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There is a world that awaits you all, a world of loving interaction between all people, a world where there is no hate, no competitiveness and no need for war. This world is your world.  This world is what you are moving into, what you are becoming.  Many cannot see that at this present time.  They choose to watch the news and they choose to be brought into the fear tactics that this brings through.  We ask that you try to see things from a lighter perspective and instead of seeing doom and gloom, see that this is the cleansing out of the old energy to make way for the new.  It is that way and it has been for many years.  The old denser energies cannot sustain the level of light that is pouring into you and your Earth plane.  It disrupts the dark energies, the denser energies and it creates a fear in them that they are losing their grip on keeping you in fear.  Do not allow these denser, darker energies to pull you back into fear.  Rise above it and see that you are of much light.

It is as we have said many times before, you cannot turn a light on in a dark room and there is still a pocket of dark in one corner. The whole room alights and the darkness is pushed out into the hallway.  You can see clearly with the light on.  This light is on within you and it is this light that can push all fears away.  Many old structures within the mental, emotional, physical and etheric bodies are being pushed around at present.  Shine the light on them and see them for what they are.  Many of these structures do not even belong to you.  They may belong to your parents, your siblings, your ancestors.  See that they are not yours and transmute them, transform them into the light.

This process you are all going through, this releasing of the old structures is necessary for you to come into balance. It is these structures that weigh you down.  Lift these burdens that weigh you down so you may come into balance within.  When these burdens are lifted it allows the left and right brain hemispheres to balance.  The more light and love that you bring into your being allows your sacred heart portal to open more and more.  With this opening the right brain hemisphere begins a more fluid connection with the sacred heart and sacred mind allowing for telepathic communication with the self and with the higher realms.  You must understand that each and every one of you is able to communicate with your higher selves.  This is what has been taught to you many aeons of time ago, however, you have had the belief that either it was not possible, or that you were not good enough to.

It is time to realise that as each and every one of has the spark of Divinity within, you are good enough, you always were and you always will be. You have just not understood what that has meant. What it means is that you are Divine.  It is your birthright to be Divine.  It is your birthright to connect with and communicate with the higher aspects of the self.  Claim this now and get to work communicating with you.

Is there anything you desire to do? You may desire all you like, however, until that desire is put into intent you will continue to desire.  You must firmly intend to do that which you desire, otherwise it will continually evade you.  Instead of saying “I would love to ….”, replace that with “I intend to …”.  It may seem simple but it will have far greater results than wishing for or desiring something.

This communication with the self can go beyond that which you imagine. When you realise you are Divinity you are able to be all that you are.  You can start by believing that you are able to not only communicate with your higher self, you are able to communicate with the cells of your body.  Instead of saying “I wish I was healthy…”, say out loud verbally so that your cells hear you “I AM healthy….”.  Your cells are waiting for instructions and it is time now to give them instructions.  Your Divine I AM can give instructions, it is your birthright.  Believe in this, believe in yourself.  We do.

Many of you are beginning to realise this. Many of you are beginning to see the changes your have created within yourself, within your relationships, within your everyday lives.  You are all able to achieve this.  You may know of someone that seems to get everything they ask for.  You may see someone who is looking younger day by day.  Instead of allowing these structures that remain in place to prevent you from seeing clearly ask what it is they are doing so you may adopt the same methods.  Ask how and they will be more than willing to help.

This year has been a tumultuous time for many. This year has been a clearing out of the old to make way for the new and believe us when we say, next year will bring newer refined energies that will move mountains so to speak.  This year has allowed you all a little taste of what is to come.  If you see within someone something that you can’t quite put your finger on but are interested in, you are going to see much more next year.  Some of the lightworkers upon the planet that have come for specific purposes are going to be so different to you.  They are going to walk around in a glow so to speak.  It will be as if they carry with them an internal light and this light will attract you regardless of how much you try to deny it.  You will want to know more.

Whether you choose to seek out that more is entirely up to you. If you choose not to follow the light there will be no judgement upon you.  You will have to be happy within yourself that you have made the decision to turn from the light.  And we can tell you that within a world that is returning to light, that is ascending, you may feel uncomfortable with your decision.  That is fine.  Each and every one of you has the free will to choose what pathway they would like to follow.  Each and every one of you is able to do so in their own time at their own pace.  Regardless of the choice you make you will always have full support for we make no exceptions to the rule.  Each and every one of you will be loved just as much as the next person and will be supported just as much as the next.  Know this and this will help your fears to subside.

Dear ones there is much change occurring and although it may be frightening be patient with yourselves. Be patient with the next person, the family member, the neighbour.  Understand that each path is unique and what they feel and what they are going through is going to vary from you.  Trust and know that you are all moving together and that you are all experiencing shift of some sort.  If it helps band together and work together to assist each other in these growing and changing times.  Seek out those that can help you.  Understand you are not alone.  Trust that you are not alone, that you never were and never will be.  You have our love and support always.

In love, light and Grace it is you we embrace…


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