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The energy that was presented to you in your earthly Easter experience is of such light it has offered to you the many arms of the crucifixion energies. As the Earth has entered the Photon Belt the Solar System, the Galaxy and the local universe is moving with the ebb and flow of the many photonic light waves and Gamma rays/waves.  These electro-magnetic influxes of energy creates within the self a whirlpool of light that washes the lower frequencies of light and the negative thought patterns from the entire physical vessel, much like being in the wash cycle of your washing machines.  You are shaken and rocked, washed and whirled within a turbulent environment to allow all that which no longer serves you in the new energy to be clean and balanced to move into the new environment.

Some of the strongest energies washing and cleansing all of humanity was throughout the resurrection period of Easter. There are many connotations placed upon the symbol of the Cross / Crucifixion.  It is important that we point out that our perception of the word crucifixion is not what you may perceive it to be.  Yes there was the execution of the Christ.  Yes there was perceived punishment, misery, and torture.  We say to you that the crucifixion energies we speak of are the death of the old energies that no longer serve you, creating the space to allow the new light, the new Solar Christed light to enter.

Let us break this down a little further: Cruci-fix-i-on

Cruci – Crucify – death of the old energy

Fix – Renewal of self, restore the self to its rightful alignment with Divinity

I – the divine ‘I am’

On – Upon (up and on) the Earthly plane of existence

It is important to realise that the four arms of the cross represent the varying energetics associated with the crucifixion of Christ.

In history there have been many other representations of the cross and there have also been many other persecutions where the cross was used as the platform upon which a body was lashed. None were as symbolic as that of the time in which Yeshua Ben Josef, Jesus, was nailed to the cross to atone for his sins.

If we look at the cross from another perspective we see the column that reached from the ground to the heavens as the staff, the column or pillar of light grounding down into the core of mother earth and up to Source, the Creator of all that is. One of the horizontal arms represents the physical expression of Jesus and the other the multidimensional representation of the soul of Jesus, Sananda.  This merge of the physical with spirit, with the multidimensional aspect of self, represents the resurrection energies, the rebirth, the reappearance of the light body vehicle, the multidimensional self.

As you all stand anchored in your pillar of light you are able to merge your multidimensional self with the physical expression you have chosen for this incarnation. Of course the physical body must be cleansed and purified of all lower dense energies, beliefs and structures.  It is not until the current incarnated physical vessel is cleansed and balanced that one is able to merge more fully with the MD self.  As you grow and cleanse, balance and align with self, your MD self is able to fortify itself with you.  This energetic merging, the balance of the divine feminine with the divine masculine is the marriage, the divine union within.

There is an order in which things occur and you get to choose this order before incarnating into your physical life expression. One cannot experience this shift into multidimensional self, divine union, without the necessary processing and order fashioned by you, for you.

This order of events, this organised process creates a domino effect. Most will perceive this to be the falling over of the domino, hitting the next domino which then hits the next domino, and so on, toppling them all over.  Yes in a sense this is correct in that what topples is the old energy, the energy you are washing and cleansing.  Today we shall bring your attention to the reverse of this.

As you work on the self and within, cleansing, balancing and remembering your true essence self, the domino that was last to fall, the one that lies on the bottom of all the others, is now beginning to stand up. As it lifts itself into the light of truth, of remembrance, the domino that is lying upon it is automatically pushed up into standing erect once more.  The next domino that was lying upon the second domino is then pushed up into standing and so on.  It is the reverse of the dominoes falling.  As the keys and codes within are triggered the dominoes all stand up, tall and erect, in recognition of truth, in recognition of self, turning their faces to the light of their true multidimensional self.

When these dominoes stand tall and erect they will be able to infuse themselves with more light. As they infuse themselves with more of the light of their truth they will becoming lighter and lighter and may begin to levitate off the ground.

There are those that will be the first wavers and they will literally appear to be levitating however it will appear this way due to the effulgent light emanating from their entire being. The dominoes reflect the fractal aspects of the soul self.  Each fractal of self stands up in and of its self.  It is being magnetised into alignment with the brave fractal of self that had the courage to stand tall supporting all others in the line as they too stood tall beside them.  This brave self that has taken the responsibility to stand tall for all the others is you, the you in your current incarnation you are experiencing now.

When these dominoes levitate, hold more light within, they are able to move freely for there no self-imposed limitations holding them down. Through the tropismic (I don’t think this is an actual word.  It is derived from the word tropism) force within they turn toward the light of the One, the light of Source, boldly standing erect in their truth.  As each domino stands it reinforces the domino beside it and the light intensifies creating the image that all dominoes are merged as one.  The light that emanates from the original brave domino is so bright and yet it does not diminish the light in the other dominoes.  It enhances their light just as their light enhances its own light.  It is circular effect  for a soul is not linear in any way.

This analogy is the analogy we give to allow you to understand that the over soul self is self-merging and all that you are and all that you represent is becoming one light so to speak. There is only one light as you know, the light of Source,  however there are individuated fractals of this light and varying octaves of light within these fractals.  You have been led to believe that the you, the boots on the ground version in your current incarnation is all that there is of you.  We would say that this misconception has endured for aeons and aeons to keep you separate from your truth, from your power and from your light.  You are all creator gods/goddesses and it is through the actual realisation of this that you are able to stand tall and lift all other dominoes (aspects of self) with you and stand in your truth.

Each and every one of you is experiencing merging of some sort. Each of you will experience this differently and each will merge to a certain light quotient appropriate for them.  What is happening now upon the Earth is a compassionate shift that allows you to hold out your hand to all others, to all other dominoes having an earthly experience, to help lift them into the One light.

We have witnessed this before and shall we say not upon this planet. We have seen entire planets and incumbents lift into higher resonance and take their place within the galaxy, the solar system and local universe.  It is a magical time for all and although you may be feeling heavy we say to you that it is not a heaviness per se, rather the volume of the energy that has been showered upon you is so vast it may be perceived as heavy.  Shake off this feeling of having something heavy weigh upon you and stand tall in the light of your truth.  We hold out our hands to you and if you choose to allow us we can lift you into greater heights, brighter lights.  We thank you for allowing us to share in this uplifting experience with you all.

And so it is……

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