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There is a tempering of energy that is being offered to those that seek it. This tempering of energy is offering an alignment with higher mind.  This is for those that are ready to receive more in the way of higher light emanations.  When one has readied themselves to receive these higher light emanations they will have gone through a cleansing phase.  Whilst many of you have moved beyond the need to cleanse and balance many are still processing these changes within.  For those that have moved beyond the need for continually cleansing and integrating there will always be some manner of light that requires balance as you live within the third/fourth dimensional construct of time/space.  Recognising what can be brought into balance can be the trigger for integration and no specific process is needed it is just done automatically.  Recognition of this is the key to having balance internally and externally.

For those of you that have reached such a level we would say to you that you are ready to receive the light emanations as they are streamed down to you. All of you can receive them.  When we refer to those that have cleared and are able to trigger balance automatically we say that they will be able to retain the light emanations within their physical structure.  Until space is created to allow for this the light will filter in, through and around and be unable to find the space to settle so to speak.  In the cleared vessel there is space enough for the light to settle and therefore integration of this light becomes automatic.  Again we give this to you in the most linear perspective for greater understanding.

We would like to offer you what would normally not be perceived as mainstream. Let us break down that word mainstream, as it is a compound word it consists of the two words main and stream.  Main represents the key or focal point and stream in this sense represents flow and course.  The emanations of crystalline light course through the main key points of the body.  Through focused intent one can be aligned with the flow of these light codes.  The main stream of light travels through the body via the Shushumna or the central energy channel the runs the length of the spinal column.  The focal points are the chakras and it is through intent and breath these centres can be balanced and integrated to create space within.  In the mainstream it is perceived that the breath comes only in and out of the nostrils.  For those that are familiar with energy we would say to you that the energy centres of the body called the chakras absorb the life force energy, or what is termed pranic energy.  With intent you can breathe in this life force breath into your chakra centres as though you are breathing in and out of your nostrils.

Concentrate on the root chakra centre, hold your focus there and with intent begin a long slow square breath (a breath that takes the same amount of time breathing in, holding at the height of the breath, breathing out and pausing between each breath e.g.: breath in for four counts, hold for four, breath out for four and pause for four) imaging that it is coming in and out through the root chakra. Give the intent to bring this centre into balance and you will feel a shift in the centre as you breathe into it. Continue breathing into each of the chakras feeling the energy shift within it.  You will feel not only balanced but energised as well.  The chakra or wheel holding a square breath (square/cube within circle/sphere) creates geometry.

As more light enters the physical vessel it activates the light body star tetrahedrons and the mosaic of light filaments allowing you to walk upon the Earth as bodies of light, or lighter bodies. The lighter the body becomes the less density it carries.  Light attracts light geometrical constructs and density attracts dense geometrical constructs.  Consciously choosing to balance and integrate will lighten your load so to speak.  As you continue to bring more light into your bodies you will be able to balance automatically; you will eventually be free of pain.  The light will cleanse the density and irregularities within the DNA and you will be free of all ailments and dis-ease.

This is available to all who wish to follow this path. There is no right or wrong, there is only your truth and we ask that you discern your truth.  Choose only what feels appropriate for you.  Breathe in the light.  Breathe in your truth.  Align with the light of truth.


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