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What a rollercoaster ride I/we (myself and family) have been on in the last couple of months. We have been blessed in so many ways and yet one could deem the events we have experienced these past few months as being dramatic, stressful, chaotic, and intense.  And indeed they could have been all of the above had we invested in the drama, the stress, the chaos and intensity.  Instead we chose to invest in the absolute delight of synchronicities that presented themselves to us.  Yes we were blessed in so many ways as a family unit and yet individually we received our own unique blessings.

As most of us realise, life throws obstacles along our path. How we address the obstacles is of importance to our growth and understanding of self.  We have many choices when presented with obstacles and it is not until you find yourself standing before them that you get a sense of self.  If we are willing to look at our reactions to the obstacles then we can learn the most wonderful things about ourselves.  They can mirror to us our fears, our imbalance, our internal turmoil and conflict etc.

We are moving into an accelerated growth and expansion in alignment with the influx of high resonance cosmic light. This cosmic light has been transmitted to Earth through the emission of solar flares, meteor showers, astrological alignments etc.  We are preparing our physical bodies to hold and anchor more of the refined higher resonant frequencies of our true essence self.  In order to hold and anchor this light we need to cleanse and release.  We need to let go of what we have felt is our personality, our identity, in this world to make way for who we truly are to be revealed.  Who we are is already within us; however it has been kept hidden beneath a membrane of forgetfulness.

Due to the events that transpired I had to travel and be away from my usual routinely familiar life. I chose to allow myself to not do and to just be.  Upon my return, to what I perceived as the normality of my life and familiar routines, I began to receive a differing energy in the communications from my guide set.  The initial communications were all about letting go however that same thread has weaved its way through almost every communication I have had since my return.  I offer this to you in the hopes that it will help you as it did me.  Enjoy.

The art of letting go

Transference is the word we would like to address today. Although it is a word upon a piece of paper it is also an action.  Transference is about that which is perceived as truth becoming what is actual truth.  It is the illusion of truth that one is required to let go of and become the truth, the divine truth of who they truly are.  The transference we speak of is the energy of the higher you melding with the human you.

Holding the light high when faced with adversity takes strength. Although you may perceive you are not holding the light high you usually are when you can let go and allow.  You can place expectations upon yourself and come from an ego standpoint when letting go however when you truly choose to let go from a place of love then letting go becomes an art.  Letting go and allowing becomes a place of neutrality.  It is a safe haven of love.

There are transitional phases in which one will go through when one is ready to let go. When you let go and allow you create the space to experience change.  The person that is ready for this change will experience transference of energy so that they are able to be taken into the higher resonance of harmonics.  This octave that they move into will be determined by how little baggage they carry.

It is difficult for a hot air balloon to leave the ground when it is weighed down with sandbags. It is much easier when the bags are released.  The more bags that are released the lighter the balloon becomes.


When it is free to rise it needs the hot air to take it higher into the thermal airwaves. The hot air represents the transfer of energy.  When one is ready to receive the hot air transfer of energy they will do so in their own unique way.  You will find that in these coming days you may experience more transfer of energy and how you receive the energy may differ each time or it may not.  Let go and allow and place no expectations on when, what, how etc.  All is as should be.

We ask you to imagine a limb of the tree. This limb is on your tree of life and we ask that you place yourself upon this limb.  Walk out to the very end of this limb and find yourself teetering on the brink of falling off.  Place yourself there and ask yourself if you feel safe?  Do you feel as though your weight is far too heavy for the limb and because it bends you are going to fall off?  What is it you feel?

What if you were not what you perceived yourself to be, the heavy human body standing upon a very fragile limb of a tree? What if you were light and not heavy in human body?  What if you were so light you felt as if you were in fact a blossom upon the limb of the tree?


You can either focus upon being a body that is far too heavy that will either break the limb of the tree or you fall from it or you can focus on being a weightless being of light, light enough to stand upon the leaf or be the leaf. What you focus upon and given intent to will be your creation of your reality.  What you create as your reality will be transmitted to others and they will make their own perceptions about what they receive through your transmission.

When you are able to identify with your weightlessness and not your body then you are ready to be taken into the higher harmonics of self. By being able to transfer your weightlessness you are able to hold more of your own true light.  It is the light of your truth that transfers the energy to you.  It is the download of your true light self.  When are ready you will receive this download and in your own unique way.

When the transfer of energy happens more of your true divine self awakens from within. It is like the rising of the serpent for indeed it is a kundalini awakening that occurs.  Please understand that there can be small influences of this or at times you could receive a bigger release and awakening into the core of the energy.  The kundalini burst comes from within and is released from the base of the spine.  The kundalini awakening can be experienced as orgasmic in an energetic sense as it is the marrying of the divine feminine/masculine energies.  What you may or may not realise is that as this occurs you may feel it in the base of the spine and yet a very important ninety degree angle occurs within the consciousness level.  This ninety degree angle is what some refer to as walking the stairway to heaven.  As consciousness expands one takes a turn so to speak or takes the next rung up or the next step up.  As you walk upward upon the stairway metaphorically you are awakening to a higher frequency of being-ness.  What we would like to bring to your attention is that when you experience these transferences of energy, when you take the next step up, when you awaken kundalini from within you anchor more of your true light essence into the physical body.  When you hold more light you are able to let go of more of the density.  When you let go of more of the density you let go of your perceived identity, unless of course you choose to hold on tight to it.  If you choose to do this then your step up may be a little, shall we say, on the difficult side, much like walking on a moving platform you would find in a fairground.

Imagine you are standing before a mirror and you see your physical body. You identify with the physical body and you know all the wrinkles, scars, markers, etc. that allow you to identify with certain parts of the physical body.


You may have a scar on the forearm of the left arm. You may have a wrinkle between the brows.  You may have a birthmark on the right shoulder.  You break the body down into parts and segments of left and right, upper and lower, medial and lateral, inner and outer.  This is by design as you chose to incarnate on Earth into third/fourth density.  What would happen if you let go of identity not only of the body but of personality as well.  What if you let go of trying to be this or that?  What if you let go of trying to look this way or that way?  What would happen if you looked in the mirror and saw only light?

There is a gossamer appearance to what you perceive as a body however it shimmers and moves in an undulating breathtaking flow of divine Grace. What if you looked in the mirror and you could not form a dualistic comparison of this or that within you.  What if you felt, sensed, saw, heard, tasted and smelled only love?  What if you could not process what you saw because your analysis of what you saw in the mirror could not be compared to anything you have experienced before?  The more you tried to analyse what you saw the more dismayed you became.

What if you could feel peace at just standing before the mirror and witnessing? What if you became the observer?  Would you be able to let go and allow yourself to be instead of doing?  What if you stood in front of the mirror witnessing and observing the light without actually doing anything for days, or what you perceive as days?  What if those days ran into weeks and you did nothing other than stand in front of the mirror witnessing the grandness of the undulating, breathtaking display of light that pulsed before you?  What is it you think you have to do?  Where is it you think you need to be?  What if you let go of plotting, planning and doing?  What if you experienced being?

There is a lot to let go of to be.  To be, to just allow the self to be in the now moment, is very difficult for many.  By being we let go of all control.  To be we become co-creators. To do we become manipulators, plotters, planners.  What if we let go of the need to manipulate, plot or plan?  What if everything was already planned and the human identity was not alone in the planning?  What if the human identity/self had help with the planning?  Would the human self be able to let go and relinquish all control?  Would the human self be at peace allowing an outside force to take control?  What if the outside force was just your perception and was not outside at all but inside?  What if it was both inside and outside?  What if it was also up and down, medial and lateral and everywhere in between?  What if this force was a loving force that placed no boundaries, limitations or expectations upon you?  What if this force was so light and yet so powerful?  What if this force was so vast you felt so small?  What if this force was so small and yet felt so powerful?  Would you be able to let go and allow the human self to be guided by the power of your own true love and light?

Letting go does not mean identifying with this or that. Yes it is important to make choices about things in your life, however truly letting go places you out of the confines of either this or that.  Truly letting go does not mean you sit in a passive, static place of only witnessing and observing.  Truly letting go finds the middle ground and let’s go, witnesses and observes, allows and trusts.  To truly let go you become the creator and the creation.  It is stepping out of the duality bi-wave into the trinity tri-wave modulation.  To truly let go you find yourself in recognition of individuality and at the same time unity.  To truly let go you do not have to just do or to just be, you allow.  To truly let go you flow with the undulating, breathtaking pulsating light of creative and passive emanation.  Truly letting go allows you to witness yourself as the receiver and transmitter.  Truly letting go allows the grander aspect of self to take the helm and to guide you to safe harbour.

By letting go each and every one of you have the opportunity to be lifted up into the divine light of your true self. Your true self is your place of neutrality.  It is the calm in the chaos, the inner wisdom you draw upon through intense situations, the stress less mentality, and the detachment from drama.

Are you ready to truly let go?

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