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Divinity lies within.  For aeons of time this has been hidden from humanity.  The concept alone is too vast for some to understand.  It is also so vast that some fear this.  Many of you upon the planet are awakening to the fact that they know that there is so much more to them.  More??  More is expansive, more is in itself, vast.  What is the more we feel within?  It is the spark of the Supreme Oneness, the Supreme Creator of all that is.

This feeling of ‘more’ niggles away at you.  It gently taps upon your shoulder until you are ready to heed its call.  When you finally acknowledge and accept that that something more is already within you and you cease your search outside of yourselves, you realise.   Realisation is the workings of your higher aspect of yourself.  The Divine I Am within you already knows you are Divine.  It places in front of you little snippets that allow you to take notice.  These little snippets are the signs and symbols you are to notice.  If you choose not to notice these in this current life experience you will have the opportunity to do so in the next.

Allow the higher aspect of yourself to broaden your horizon of knowledge, wisdom and love.  Allow it to bring to you the synchronistic events that enable you to be in the right place at the right time, and meeting the right people that will enhance your understanding.  You are as a diamond and currently you may be within one facet of the diamond, your diamond.  As you grow in understanding and awareness it may be that you are working from many facets of your diamond at one time.  It may be that as you let go of those frequencies that have kept you in the lower facets of your diamond you move to higher facets and spread across many more.  This diamond, your diamond, grows ever brighter and sparkles with such clarity.  Imagine the beauty of this when more and more of these facets are ignited and the beautiful rainbow prisms alight from within in full spectrum.  What a sight to behold.

Your beauty, which you have not noticed, is magnificent.  It is time now for all to see not only the beauty within and of themselves, but also to see this within and of another.  This beauty is not skin deep.  This beauty is within the core of your being.  For aeons of time it has been the perception that beauty is what is seen on a 3 dimensional level.  There is much judgement upon another for the way one appears, the way one dresses and for the choices one makes.  This judgement that is placed upon another comes from the deep seated judgement you have for yourself.  It is time to release this judgement and see the beautiful, divine prisms of light that you are.

It can be difficult to be a woman upon this Earth in these times?  There seems to be so much pressure to be appealing to those that claim they are in the know.  To be appealing, on the outside, to the masses.  The media is enforcing upon you all that you must appear this way or you cannot work in this industry.  You must appear this way or you will not be accepted here or there.  You must appear this way to earn the love of others.  It is sad to see that many believe this.  Many choose to change the exterior without choosing to change the interior.

It is like an old broken down vehicle that sits idle and not working for many years.  Along you come and decide to strip it back and give it a new paint job.  Fix up the little dings it has in its bumper.  Add a few pieces of bling and you have a beautiful looking vehicle (on the outside).  However, when you decide to get in the vehicle and start it up the engine, the insides, do not work.  The car will remain idle in the same position until the inside, the engine, is cleansed and recalibrated.  Look within, under the hood, and see what needs to be addressed.  It may be that the fuel line, the lifeline to its energy supply, is disconnected.  It may be that this little adjustment, the connection of the fuel line is all that is needed to get it purring again.  There may be other things under the hood that need addressing.  If that is so, be patient and take one thing at a time for the process will be worth it in the end.  You will be riding around in a vehicle that others will notice, not because of the bling, because of the purring within, the perfection that lies under the hood.

The vehicle is a balance between the masculine and feminine.  You have the vehicle which is most prominent in what you call the ‘man’s world’.  You also have the bling which is important in the ‘woman’s world’, however, without the melding of the two, without the essential workings from within, the vehicle would not serve the purpose it was designed for.

Bring into balance the masculine and feminine aspects of yourself.  Bring into balance these aspects and the Divine you will purr from within.  You are all moving into these higher frequencies that are so strong now upon the planet.  You are all raising your vibration in alignment with these energies.  You can deny them if you chose to, and that is fine, for you have the free choice to do so, however, you do not want to be the one lying idle upon the front lawn with the weeds growing around you wheels.  Wouldn’t it be a much wilder ride to purr along the freeway with not a care in the world.  Balance is the key to this, balance in all areas of your life, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Imagine the many that will want to go along for the ride with you for they know and realise that it is the purring within you that they see, that they want, and not the little bits of bling on the outside.  Oh, one can add that if one chooses to but it is the completeness within, the beauty within,that one will feel is more important.

How very blessed we all are to be in these higher vibrations now.  Your spiritual friends and companions are here to assist you to look under the hood.  Even if you know nothing about the workings of the vehicle and what lies under the hood they will assist you by placing you in the right place at the right time.  And they will also assist you in bringing those that can assist you in these understanding and workings.  Not many are aware of how simple it is to reconnect that fuel line, to reconnect to the Source of your engine, the Diamond that you are, the energy of the Divinity that you are.  We can assist with this if you allow it.

It may be a little mind boggling at first to look under the hood and see the cobwebs, see the built up dirt and grime.  Where does one start?  One starts by starting.  That is all it takes.  You will be surprised at how quickly you are able to clear up and clean the grime from the workings within, the workings under the hood.  These energies that are available to all of humanity are giving you the opportunity to do the cleansing, the clearing out, as quickly as is appropriate for you.  Your Divine Diamond is always at its sparkling best.  It never gets muck upon it.  It glistens at all times and so too will the engine, the workings under the hood.

Look to the simplicity of this analogy and it will allow you to feel more at ease with where to start, how to start to strip away that which you wish to change.  You have help at all times.  Be aware that synchronicity plays a big part in the when of how things happen.  Spirit knows no time.  It is not that this will take one week, one month, one year or even ten years.  Time is not based upon what the 3D linear mind perceives as time, rather a confluence of energies around the synchronistic events that happen in your life.  These synchronistic events occur so that you can magnetise to you what you need, when you need it.  Trust in the workings of these synchronistic events and know that the higher facets of yourself are helping you with this.

You are loved beyond measure.  You are never alone and you have so much support with you at all times.  The energies are enabling many to see, to feel, to know that they have a multitude of support systems around them.  They can see and feel their spiritual friends, teachers and guides.  Be not afraid to listen to them if you have been brought before them.  Synchronistically you are in the right place at the right time.  Choose for yourself to allow yourself to receive the message that lies within these events.  You are not judged for your choice, you are loved.

And so it is.



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