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As you move into the higher resonance fields of the harmonics of the fifth dimension you have the capability to embody the Christos energy. The Christos energy, the Christ consciousness, embodied in form is the recognition of unified field of the eternal Love and truth, the Law of One, unity consciousness/God consciousness.  The energy of the Christos/Sophia is the divine balance, masculine and feminine aspects, within and there are many that will embody this.  Where you are upon your spiritual journey will determine the energy alignments most appropriate for you.  It is without doubt one of the most exciting times on your planet and it is also an unsure time for many.  There are a varied amount of differing potential timelines and due to the chaos and false energy illusions people are finding it difficult to see with clear vision.  It is necessary to remain focused on the alignment one chooses.

As you were breathed into creation you were encoded with light. This light is encoded within your DNA and is your individuated blueprint, your soul signature/song.  Your original blueprint, your original DNA, is pristine, it is crystalline rainbow light and it is who you are.  It is of such a vibrational frequency that it can only be sung.  The encoded light of the individuated original blueprint will be triggered when appropriate for you and the path of return to self will be set into motion.


You hold in the upper echelons of your soul matrix the augmented self, the greater constellation of self. The constellation of self, when merged is what you term the overseer self.  The overseer is the hub, the nucleus of self.  You are the constellation, you are the atom.  You sit within the self as the centre of self and as all of self.  You are every component of self.  You are the nucleus, the proton, neutron, electron, the sub-atomic particles, the atom, the molecule, the cell, the DNA/RNA, the physical body, light bodies, planetary bodies, galactic bodies, universal bodies and you are the One body, the One Source of all that is.  You are all and everything and no thing.

There is an evolution occurring, a metamorphosis. Many of you are experiencing this and where one is at on their ascension path will determine how much they morph and what they morph into, so to speak.  Your process is going to take you beyond what you would deem normal.  What is appropriate for you may not be appropriate for another.  All of this is in alignment with where you are and what it is you are here to assist with.  You will be drawn to your purpose work and mission.

We would like to use a metaphor and this metaphor is about a horse jockey. Although there are equally good male and female jockeys for the ease explaining this metaphor we shall say our jockey is a male.  The jockey rides horses for a living and is his chosen profession.  This jockey knows that he must focus on each ride individually as each horse he rides is unique and each track has certain attributes in which to navigate.  He rides many mares and stallions and does not judge one gender to be better than the other.  Each horse will sense the energy of the jockey and will align with his energy.  This is intuitive in the horse for the horse senses and feels the energy through the light body field of the jockey.  The light body field, depending upon the intent of the jockey, will be a determining factor in how the horse receives the jockey, how it responds to the directions given by the jockey and how it performs.  Some horses will react exceedingly well under the instruction of one jockey and some not as well.  The intent behind the jockey is most important in getting the best results out of the horse.  It is extremely important for the jockey to work on his fitness and to follow a strict healthy lifestyle.  Of course it is important for him to follow a diet rich in sustenance and yet at the same time limit the quantity of food intake.  He must come in at a certain weight to ride certain horses in certain races and this is an important part of the sport.  If the jockey eats a diet that is not in alignment with a healthful lifestyle and watch the quantity of food he intakes then he will either become too heavy or too sluggish.    The jockey’s weight is checked whilst holding a saddle both directly before and after the race.  If the jockey weighs in too light the saddle will be loaded with weights to align with the weight division for that particular race.


Let us say that the jockey weighs in and he is well over the weight division for that race. If he were to ride the horse it would place too much of a heavy burden on the horse.  More often than not the owners of the horse would refuse to allow the jockey to ride their horse finding an alternate jockey.  When the jockey weighs in over the recommended weight level he cannot believe it.  He thought he had done all the work necessary to get him in tip top shape for the race.  He checks his equipment and realises that the saddle had been filled with weights.  It was clear to all in the weigh-in room that the saddle had been tampered with by someone else, a corrupt fellow jockey maybe, or a ‘win at all costs’ trainer.  Fortunately this immoral, brazen attempt at cheating was identified so it could be corrected prior to the start of the race.  Weights from the saddle were removed to lighten the load and bring the jockey’s weight in alignment with the recommended weight level.

A jockey’s body has to endure a lot physically, mentally and emotionally whilst racing and although it looks an easy profession it is not. A jockey will never let himself become overweight and unfit.  Not only is this not healthy for the horse it is not healthy for the jockey.  The jockey must balance all aspects of his lifestyle and maintain it to continue in that profession.  A very difficult task indeed however they are able to manage it well because they have a passion and desire to do so.


When you choose to follow a spiritual path you will come across aspects of the self that feel as though they weigh upon you and in order to partake in the individual spiritual path you must unburden yourself of the excess metaphoric weight. The spiritual path is not a race however.  The spiritual path is metaphor for reconnecting with the higher aspect of self, the intuitive self, the soul self or spirit (whatever label you choose to place upon it). Taking the spiritual path, or choosing to reconnect with the higher self/soul self, must be viewed as a lifestyle choice.  Just as the jockey chose to eat and train a certain way and make it his lifestyle choice based on their chosen career path, so too does the spiritual advocate.  When one makes that lifestyle choice then what needs to be released presents itself and can easily be released, balanced and integrated.  In other words the weights can be lifted from the saddle.

When one diligently follows a spiritual path and does the necessary work to keep their physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and etheric bodies cleansed, cleared and balanced with the highest nourishment then they will find that the path they walk (the higher self/soul self) will magically know what they require, where they need to be, who they need to speak with and what tools can assist them to remain on the path. Just as the jockey coaxed and guided the horse to get the best results the higher self/soul self will coax and guide you to the highest alignment with your soul purpose and mission so that you may get the most aligned results out of your life.

The use of the metaphor emphasises how important it is to make the spiritual path a lifestyle choice. You will not get the best results if you dabble here and there in it.  Making it a lifestyle choice changes the energetics of it.  Just like the muscles in the jockey have to be conditioned to the way he rides a horse the spiritual seeker must condition themselves, and their spiritual muscles, to the higher light of the higher self/soul self.  When they do this the higher self will respond accordingly.  If the spiritual seeker dabbles here and there then the higher self will energetically match the energy of dabbling.  They may find themselves experimenting with many different religions, cults, ideologies etc. to resonate with one.  They may find themselves going to course after course, fiddling with a bit of this and that.  By making it a lifestyle choice the higher self will synchronise and energetically match your lifestyle (daily life) choices, happenings and events.  Synchronous events, happenings and situations will flow into and through your life and when you recognise them for what they are then your higher self will energetically match with your recognition of them and provide more synchronicities for you the recognise.  There will be a symphony of energies dancing through your life.  Dance with them as you choose to make them a lifestyle choice.

Your intuitive abilities are like a muscle that needs conditioning. Although you already know how to use your intuitive gifts, tools and abilities and how to access them it is always necessary to practice with them.  Your intuitive gifts tools and abilities are lying there waiting to be recognised.  You do indeed recognise some of them at certain times, now we ask you to recognise them for what they are.  Start to see them from a different perspective.  Start to feel them course through your body.  They will be amplified in accordance with the spiritual muscles that you activate, strengthen, train and maintain.

There is an energetic shift taking place as we speak. All of you are receiving energy downloads every day.  It is a given – out of love, in love and through love.  We ask that you recognise your gifts, talents, tools and abilities.  Practice this for indeed the muscle of recognition needs conditioning.  We thank you for choosing the spiritual path as your lifestyle choice.  We energetically match this with you as we take you into the higher octaves of self.  Trust in what you get and recognise, acknowledge and align with the synchronicities and higher gifts, tools, abilities and talents.  You are on the verge of a radical shift and you are the jockey riding your own horse there.  Thank you for getting yourself to this place, to the horse track.  Do not be the one to weigh down another to alter the outcome.  Do not be the one to weigh down another due to your own self-imposed limitations, fears or doubts.  We offer you our support as we nudge you to maintain your integrity as the jockey of your spiritual path.  And so it is…


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