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It has been apparent with many that I see and work with that their lives have been in turmoil and they seem to be going through cyclic patterns that appear to never end. It is one thing after another, after another and so on.  Our Angelic helpers wish for us to be aware that due to the higher frequencies of light we, our physical bodies, are upgrading/reconstructing and are not able to tolerate lower patterns and vibrations.  Everything that cannot be lifted into the light of the higher dimensions will be brought to the surface to be worked through and transmuted.  We will be presented with situations that will allow us to acknowledge and release the last vestiges of self-limitation, unworthiness and anything else that does not align with love or that is out of balance.  Going within is of utmost importance so that we can see what needs to be released or balanced.  It also gives us the opportunity to master the emotional and mental bodies and align them with our soul/higher self/higher soul self.

We are moving out of ‘control over others’ (or service to self/desire) to ‘service to others’.  In doing so that which is out of alignment will be brought to the surface to be worked through.  Of course we have a choice to work through it or to put our head in the sand and pretend it is not happening to us or that we do not need to balance or align anything.  That is the beauty of free will.  Choose to accept the opportunity to transmute and release.  Choose to claim your birth right as a sovereign being which has been reiterated many times.  Doing this will take us into the vibrant light of our true self.  Please enjoy the following message.


Today we welcome you into our open arms. Today like every other day we are with you giving you support, love, direction and guidance if you choose to receive it.  There are vast opportunities awaiting all of you and those that are willing to put their hand up and claim their birthright will recognise and witness many great opportunities.  We speak of opportunities as doorways into a new world.  There are doorways into a new paradigm and although it may seem that the world is in much chaos it is merely a perception of the one that sees it that way.  Yes the world and many people may be experiencing much chaos in their lives however it is only chaos if you perceive it that way.  Some may see chaos as Karma being played out.  And we would say that this indeed could be so.

There are many relationships breaking up and that may be between husband and wife, partners, children leaving home, sibling rivalries, friendships and many others. We would like to bring to your attention the ‘others we refer to’.  There are many that have been within a comfort zone in their lives visiting certain doctors or other health practitioners.  Many of these relationships may change too and this may be hard for some to take.  Many professionals are moving locations and this leaves clients at a loss to a certain degree.  Also your beloved pets may pass or you may get a new pet.

We would also like to draw your attention to the emptiness you have been feeling and the lack of angelic support you may perceive you have. There is never a lack of angelic support although at times your support team may shift and change.  You may no longer be receiving the messages you once thought you were receiving. Your intuitive guidance has awakened you to the many synchronous events that were indicators for you letting you know that your guidance team or your guardian angels are with you every step of the way.  However you are not seeing these signs and symbols as you used to.  You cannot make out what you are receiving and you are feeling a little confused, down hearted and even a little jaded at the thought that you are no longer supported in the way you once were.  Many professionals and healers are finding that the work they have been doing has shifted and they are not getting the results they used to.  You notice that there is a plethora of modalities and wellness coaches offering this or that online and you are finding it difficult to compete with the information they share and knowledge they have not to mention the price of what they offer.  You may be feeling a little apprehensive about the work you do or did do.  You may find that people no longer come to see you whether it is for professional corporate instruction or healing/wellness direction.

Yes there is much change and yes you will find that what you once did may not suit you now. You may find that the 3 dimensional stuff and things to do has taken precedence in your life and you worry that you are not connecting with the higher aspect of self as much and your communications are few and far between.  All of that which we have spoken of is happening to millions across the globe.  There are great influxes of energetic patterns, sine waves, crystalline codes and light filaments that are disrupting the comfortable position you have taken up on the couch of life on Gaia.  These disruptions to the frequency fields are shaking things up and causing many people much agitation and frustration.  Change is difficult for some and adjusting to the change is what we would like to attend to.

You may indeed find yourself in what you perceive as chaos, amidst swirling energetic vibrational shifts, and you may not like it. You may be feeling gung-ho and wanting to create something new for you and yet you just can’t seem to get motivated or to get a grasp of what it is that you would like to do.  Change can be seen and felt as chaos/karmic cycles.  Chaos can be perceived as turmoil, disarray, disorder or confusion.  It matters not what you label chaos/karmic cycles it matters only how you stand in the midst of it and sense it.

A visual to explore. You are standing in a meadow and out on the horizon you see a twister coming your way.  This twister is big, the biggest you have ever seen.  As the twister gets closer and closer you can see the debris that is being flung around within the vortex of powerful spiraling energy.  This debris ranges from branches, trees, fences, household junk and even items such as vehicles.  As this twister approaches you begin to feel the fear rise in you.  Do you turn and run in the opposite direction?  Do you stand frozen to the spot, unable to move?  Or do you stand your ground firmly in the strength and power of who you are, knowing that the twister is powerless against you.

You are powerful beings of light and you are unable to be flung about like rag dolls, unless of course you choose to be. How is it that you are able to stand within perceived chaos and not let it affect you?  By standing in the light of your truth, walking in the light of your truth, speaking the light of your truth and sharing the light of your truth.  How do you recognise the light of your truth?  You recognise the light of your truth as love for that is what you are.  When you are willing to love the self, to recognise that you love the self and choose to initiate a solid loving connection and communication with self then you will be able to stand in the midst of the twister and not allow it to affect you.  Yes you will feel the push pull energies of it.  Yes you may be tossed about a little just as you would be in turbulent white water rapids.  Are you going to flail about and push against the energies of the turbulence or change?  Or are you going to allow the change to carry you to something that could be far greater than you could imagine?

What if the change/chaos/karmic interplay you are experiencing is cutting a new path for you to step into something so grand and joyful? What if the change/chaos/karmic release is allowing gifts within to be illuminated?  By pushing against the energies the interplay of frequencies may play out a different tune and it may not be one you like.  Let the change take you; let it carry you to places you have not been.  Let the change soften you.  Allow yourself to soften into the change and flow freely with it trusting that your own intuitive guidance system is guiding you to be where you need to be free of the dross and debris that you have carried for so long.  Step out of the karmic bus and walk in freedom.  We will walk with you.

Your guidance team is still with you even though you may think otherwise. Trust that you are being guided by the greatest guide for indeed you are.  Your greatest guide is you.  Allow your true self to hold the light for you, to illuminate your greatness.  You are offered this wonderful opportunity to claim your birthright.  Claim it now.  And so it is….

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