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The higher dimensions of light are available to all. The higher dimensions are not outside of you, they are within.  All that you are, all that you could ever be is within you.  All that you desire is already within.  There is a lifetime of choices that have led you to be here in this moment reading these words.  The choices you have made are neither right nor wrong.  The choices you make offer a unique opportunity for expression through the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies of your being.  That said, not all experiences are enjoyable.  Some would believe that not all experiences are due to choices made and deemed your responsibility.  Your reaction to, your state of mind about, and your acceptance of an external circumstance or situation will be determined by your belief structure.  Do you see yourself as a victim to the external circumstances and situations?  Indeed to some this would seem so.  How you react to, what you think about and your acceptance, or non-acceptance, of the circumstance or situation you find yourself in is indeed your responsibility. Not all are going to want to recognise this as truth and of course it may not be your truth.  If however you choose to recognise, accept and learn how to react to, think about and process a circumstance and/or situation as your responsibility you will be stepping upon your path of self-mastery.  Self-mastery is an opportunity to recognise the sovereign divinity within you.  You are all sovereign beings of divine light and love, expressing through a unified field of light here on Earth, or shall we say New Earth, Gaia.

It is hard to grasp the complexity of what is occurring in regards to the light emanations you are receiving. Many are feeling the stirrings within of knowing that something draws nearer.  This something is encoded in your DNA and through the cosmic photonic light it is being illuminated.  That which has been in the dark, or shall we say shadows, is being brought into the light.  All of the shadow aspects of self, the inner turmoil, the pain, trauma, belief structures that do not align with divine love and light are being illuminated for you to see them for what they are.  The belief structures and self-imposed limitations have prevented your from allowing yourself to come out from your hiding place to shine brightly for all to see.  Your fears and doubts have limited you but now it is time to recognise the divinity that lies within.

You are all experiencing an extreme passage of light, an encoded activation and DNA upgrade and it is having a multitude of effects upon your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Some are moving through this effulgent light activation with ease and some are not.  It matters not how you are moving through it, it matters only your reaction to it, your thoughts about it and your acceptance or non-acceptance of it.  The choice is yours.  Give yourself permission to open to receive more of this divinely encoded light to assist in awakening the memories within your DNA.  Be open to receive more of yourself.  Allow yourself, by giving intent, to integrate these new light filaments with ease and you shall find that your flight through this passage will be affluent.  You will be able to walk boldly into the light from your hiding place in the shadows.

There is richness in this transition period and you will receive a wealth of love. There is no greater reward.  Love is the most potent, the most valuable element upon the planet, within the galaxy and universe.  Love can and will create circumstances and situations that will mirror such beauty and joy that can be shared by all.  There will come a time when you will each lovingly choose to take responsibility for sharing as much of this elemental love/light knowing that it will be returned to you ten-fold.  This will then be received, accepted and shared by others, expanding from within to without, creating a unified field of love/light.  This is the new light, the new light of unified consciousness, the Christ Consciousness.  We smile with excitement at what is available to all of humanity.  Walking upon the planet as a fully integrated sovereign being is where you are all headed.  Step out from behind the shadows and let the light awaken the divine HUman within, the sovereign divinity that is your true self.


Take a moment to sit in a peaceful and relaxing position. Allow yourself to be open to receive a living light encoded transmission and take three big deep breaths.  Imagine you feel the sensation of dropping deep within your heart space to the sacred heart complex and sit within your sacred heart space.  Sense your sacred heart illuminating all of your being.  Imagine your sacred heart space has just turned on a spotlight and the spotlight is so bright you turn your vision away from it until your eyes adjust to the vividness of this light.  When you feel it is ok to turn to the light do so and allow your vision to adjust again.  Stare into this light and as you do you will begin to see it shimmering like a mirage in the desert.  This light is a pearlescent light filled with the subtle hues of pastel colours unlike you have ever seen before.   Let this shimmering light dance and play across your imagination as a visual light display, much like that of the Aurora Borealis.  These pastel colours seem to take you deep into their light spectrum.

Floating within these hues and tones of these pastel light spectrums are sacred patterns, formulations and algorithmic hieroglyphs. Each of these sacred patterns, formulations and hieroglyphs are unique to you and they represent keys that will unlock the divinity within you.  They float around as holographs of light, sparkling and shimmering, in a synchronised waltz to celestial tones and harmonies.  Synchronise with these tones and allow your body to sway and feel the electromagnetic waves of harmonics wash over you.  Imagine you walk over to stand before the sacred patterns, formulations and hieroglyphs and marvel at their beauty.


Now step through them, taking them into your body. When they enter into your body feel them trigger codes that lie deep within your DNA that initiate an invigorating sensation in your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.  Feel them healing the densely held trauma and pain in your physical body.

Now imagine the subtle emotional energy body and feel them healing the trauma held there. Allow any trauma or pain held in the emotional body to be brought out from the shadows.  Let the emotional pain and trauma to flow through you bringing your emotions into balance by waltzing with them to the celestial harmonies of your divinity.

When you have balanced these emotions give intent for the mental subtle energy body to be washed clean. Waltz with any shadow aspects held within the mental body that may arise.  Bring them into balance and allow yourself to freely move with the tones and harmonies.

Your spiritual subtle energy body is ready to waltz away any pain and trauma now. Waltz with these shadow aspects until your feel them being balanced and integrated.  Remain within this moment until you feel as though you are floating.

Float freely amongst this encoded love/light and allow the pastel light filaments to wash your whole body system clean invigorating your body, heart, mind and spirit. Allow the vibration of this cleansing invigorating light to intensify from within bringing to the surface any residual shadows that may be hiding there.  Step through more of the sacred patterns, formulations and hieroglyphs to bathe you and invigorate you until you feel free, free in your divinity.

Remain within your sacred heart space until you are ready to return to the here and now. When you are finished take three more deep breaths and smile in the knowing that you have done some profound healing for your entire being.  Give gratitude to yourself for taking the responsibility for creating this situation and circumstance of healing.


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You are loved and enlightened. You are taking responsibility for your own self-mastery and for that you are to be congratulated for what you do unto you, you do unto all. As you begin to recognise the divinity within self you will begin to recognise the divinity within all others.  When you begin to see yourself as love/light you will begin to share more love/light.  The more love/light that is shared the more it unifies all hearts.  The more hearts that are unified the more light that shines brightly upon the planet.  This light is a crystalline field of light; it is the light of Christos, the Christed light, the Christ Consciousness, and the Kryst.  This new you constructs new pathways of unity consciousness.  This is the new age, the way of the masters that will walk upon the New Earth, Gaia.

You are all here to shine the light upon, within and for Gaia. Take responsibility for self-mastery and the light from within will assist in raising the vibrational frequency of the planet into a new octave of light.  Step out from the shadows and allow your light to shine.  And so it is…


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