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Greater awareness, greater expansion of self comes when one is ready to receive and when one has done the ground work necessary to allow for expanded awareness to enter, or shall we say expand from within. If one is not ready to receive the greater awareness then one will not be able to understand that which comes through.  It is much like reading a book that seemed to jump out at you from off the shelf.  When you read it you may actually just glance over it and not really absorb what is being said.  You may even put the book down as it makes little sense to you.  It may be that it does not feel right for you and so you put it away only to find in a couple of years’ time you are drawn to that same book.  This time when you read it you understand that which is written within the pages and you can actually feel it.  You feel as if the light bulb has gone off within your head and you actually find yourself enjoying the words that are written upon the pages.

It is much like this when you expand your conscious awareness. You will have moments where things just do not seem to be retained and you glance over many things and then all of a sudden you find that you get (cognise) that and you are drawn to more of which you can get.  You get it by feeling it, understanding it and even by having a sense of already knowing it.  There are many levels to how one receives knowledge and wisdom for the knowledge and wisdom you are receiving externally is already inherent within and it triggers the keys that unlock the codes that sit within your light body field, within your DNA.  There are many upon the planet that are being triggered to remember that they were once artists, storytellers, singers, musicians, excellent at a particular sport or just more peaceful and balanced within.  These triggers are occurring all around you now as the effulgent light, the cosmic waves of frequency and light are unlocking the many codes held within.  When one is able to recognise this they are able to allow these codes to be unlocked on a conscious level.

When one can consciously allow for these codes to be unlocked then they will find greater understanding, more rapid assimilation of that which is held within and they will also be able to share this information and knowledge with others because they cognise it on a more expanded level. What is the use of having knowledge and wisdom if it cannot be shared or if one decides not to share it?  Those of you that are awakening to the many new concepts and phenomena can indeed share this with all of humanity.  The internet now allows for all of humanity to partake in the words of wisdom from the many.  Gone are the days when humanity only listened to the perceived gurus, masters, and leaders.  You are all gurus, masters and leaders and you all have the opportunity to allow this knowledge and wisdom to be shared.

Only your fears, doubts and self-limitations will prevent you from extending out into the world wide awareness and when you recognise these as fears, doubts and self-limitations you can consciously choose to release them. First one must recognise they are fears, doubts, and self-limiting beliefs and then they must make the conscious choice to release them.  The fear of the outcome of releasing these is so great for some that they choose to remain in the self-limiting box they have put themselves in.

We are here to tell you that you have much help not only with those upon the planet that share ways in which you can easily release these fears but also from your unseen partners in the Angelic realm. Dear ones it takes courage to release these fears, doubts and self-limitations.  We understand that.  We offer you the strength and courage you need to assist you in releasing these.  All that is required is that you give us permission to assist and then you, with pure intent from your heart, ask for assistance to release them.  That is all that is required.  Yes you can use techniques and tools and it is often a good way to find what works for you.  We say to you though that the greatest technique is to breathe in deeply, at the height of the breath give the intent that the fear or doubt be released and then on the out breath see that it is being released into love.  It is as simple as that and we encourage you to work with this very easy technique.  You will be surprised at the peace that you feel within.  You will begin to realise the balanced way in which you approach many things.  Of course it is always encouraged to get assistance from those that can assist and they can give you further tools and encouragement that will keep you from falling back into self-doubt.

When you feel that peace and balance within you will be surprised at the knowledge and wisdom that will begin to surface from within. You will once again feel a passion so deep within that guides you to your most sweet spot whether it be in the work force or whether it be in everyday life.  Your sweet spot is the alignment of you with you.  It is the alignment of the boots on the ground you with the higher aspect of the self you and the reason you chose to incarnate upon Earth in this grand ascension process.  When you feel this alignment, this peace and balance you will be able to access that which you hold within, the codes, knowledge and wisdom held within your DNA.

This is where many of you are heading, into this higher refined light. The higher refined light is the light of your truth and many of you are beginning to integrate and assimilate more of the divine refined light.  As you hold more light within you shine more brightly out into the worlds creating what we would term a beacon or pillar of light so that others can be drawn to it.  Standing in your light and anchoring your light down into the crystal heart of Mother Earth you are creating a pillar of light.  From our viewpoint there are many millions upon millions of pillars of light and this light does not just remain in a condensed pillar that only you stand in.  This light expands out further and further with the more love and acceptance of self that you hold within.  When you consciously can love and accept yourself unconditionally your light expands out touching many and so what we see from our viewpoint is the most beautiful light show we have seen for aeons and aeons.

When you, as humanity, become aware that you are all one and that your light actually overlaps, blends with those around you forming one unified field of light you will come to realise that there can be no war, no disharmony, no power over others. We are all one for as your pillars of light beam brightly outward, downward and upward we are touched also and as our light beams outward, downward, and upward we too are touched by the One Light.  The One Light is the light of Creator/Creation and we are all individuated, unique expressions of this One Light therefore than can never be any separation.  Yes you may be experiencing a life expression upon the Earth as a male or female however that light that is within you is still a piece and part of the One Light.  When all of humanity realises this then you will have the peace on Earth that so many of you desire.  There are not many beings that oppose the light left upon the Earth as they are finding it more difficult to be in the divine resonance of the love that emanates from this light.  Many of them are turning to the light and recognising it within self.

Dear ones the more you stand in your pillar of light, expand your light and share this light then the more you are assisting the planet, Gaia, to ascend out of the lower frequencies into the higher light frequencies of the One Light. We ask you to take the time when possible, and it need only be a minute here and a minute there, to imagine that you are standing in your pillar of light and this pillar of light encompasses the whole of your physical vessel.  Imagine that it extends down into the crystal heart of Gaia and up to Creator, the One Light.  With every breath imagine that light expands out from your physical body.  You can expand this light as far as you feel comfortable and with much practice you will find that your light can expand out beyond the confines of your body, your room you are standing in, your house, your city, your country, your world, your galaxy, your universe and so on.  You are limited only by your fears, doubts and self-imposed limitations.  You will soon begin to realise that your imagination is your consciousness and when you can use and access your imagination knowing that it is conscious expression then you will be amazed at where you can go.

This is the start of something beautiful and we say to you that when you can take a moment to expand your light you will begin to take in more light Intel. We offer to you our hands to assist you in releasing the fears to expand and shine your light for others to see.  Give yourself the intent to be free to shine dear ones for the beauty we see from our standpoint is beyond anything you have ever perceived yourselves to be.  We have a purpose and our purpose is to love you beyond measure, to assist you when asked and to offer you unconditional love.  Accept our love and this can take you to places you have never before been.  It can take you to that place of inner peace, inner balance and acceptance of self.  In our loving arms of embrace we shower you with Grace.  And so it is…..


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