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We all sit in wonder at what is to come for all of humanity and of the Divine sentient being, Gaia, your home in the stars. Your world, Earth is a water world and she is a beauty to behold. Many have plundered the earth and many have scarred her. As a divine sentient being, just as you are, every rock that is overturned, every tree that is lopped and every animal that is killed, that is not in alignment with love, has caused her (Gaia) much pain and sorrow. Every war and every fight upon her crust has been wetted with blood and this blood has run as a river deep into her heart. Due to the amount of pain and suffering Gaia has endured for aeons of your time, she has asked that this be ceased and her wounds healed.

A new awareness is enveloping the world and all are feeling a new sense of something. Many are aware of what this is and many are still in the dark. And we say that in a literal sense as there are still many who are aware that the divine sentient being, Gaia, does indeed suffer upon the hands of merciless man. There are many that are aware and choose to plunder her, cleaving her open to retrieve oils and minerals to fetch the highest price so they accumulate the most wealth.

In alignment with her wishes there will be no more nuclear wars. The damage that has been caused upon her soul has indeed been a monumental plight to repair. Many within your heavens have assisted with the healing of the earth and many of your galactic brothers and sisters have assisted in cleansing the waterways and the lands of toxic spills.

It is time for humanity to wake up to the fact that you are moving into a new world, a lighter world, where the love will be shared freely and Gaia will be given much support and nurturance. Many upon the earth are doing their bit to assist in cleansing the earth. You may wonder at what it is that you could do to assist and we say to you that by choosing to recycle your household wastes you are assisting. By choosing to give thanks to the flora and fauna, and the elementals that diligently work hard nurturing the earth, for the foods you eat, the herbal remedies you take, the water you drink etc., you are assisting in raising Gaia’s vibrational frequency. She is moving into higher fifth dimensional frequencies and she is doing this regardless. By offering to do your bit, our bit, we are able to help her move through such pain and suffering with more ease and grace.

Your scientists have done experiments on plants and so too have your classrooms in schools. When one takes two of the same plant, whether it be fruit, vegetable or native bush, and loving words and thoughts are placed upon one and hurtful, nasty thoughts and words are placed upon the other the difference in growth rate is evident for all to see. The loved plant thrives and is full of rich vitality, making it a healthy specimen. The plant that had negative, hurtful words and thoughts placed upon it actually begins to wither and die. If the plant was a vegetable then the vegetables produced on the loved plant are full of essential vitamins and minerals, however, as you guessed the hurt plant may not even grow any vegetables at all and if it did they would not fill the body with as many healthful vitamins and minerals. In fact you would ingest the negative emotions the plant received and these would be taken into the body and felt within the cells of your own body.

The tribal people knew of the importance for the earth to be loved and nurtured, thanked and honoured for the source of food, wood, water etc. it provided. Many have lost their knowledge of this and there are very few tribes upon the planet that still recognise the importance of loving and nurturing Gaia and working in harmony with her.

This is changing and it is becoming more evident that not only the lands be nurtured but also the oceans. All animals upon land and within the oceans are feeling the change. There are many animals that are adjusting to these changes in vibrational frequencies. There are many animals also that may not be able to tolerate the higher frequencies and these animals will eventually become extinct over time. This is appropriate and it is not because humans are culling them. It is a natural progression of the cleansing that Gaia is going through. She herself is in direct communication with all plants, animals, elementals and all other life forms upon the planet and they all listen. It is humanity that has forgotten how to listen to your beautiful planet and that is now changing.

Many are feeling the changes as earth sits within the photon belt. The cosmic energies are being felt by many upon the earth and it is because of the alignment of these cosmic rays and energies that earth is able to adjust to higher levels of light. It is much like Gaia is having what you would call a makeover. Out with the old worn out energies and in with the new. With this new comes a new awareness and humanity is feeling the change within that is leading them to question who they are, why they are here.

You are all beginning to realise that there is so much more to you and so much more available to you. Awakening to higher frequencies brings heightened awareness. Heightened awareness allows a greater connection to the truth of your being. A greater connection to the truth of your being allows you to realise that there is no separation between you and the Source of All That Is. A greater connection to Source brings a greater understanding that we are all one and that oneness is not just upon the planet, it is also within the galaxies and universes and beyond. There is no separation and when humanity comes to this realisation you will have a new concept on how to live harmoniously with each other and with Gaia. She has been waiting patiently for this time and with humanities assistance it will bring you closer to the birthing of the new world.

The birthing of the new world is not only the change into higher fifth dimensional Earth but also into your own fifth and higher fifth dimensional light body. Just as you have a light body that is within, without and surrounding you, Gaia also has a light body that is within, upon her surface and surrounding her. When your light body and her light body are fully activated into these higher frequencies they align in a way you have not previously felt in your current incarnation. Oh many of you have felt this before in other incarnations, however, you have all chosen to be here in this particular incarnation to experience this together.

You are all being birthed into the new world. As changes happen within you and upon your planet they also occur in your local galaxy and universe. Just as circles created from throwing a pebble into a pond radiate out, so too does your light frequencies, having a momentous effect upon all parallel galaxies and universes and beyond. Change is never ending and when one dear soul upon the earth chooses to change, to lift their head to the heavens and ask to know more, their light shines a little brighter. When their light shines a little brighter their soul colours are illuminated and their soul song lifts an octave or two. When one person’s colours and soul song are activated to higher levels then so too are others around them. It is much like plucking the string of one guitar in a room full of guitars. The other guitars feel the frequency in the wavelengths and immediately react to them and their string of the same note will begin to vibrate.

It is the same with the birthing of the new world. As Gaia raises her frequency all of humanity will raise theirs. When you raise your frequency Gaia will raise hers. You / we are all one and when one heart sings all others feel it. When one heart cries that too can be felt, however, due to the belief that you are separate from each other and from your Creator of All That Is, you have forgotten how to feel that resonance between all. By choosing to remember who you are and by choosing to drop the illusion of separation you are able to assist all in the birthing of the new world. And what a wonderful world it shall be.

We are always with you. We are never separate from you and we lovingly wait for your conscious choice to return to the truth of who you are. You have many helpers, guides and teachers waiting in the wings for your return. Ask and you shall receive. Listen to your heart and allow your heart to feel the resonance of love we shower upon you. This may be felt by a light breeze, a feather touch upon the skin, a flicker of movement in the corner of the eye, tingles down the spine or even a whisper in the ear (which you may think is in your head and that you made it up). We give you these examples so you are able to realise that we are in fact all one. We hold you and Gaia in our loving embrace. Open to receive our shower of grace. And so it is….


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