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We come to you this day to share with you a message about hope.  There are many of you that go through trials and tribulations and without hope you find them to be such that you feel you may never get through these trials and tribulations.  Dear ones, hope is in and of itself a version of love so grand that it has not fully been understood.  What exactly is it that one hopes for?  One may hope for a better situation, a better outcome, a more loving relationship.  One may even hope that there is some presence bigger that can assist them with their daily lives.  This presence you feel is bigger is of course yourself and the Creator of all that is.  There is a presence within you that is much bigger than you can imagine yourself to be.  This presence is the Divine you.  It is your Divine I Am presence and this is in and of itself an expression of the love and light of the Creator of all that is.  So this hope that you hold within you is the knowing that you are in fact bigger than you thought you were and that you are a part of the love and light of The One.

Hope will guide you to the places you need to be.  Hope will nurture you and hold you in its arms.  Hope is you, dear ones, and you are able to guide yourself to be in the moment you need to be at precisely the right time.  We do not choose to say there is a right or wrong time.  We refer to ‘right’ as the appropriate time in this sense.  We also do not refer to time from our perspective for there is no time, it is so that one can perceive on a linear perspective that you are exactly where you need to be when you need to be there.

We ask that you look within to find the hope you require.  Hope is always with you and you will find it every time you look within.  How often have we mentioned to you that you are far grander than what you perceive yourself to be?  You are so much more than the limited perspective you have created of yourself.  You, the higher aspect of you, is waiting patiently for you to acknowledge this and to begin to live your daily lives in full realisation of this.  These days are coming and it will not be too far in the future that you will all be walking upon the earth in the knowing of who you truly are.  We are moving into this next phase with you and there are many that are already awakening to the fact they are so much more.  There are many that are realising, and having glimpses of, their multi-dimensional selves.  You are multi-dimensional beings, dear ones, and you do not have only one expression of the self, which you believe is the one upon the earth.  There are many expressions of the self and many of you are coming into full realisation of this.  When one is able to get themselves to a place of acceptance of this one will be amazed at what will present itself.

It is a difficult concept for many of you to understand that you are vaster than you thought you were or than you were led to believe.  We ask that you place all preconceived ideas of who you think you are down and allow the truth of your being to shine through.  For aeons and aeons you have lived behind a veil of illusion and this veil served you.  It is now time to step out from behind this veil to allow the truth of the self to be revealed to you.  This can be frightening to some, however, we ask that you understand that should you choose and intend to step out from behind the veil you will be given only what you are able to comprehend and cope with at any given moment.  It is not that you will be overwhelmed, however, we do say to you that if one is unable to receive love unconditionally then one may feel filled of love, giving the impression of being overwhelmed.  It is love that will fill your beings and it is the love you have for you and the love the creator has for you that you will feel.  Do not fear this as this is your birthright.  Claim this now, dear ones and you will be in awe of the truth of who you are.

We hope that you choose to, and give intent, to realise the truth of who you are.  When this is given it will open many divine doorways for you.  You always have free choice as to whether or not to step through these doorways, however, we say to you that you will be guided by the greatest guide you will ever have and that is you.  We are always with you and will not interfere unless we have been given permission to do so.  Should you ask for our help know that we will have our arms open to assist you in any way we can.

Again you have free choice and should you choose not to receive our help we ask that you know that we are always with you hoping and waiting that moment may come.  You are not judged for this and you are loved regardless of your choices.  We thank you for allowing us the opportunity to be with you and share in these times of great change with you.

We open our arms to you to hold you in our loving embrace as we shower you with grace.

And so it is…..  Namaste.

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