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There have been many mystery school teachings over many of your Earth years and we refer to times gone by. Within your now society many of these teachings have been hidden from view, have been locked away shall we say, so the general public were not made aware of them.  Dating back to the times of Lemuria and Atlantis there have been many teachings that were found favourable to those that chose to align with the ‘power over’ energies and so it was that these teachings never became common knowledge.

That is changing now as many of your messengers, or channels if you prefer to call them that are beginning to bring through the hidden teachings. There are those that will step forward with what you think is the new when in fact it is quite old if we use reference to your linear time line.  These teachings that are to come forward are doing so in alignment with the ascension status of not only the planet but also of her people.

Each and every one of you knows deep within the truth of these teachings so we ask that if you come across, are presented with, or find yourself in the midst of these new teachings, new ideas, new information then we ask you to open your heart centre to receive them. Of course you must discern if it is true for you for each of you will find that what is your truth is not the next person’s truth.  And this is ok for you and for them.  It is not for one or the other to try to sway or persuade another, it is for all to be accepting of where another is within their own truth and within their own ascension progression.

There has been much conflict upon the Earth between many races of people due to the intolerance of another’s beliefs. There has been much conflict, of which many wars have developed, due to the intolerance of another’s chosen worship, or shall we say religion.  Is it too hard a task to allow another to be pulled in the direction of a greater force, whether that is a deity, whether that is a God, whether that is the Creator of all that is?  It is profoundly pleasing to the person to have faith and hope regardless of where they put their faith and hope.   Let us all be aware that in these coming times upon the planet it is going to be of the utmost importance to learn tolerance of another.

It is going to be of the utmost importance to learn to love another regardless of race, colour or religion. You/we are moving into a unity consciousness where it is paramount that you/we begin to be loving, compassionate, kind, generous and tolerant of another.  Your Einstein stated that everything is energy.  That energy comes from the one central source regardless of what form it is perceived to be.  If everything is energy and energy is made of atoms then if we dismantle the form you would find the same components with varying degrees or vibratory frequencies.  Each and every one of you is made from the same stuff so to speak.  You are all painted with the same brush and that brush is the energetic frequency of unconditional, divine love. That love brush you have been painted with is what all people, animals, plants etc. have been painted with and when you can perceive it to be so you will realise that any intolerance you place upon another you place upon yourself.  Any hatred you hold within for another person you hold within about yourself.  Some of you will be unable to fully grasp this concept and therefore you may brush it off.  Let us explain this in a metaphoric way for you to better grasp it.

Let us suppose you are a great artist, you are the creator of your art, your craft. You have before you a canvas and to the side on a table you have all of the necessary equipment you need to create a masterpiece.  You have already consciously thought of and seen within your inner sight this masterpiece.  You know already what it is you wish to paint.  You see in your mind’s eye the colours you are going to use.  You see the brush strokes you wish to use in each segment of the painting.  You see the shadings, the tones, the harmonies of the colours and textures.  This has already been created on a conscious level so it is your thought process, your imaginative creativity that has birthed this creation.  You begin with the foundations colours and brush strokes and then gradually you begin the layering process to attain the coherent patterns and brush strokes.  You do this with much love and passion for the craft you have.  It is a gift and you choose to share it with others.

You innately know that if you are of a peaceful, loving mind as you do your work then the end product is most pleasing to those that view it. They can literally feel the love and passion jump off the canvas and into their heart space when they take a moment of quiet observation and contemplation of the masterpiece you have created.  You also know deep within that if you held much anger and angst whilst painting your masterpiece the people that view it will also feel this anger and angst.  It will literally jump off the canvas and touch their hearts.  They may even walk out of the gallery feeling angry and not even knowing why.  They will then take this anger out into their everyday life and they may even share it with another and then that person becomes angry and so on.

Imagine if you will that every brush stroke you make upon the canvas is one of love, compassion tolerance, joy and peace. It would be such a pleasure to view the final masterpiece that people from all over come to cast their eyes upon it knowing that they have witnessed something very special.  They then walk out of the gallery holding that feeling within and they share that with others.  Imagine how beautiful the world would be.  You would all walk around touched by the brush strokes of love.  It is within all of you/us to share that which we experience and of course it is going to be a more loving compassionate world if we shared the love rather than the hatred or anger.

This applies to all situations in your daily lives. Would it be so hard now to realise that as each of you are painted with the divine brush strokes of love then you can share it.  Now if you are painted with love and love is everything then you are not in need of anything.  It is the illusion that you lack something or that you are separated and not a part of something that creates the unbalanced emotions within.  When you all realise that you are loved, right from the birthing of the conscious creation then it will be difficult to act any other way than in a loving compassionate way.

If we look at the metaphor of the artist we see that it is the consciousness of the artist that gives birth to the idea, to the thought which then becomes the creation through the actions, through the brush strokes. It is the consciousness of the All that is, of the Creator of all that is, that births all and through active energy all is created.

Consciousness is the tether that holds all together and you are coalesced, each and every one upon the planet and within the whole cosmos is intricately intermingled. Your beautiful Earth, Gaia, is a sweet, loving, sentient being.  All of the stars, planets, suns, moons, galaxies, universes are consciousness painted with the same brush strokes you were painted with.  All is consciousness and all is just that, All.  You are all unified and when humanity realises just how special this is you will be able to tap into cosmic mind.  You will not be in need of computers because you already have the greatest bio-computer at hand.  You already have this however you are not quite at the understanding of this yet.  Oh there are some that do indeed tap into cosmic mind and they are the ones that are bringing in the new information and technology that is going to change how you, humanity, perceive things.

You/we are moving into a unity consciousness. You are all a brush stroke upon the canvas and when you fully cognitively grasp this you will realise that what you do to another you do to yourself.  What you do to yourself, or how you treat yourself, is how you treat another.  This goes out into the galaxy and the universe and cosmos as you are all intermingled through the same energy of consciousness birthed into form.

Some of you will understand this with ease, some may need for this to process and there will be some of you that may read this and it may seem like a toddlers painting to you because you have expanded your awareness to the point you can understand and appreciate the great artworks of all cultures. It matters not where you are, or shall we say how you perceive this.  It matters only that you are kind, loving and tolerant to where another is with how they perceive the artworks and what they get from viewing them.  For those that can feel the hidden language of light, of love, that lie deep within the brush strokes, we ask that you take a moment to assist another to come to the same level of appreciation you have.  Let us all work together and this includes not only all that walk upon the planet but all within the galaxy and universe.

It is a special time for all and your month of June brings energies that will align many of you to the hidden language of light. Some call this the third language.   To help you understand this more we shall refer to this as the hidden colours and textures in the masterpieces that are painted.  This is the love you feel when you view the masterpiece.  This is the compassion you walk out of the gallery carrying within that you then share with another.  This language is the language of love and it need not be spoken as it can always be felt if one chooses to open their heart to feel it and receive it.

Open your heart to receive this and you will not only feel this love from those that walk out of the gallery but from those that are in the same town, country, planet, galaxy, and universe and beyond. It is the same language that the channel speaks and feels when doing these communications.  It is the same language that is imprinted in the words upon the page.  Open to feel the love within this communication just as you wold feel the love from the masterful painting.  Feel the brushstrokes of love and compassion within the words.  You may not fully grasp what it all means and that is ok.  What you can fully feel is the love, if you choose to, for we offer this to each and to all.  Allow us to cradle your hearts in love then you will be able to get up and walk from this place of reading these words and share this love.

Unity consciousness sits within a field of love energy and everything is energy. Consciously choose to be love, to act love, to speak love and to share love and you will unify many, even those that hold hatred in their heart space.  And so it is….


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