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It would appear to many that there is little happening in regards to their own individual ascension process.  Many of you are feeling a little disheartened.  “Why is it that this has not happened, or that has not happened?  All I want to do is sleep.  I am so very tired, tired of all of this.”  These are just some of the thoughts running within the minds of many.

We say to you that there is much happening, and although you do not see it, it is indeed happening.  What has occurred over these past years from your 2012 are many changes within the heliosphere due to the amount of varying light frequencies and emanations.  All of the frequencies and light emanations have been given in aligned procession to allow the awakening process of all of humanity to occur in the most easeful way.  It is much like the trifle dessert with layer upon layer of delicious taste sensations being placed one on the other.

It is the same with the energies.  An influx of energies will hit Earth, or shall we say, will settle upon and within the Earth.  And with the intensities of these energies humanity found that they were indeed neck deep in clearing out the old emotional, mental and physical dross to allow these new energies to settle within and without of the body.  Whilst many of you complain that you are feeling nothing, you are in fact feeling what we refer to as the integration of these energies within the physical, emotional, mental and etheric bodies.  You will all have experienced this to some degree and there are many that can feel this and many that will go about their daily lives not in the least bit aware.

You see it is the aware ones and the awakening ones that will know of that which needs to be cleared.  “What dross has presented itself today?  I will work on releasing that.”  And so you do to clear yourself of the old outmoded energies.  Others of you will go about your day and wonder why it is that bad things, or unlucky things, or crazy things happen to you all the time not choosing to look beneath that which is occurring for the opportunity to release that which you no longer need.  It is the wisdom of the higher self, the Divine I am, that is sharing this opportunity with you.

When you allow yourselves to clear the dross it makes way for the new energies to settle and integrate.  It is through these energy releases that you can create a place of harmony and balance.  In order for humanity to reawaken the remembrance of their divine feminine or divine masculine counterpart one must be in the place of harmonic balance.  You can spend years working on and clearing the chakra system, however, if you are not willing to release that which keeps you separate, separate not only from the self, but also from Source, then you will find the masculine and feminine balance will not come into alignment.

It is this enlightened state of balance, alignment with both the divine masculine and divine feminine, that enables one to step more fully into their light body vehicle, their Merkabah.  Never before has humanity had this opportunity.  The energies are so ripe for those that have chosen this path to walk it with ease, Grace and confidence.  Never before has there been so many off planet assisting in the daily events of humanity.  Seldom do we, in the Angelic and beyond realms, have the opportunity to assist in this way.  It may have taken one many lifetimes to reach the level of awareness you are all now moving into.  And yet you have the opportunity to move into such heightened awareness it is as if you are blending more than one life experience within your current life expression.

For those that choose to walk this path we assure you that we are walking it with you.  For those that choose not to walk this path we also assure you that we are walking with you.  It matters not what your choice is, it matters only that you be open to receive assistance from us, invite us into your lives and you will find synchronistic events happening that will indicate our presence.

We ask that you begin to be more mindful of these synchronistic events.  We quite often hear you say “Well that was weird that this or that happened, or that he or she just happened to be there” etc..  We quite often hear you say “Oh that was just a coincidence”.  We have informed you on many occasions that there are no coincidences.  You are your own parking angels.  We refer to this metaphor as many will understand it.  The parking angel is the one who finds you a park that is close to where it is you need to park just as you are approaching.  Many of you will be nodding your heads agreeing to this.  This is not a coincidence.  It is the intricate work or your design council, your spiritual council, your Angelic guidance system.  Call it what you will it is all the same energy of which you are a part.  You sit upon your own council and you assist in the orchestration of the life you are living.

Are you able to allow the higher aspect of you, your Divine I Am, to begin to take the reins a little more?  Are you willing to release all control of that which you think your life purpose is?  What if your guidance council told you that you were a storyteller and you were to bring channelled messages through in the form of metaphor?  What if you were told that you are a teacher and you are here to teach the children?  All the while the position you hold at the local grocery store provides security and familiarity to you.  Would you be able to release all and go with the flow of guidance your higher self, Divine I Am and spiritual council, knowing that they have your best interests at heart?

These are the questions we present to you this night.  We ask that you ponder these questions and ask of yourself if there is anything that prevents you from following this path, this guidance.  Dear ones you are so much more than you have been led to believe.  You are the most beautiful expressions of Source, of Creation, and it gladdens us that you are now moving into energies that will allow you to come to this realisation.

Do not compare yourself with another or where another’s level of understanding is.  Do not berate yourself for not getting there sooner.  You are exactly where you should be in this moment.  It is much like the yogi stepping onto his/her mat.  They go within and do not compare themselves to the person beside them.  The person beside them may just be a yoga master with years of practice.  How can you compare yourself to him/her when your experience with yoga began only months ago?  Again this is metaphor so you can understand that everyone is at their own unique level of awakening.  There is not one person that is better than another.  They may have more knowledge about particular things on this dimensional plane of existence as this was the field they chose to work within in this life expression.

Each of you has your own energetic signature of harmonics, colours, frequencies, light, geometries and much more.  It is as if you are beautifully strung instruments ready to be played and it is your choice as to which melodies you choose to bring forth.  Many of you are beginning to tune into your own melodic patterns.  Feel the vibrations of these patterns and know that you are humming exactly as you should be.

We can hear these beautiful melodies and it fills our heart with such joy.  We are your friends, we are your guides and we are your council.  Join with yourself and meet with us daily.  Make the conscious decision to do so and you will be amazed at the synchronicities that will occur.  May your energetic frequencies be so balanced that you play tunes never before heard.  In love, light grace and harmony we thank you for being you and for choosing to be upon Gaia at this time.  And so it is…


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