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Our bodies are an incredible vehicle in which we are able to experience many potentials and possibilities.  We walk upon the surface of the earth not even realising that we create an energetic imprint upon and within the earth and not even recognising the energetic impact we have on all we come into contact with. Our bodies carry us through life, initially erect and proud, and yet as we move through the years we allow our bodies to become heavy with burdens.  These burdens can be physical, emotional, mental and even spiritual and sometimes we are not even aware we are carrying them.  We often carry the burdens for others to ease their afflictions not realising the impact it has upon our physical structure, our emotional stability, and our mind set, and maybe not even being aware that we are carrying them.


If we are carrying the weight of heavy burdens, not only our own, but also of/for others, then maybe the studies that have shown we shrink with age are true.  If we are carrying the weight of our own/others burdens then it stands to reason that our very foundation can in fact be stressed by the extra load.  What if we are not only carrying the weight of burdens but also carrying a load from another that does not take responsibility for their own choices, or lack of choices, in their life?  Without becoming more discerning of our own energy and the energy of others that may sit upon us as a weight and affect our bodies in certain areas that present as stress or inflammation.  This may even cause a sense of weakness of body integrity in certain places within the physical structure.


What if our bodies were designed to last more than what the average age states?  What if our bodies were of such a unique design that we could live to be double, or triple, the average age rate?


Looking at the following analogy can help us put this in perspective.



An architect has designed a very complex building and this one-off design has never been seen anywhere in the world.  The blueprint for the construction has many angles, shapes, patterns and the physics that are used within this unique blueprint go beyond understanding.  This architect has a vision that has not yet been recognised in the world and he wishes to share his vision, however he now has to find a reputable engineer and construction company to execute the work in specific accordance with his design template.


He knows that his vision can assist in maintaining the balance between the synthetic world of form and the organic world of nature.  He also knows that because of this balance the health and wellbeing of all of humanity are going to benefit, maybe even allowing longer lifespans.  And so he chooses who he feels will offer the engineering prowess and the construction know-how.


Certain aspects of the design are required to be built by specific specialists and some of these specialists have already been appointed and some are waiting patiently to hear if their tender has been accepted.  Waiting patiently is not something that is easily achieved by some.


It is not until the foundations are laid that certain other structural designs within the blueprint can be applied.  The building process is an orchestration of construction and this orchestration synthesises with all parts of the whole design.  Every trades person involved in the construction process knows they must follow the blueprint to the letter otherwise the end product may not be to specification and imperfections may present.  If the imperfections are traced back to their work it could present as extremely detrimental to their reputation.


What if the engineers and the construction company decided that the original blueprint, the original design, did not seem to have enough reinforcement in the upper levels of the foundations?  They then decided to add additional weight/mass to the uppermost floors of the building foundations, thinking that they knew best, without the consent of the architect and without him even knowing they had done this.  The architect however knew that because of the unique approach to his design, and the unique application of physics, his design was perfect and was not in need of any extra reinforcement.  He also assumed that as he had employed the best engineers and construction company that all should go smoothly without incident.  Ultimately he is responsible for the overall design coming to fruition.


This extra weight/reinforcement would eventually weigh too heavy upon the foundational structure of the entire building and ultimately it would weaken, or stress, certain areas within the building.  If the stress focused in one particular area for a long period of time this could eventually cause the building to crumble.


What weight do you carry upon your foundational structure (your shoulders) that does not belong to you?


How are you letting others place this weight there for you to carry for them?


How are you taking the burden of another’s choice to not take responsibility for their own actions?


How is your body responding to this extra load?


Are you being discerning of the extra stress, burdens and inflammation that are causing referred aches and pains throughout your body?


What energetic imprint do you wish to create to leave upon and within the earth?


What energetic impact will you have upon all others you come into contact with?


It is important to go within, to connect more deeply with our bodies to ensure we receive the messages that are alerting us to discomfort, dis-ease, inflammation and stress.


Treat your body like a temple and only allow the energy you feel that resonates deeply from within you to enter.  Connect with your ‘Body Integrity’ and become discerning of what energy does not resonate and let it go.  Allow only the highest light energy to flow freely throughout the walls of your temple and begin to feel lighter in so many ways, on so many levels, and in alignment with your truth and integrity.  You deserve it!!!


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