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As we move beyond the energetics of the March equinox into the April we find ourselves in a flurry of solar wind, higher light frequencies and harmonics. The direct Sun amplifications are triggering our own Solar heart/Sacred heart into higher activation.  This energy cocktail is going to appeal to our senses if we are willing to let go of what no longer serves us.  The higher dimensional frequencies are creating a catalyst for higher activations and this energy cocktail is activating our higher senses.

In a physical body we sense through feeling, hearing, seeing, tasting, smelling, and knowing. We receive messages through these sensory receivers and we transmit out into our sphere of life our reality based on our perceptions of what we receive.  When we receive through the sensory receivers we are picking up on vibrational frequency. Our mind then analyses the messages it receives and our perceptions are usually based upon learned patters, structures, ancestral beliefs, historic events, religious ideologies and core belief systems.  When we are willing to let go of certain structures, patterns and belief systems that keep us bound to and limited to the physical reality we perceive we are able to see things from a different viewpoint.  If we are willing to be open to alternate ideas, notions, creations, etc. and allow our heart centre, our sacred heart to interpret rather than our analytical minds we are able to align with higher frequencies.  When we align with higher dimensional frequencies we begin to receive more through our senses that goes beyond what we once perceived as normal.

Our normal is shifting to a ‘new’ normal, a new set of higher dimensional gifts, tools and abilities. These higher dimensional gifts, tools and abilities can sometimes be misunderstood or can create a lot of fear for some.  Some of us may be picking up on even higher spiritual gifts, tools and abilities, all of which will be in alignment with our awakening to our true self.  Seek those that can assist you in understanding what comes within your sphere of life and they will help you see clearly with new eyes.

We are all being quickened or re-wired. The synapses in our brains and the electrical/magnetic flow of energy within our body vehicles are being altered to allow for these higher dimensional frequencies to assimilate with ease.  Consciously being aware that the symptoms you may be feeling like pressure headaches, sudden aches or pains in the joints, feelings of being spaced out can allow for greater ease of integration of this higher light.  Be kind to yourself through this passage.  Nurture yourself and slow down, rest when needed.

Some of us may find your eating patterns alter. What we once loved now turns you off.  Eating wholesome foods may be the food your soul seeks at the moment.  Fasting and juicing may be all you need at this time.  Trust what your body tells you.

When the student is ready the master will appear. You are the student and you are the master.  As the student you are learning what this new normal is about.  As the master you are the higher aspect of self letting your student self know that you already know what your new normal is.  With practice at letting go and allowing our master self guide us we become open vessels to receive the higher light transmissions from our divine true self.  Practice speaking with your divine true self.  Ask a question then wait for the answer by being open to receiving through our sacred heart centre rather than our brain.  Let go of the ego telling you what you should or should not be receiving and align with your crystalline sacred heart.

Higher light frequencies, higher light messages, and higher light guidance are our new normal. Embrace the new you because you deserve to.  Enjoy what the new you has in store for you.  Let go and allow.  And so it is…

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