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Divine order occurs when one is in alignment with the self that is multidimensional and when one is in alignment with the higher self.  Divine order is what occurs when one is opened to unity of self.  Unification of self is the greater expansion of consciousness into a state of oneness, oneness with the self and oneness with all.  Those that are preparing their butterfly wings are ready to take flight into the expanded waves of electro-crystalline/electro-magnetic photonic light.  Butterfly wings represent a metaphor for the ability to take flight, the ability to rise up higher and higher.  Butterfly wings represent a metaphor for metamorphosis into a beautiful being of delicate beingness.

It is not that you are becoming delicate and will break.  Quite the opposite is represented here.  The butterfly wings are delicate in the physical sense, however, it represents the delicate lightness of your being.  You are moving into expanded awareness and the delicateness of your being is the light you carry and this light has increased tenfold.  And so now it is that you will literally begin to feel as if your feet are off the ground, you are gliding and you can easily take flight.

You are on wings of change and you are experiencing this in many ways.  There is the necessary planetary energy cleanses occurring.  There are necessary physical, emotional, mental and etheric energy cleanses occurring.  There is physical household, relationship, career cleanses taking place.  All of this change is occurring in such a way that one seems to be going through one thing after another.  It is testing many of you and many of you are exhausted from all of the work you are doing and processing.  One might say they have had enough, however, would one forgo the opportunity to sprout those beautiful butterfly wings and fly ever higher?

Open your hearts to receive more love, more light.  Open your hearts to feel love, to be love, to share love.  There is a perpetual motion of love flowing in and out and when one can recognise this one is able to ebb and flow with it.  There will be many waves and currents that will push you around, take you in one direction, then suddenly change course and carry you in another direction.  Do not fight against the current, ebb and flow with it so you can allow yourself to be taken to where you need to be.  Allow yourself to be taken to those places never before discovered by you.

The discoveries you will come upon will be unlike anything you have previously seen.  How will it be for you if you discover something you least expected to discover?  What if you find a hidden talent you never had before and all of a sudden it becomes the main focus of your life?  What if you discover you are able to lead others on their journey across the tumultuous waters of change?  What if you unravel deep knowing from within, something you have felt from an early age?  All of these things that present themselves to you are appropriate and they are happening for a reason.  It is the remembering of your latent gifts and abilities that many of you fear most.  It is the fear of not being able to fully align with them and to also fear that if you do align with them you fail at using them how they were meant to be used.  You will not fail and you will always be able to align with them.  It is the fear that prevents the alignment.  Release the fear now.

Many wondrous things are happening to the earth and upon the earth.  Many wondrous things are happening to the physical body, to the light body vehicle.  It is a process upon which the unified fields of light bring coded light frequencies to enhance the humanoid form.  Each person is undergoing their unique metamorphism.  Each individual will experience this in their own unique way.  Each one of you has the opportunity to stand in the light of your truth.  In order to do so one must be willing to do so and be willing to change.  If one fears change then one may be left behind by those that choose to experience change in the most profound way.  Each of you is entitled to experience what you like throughout any transformation process.  Choose wisely as this will be felt in many ways.

Only when you give intent for this change to be directed by your higher self, and to let go of the control of the situation, will you change in such a manner that one will hardly be recognisable.  Create the new you through intent, acceptance and allowance.  Walk boldly in the light of new creation.  Walk tall in the light of your truth.  Express all that you are in alignment with all that you are within.

And so it is… Namaste

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