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When we look at you we see not only a human form we see an angelic presence, a light so bright, many colours, sound wavelengths and harmonics. We see creation, we see divinity and yet when you look at yourself or others you see only an outer shell, a physical body, the physical expression you, and others, have chosen upon the Earth in your current incarnation.  You look upon that physical form, your body vehicle with scorn, with anger, with distaste.  Oh do not misunderstand us for we are aware that there are some that are truly comfortable within their expressive form of physicality.  This is wonderful if you are truly at peace with who you are.  However, this can also be a misplaced sense of comfortability, derived from a place of ego influence rather than a true balance within.

It is difficult for us to see the anguish, the disdain, the disappointment you have for the self and it saddens us that more and more of your young are feeling the intensity of the pressures placed upon you from the media sources. There is too much pressure and although we say this is true you are all able to go within and see that the beauty lies there and not on the external Duco (Australian colloquialism for automotive paint) of the body vehicle.  These feelings you hold within about how un-pretty you are, how unfit you are, how un-beautiful you, how un-white your teeth are, how un-large your breasts are create the sense of how unhappy you are.

We say to you that you are not your physical expression only. You are a divine being of love and light that has chosen, before incarnating, to express oneself through the physical vehicle you are currently driving.  It is becoming more and more difficult for you to accept your beauty as the collective consciousness has placed so many, shall we say dot points as to what is acceptable within your social structures.  We list a few of these dot points for you:

You are more beautiful and more accepted by others if you have:

  • lovely straight and gleaming white teeth
  • big firm breasts
  • fit bodies with abdominal six packs
  • muscles that bulge
  • golden tans
  • long tresses of flowing hair
  • flawless skin

And the list could go on….

These are just of the examples that we list and not one gender is more affected than the other. You may think that it is only the women that feel the need for this however we say to you that there are many men that place these expectations upon themselves also.  You may feel that you are in acceptance of the self and you are happy with how you look and feel and we say bravo to you.  How do you expect another to look though?  It is not just how you see yourself in the mirror it is about how you see another.  Do you look at another and say to yourself that he or she is hugely overweight, he or she has dirty crooked teeth.  These judgements we place upon another are not because you are harshly judging them it is because you have been caught up in the collective beliefs and consciousness of others and it is an accepted way of life.

In some societies one is loved for who they are regardless of how they look externally. Many tribal peoples hold this acceptance and love of self and others within their heart space and that is why they will appear so grounded and so happy and so balanced.  You can look upon them and see that they are indeed happy with their plot in life.  They live harmoniously together and create for their young a happy, healthy loving environment so their young will grow into strong balanced adolescents and adults.

There are many within the western societies that are so unhappy, so imbalanced and ungrounded. We bring your attention to this today to help you to see that if you are truly willing to free yourself from the web of illusion, the snare of the media and be true to whom you are then we can and will assist you if you choose to give permission for this to be so.

We in the angelic realm hold you so dear to our hearts and we would love for you to feel the love we have for you. By allowing this love to wash over you, through you and around you it can help you to transform your life in more ways than you know.  By giving the intent you will be able to create a space so open and divine that it allows more of the light of your truth to flow within.

We offer to you now an incantation that will assist you if you choose to use it. You are not obligated in any way to use this, you may choose words of your own and for that we say bravo for you are listening to your truth.  We ask that through the heart of Divine Mother that she may assist all of you in accepting your beauty.


Take a moment now to breathe deeply into your heart space.

Take your breath in through your crown chakra down into your heart.


Pause at the height of the breath and then release all judgements of self –

“With intent I release all judgement I have placed upon myself”.

On the out breath let it release.


Now at the height of another breath release all expectations you have placed upon yourself and the outcomes to all situations –

“With intent I release all expectations I have placed upon myself and upon the outcomes to all situations”.

On the out breath let it release.


Now at the height of another breath release all limitations you have placed upon yourself –

“With intent I release all limitations I have placed upon myself”.

On the out breath let it release.


With a still mind you are now able to call for angelic assistance to help you to see the truth in the beauty that lies within. –

“Divine Mother as a Divine expression of your love I ask for assistance to help me to see, to feel, to know my inner beauty.


Help me to walk and talk my beauty.


Help me to share my beauty with others so they may feel their own inner beauty.

Help me to understand that beauty comes from the truth of who I am and not from external images or perceptions.


I open my heart to the beauty way.


Take my hand and walk me across the rainbow bridge to where my true beauty lies.


Thank you Divine Mother for helping me, for holding me in your arms, for guiding me, for taking my hand and leading me to my truth and beauty.


 In love, light and grace it is so and so it is. “


Now at the height of another breath imagine the wave of love wash over you, imagine you can feel it filling every cell of your body, and imagine it feels like bubbles of champagne rising from your toes to your crown of your head.


You are these bubbles; you are bubbles of love and light.


Sit in quiet with the truth and beauty of who you are.


Breathe deeply into your heart and allow the light of your truth to trigger your beauty and your beauty way.

Dear ones it is time for all of you, even the young, to realise how beautiful you are. It is important now within these energies that are being showered upon Earth for the dense energies of imbalance, despair, and sadness etc.; that you hold within to be released as it blocks the light of your truth from filling your being.  It is time now to allow the beautiful light of your truth to fill the space you create by releasing these denser energies.  We know how difficult this may seem to many of you however we say to you that if you are truly willing to let go then it is all quite simple.  In fact if you are truly ready to receive miracles then you will indeed receive them.

We have so much love for you all and we wish to assist as many as possible in walking across the rainbow bridge of light into the truth of their being. We hold our hands out to you and wait patiently for you to hold them.  Trust in the truth of who you are for it is your truth, your higher aspect of self that is guiding you.  The angelic being waiting for you is in fact you, if you allow for it to be so.  You can hold your own hand and walk boldly across the rainbow bridge into the expanded consciousness of self.  All that is required is your intent for it to be so and it will indeed be so.  Realise however that there may be a few bits and bobs of energy that need to be released in order to you to lift yourself out of the dimness of the denser energies.

We open our arms to receive you all in our embrace as we shower you with grace. Love is our truth and it is truth we love to share.  And so it is…


Fiona M White © All Rights Reserved 2014-2016.  We offer these messages as a gift to be shared freely with copyright credit, keeping the integrity of the message without any alterations and with reference made to

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