core of light, they will find a clear-light awareness and open receptivity which will ensure they receive all the guidance necessary to navigate their way around, over, under, and/or through these false frequency webs.


Stepping out from the sticky webs into the lightness of liberation the Quester may find him/her self confronted with a stream that appears as a moat around the Unified Field of Light.  Although the Quester knows there is no actual boundary to the Unified Field of Light it gives a solid illusion of it.  For each particular Quester this stream will be the mirror reflection of their inner landscape and present as reasonably still, slow flowing, vigorously flowing, or completely churning, like white water rapids after a rainy season.  Regardless of how the water appears to the Quester he/she is aware that in order to reach the other side he must navigate his way across, or through, the waters of inner reflection.  The Quester may assume that beneath the surface of these waters are unseen risks, menaces and hazards.  As soon as the Quester dips his/her toes into the waters of inner reflection he/she may be presented with lustful cravings that risk the destruction of an harmonious home life, menaces of desire that present as materialistic obstacles to overcome, and hazards of addiction temptations that can consume him/her causing a potent lack of life force.


By this time the Quester may find themselves inexplicably exhausted and totally fatigued.  It is completely natural for a Quester, at this point, to want to stop his/her quest.  In fact, many do opt out of their personal quest to find the Unified Field of Light in the early stages of their journey as they have found the dedication, commitment, and enthusiasm wanes under the weight of perceptive complexity.  However, know that each and everyone that chooses to begin their questing journey, will find, with their newly re-calibrated compass, they are easily able navigate around, and through the supposed difficulties, dangers and drawbacks that they may find in front of them.


Once through the inner waters of reflection, the Quester will find him/her self in a space that borders the membrane of the unified field.  The membrane is much like a force field that one is unable to pass through until they surrender the heavy baggage within their suitcase.  All that is no longer needed will need to be given up before passing through the membrane.  If one were to board a plane, the security staff would ensure that anything that could be used to harm self, or other, or that could cause explosive actions, is surrendered and forfeited completely.  The heavy burdens carried within the suitcase of all questers are unable to pass through this membrane of light until they are forfeited.  All the Quester requires to pass through the membrane is his/her newly recalibrated Light Congruency Compass.


After taking their newly recalibrated compass out of their suitcase, and laying the suitcase down, the Quester will find they are easily able to step across the threshold.  After passing through the membrane, they will feel as though they are absorbed into the Unified Field of Light, becoming One with all things.  Before passing through the membrane the Quester will be unaware of what he/she is about to experience.  The experience will be unique to each Quester.  What they experience on the other side of the membrane will be most appropriate for them.


Does the fear of the unknown prevent the Quester from stepping through the membrane into the Unified Field of Light?  Or is the Quester able to trust in his/her own inner guidance (recalibrated ne Light Congruency Compass) and step through into the vastness of infinite possibilities.


In the Unified Field of Light, the Quester will be able to put on his new glistening coat of many colours as he/she expresses a new sense of awareness, clarity, liberation, and sovereignty as the corporeal body becomes blissfully light/er.  The “change room”, comparable with a Tardis, can be found in the inner chamber of the compassionate heart.  By stepping into the Tardis the Quester will then be transported across the threshold of time through the membrane into the Unified Field of Light.


It is here the Quester reaches the proverbial crossroads and knows he/she has to bravely and boldly, make a conscious choice.  What is the right choice?  There is no right or wrong to the choice the Quester makes.  There is only a journey that offers the rich rewards of experience.


If you were the Quester what are the riches you would like to experience?


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