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Universally there is a movement occurring that is affecting the planet. This movement is energetic, it is consciousness expansion.  There is a light that is increasing in intensity and it rolls as a wave throughout the universal structure.  This light wave is carrying with it the keys, codes and triggers for enlightenment in every pocket and space, and space between, within the universal structure.  Mother’s love, in its entirety, is affecting all within the pathway of this wave and to say this wave represents love would be truth.  There is only love.  Many have not understood the meaning of ‘there is only love’.  That which is created out of love is in itself love.  It can be no other way for love creates love, love shares love, love transmits and receives love.

As a planetary system within this local universal structure you will be affected by the intensity of this energetic wave, this transference of love. Some of you will feel it, know that it is occurring, see it or sense it in some way/wave and be open to receive it.  Some of you will not sense it however as it is encoded within your DNA to receive it you will indeed open to receive it either consciously or subconsciously.  Some of you may indeed choose to deny it altogether.  There is no right or wrong, there is only love.  You may wonder about the conditional love being love.  It is love with conditions and a concept that humanity has chosen to explore within the duality configuration.  This love, although it is conditional love, comes from a human being that was created in, through and out of love.  There is still the spark of divine unconditional love within all.

As the energetic wave of love pulsates throughout the universe all are affected to some extent. The love granted to humanity enables them to understand love, to grasp more love and to recognise what it means to love the self.  For many eons humanity has been educated to believe that loving the self is narcissistic, self-indulged, selfish, and wrong.  We do not speak of conditional love generated by ego influences.  We speak of loving the self, the true self, for indeed the true self loves you.  The higher aspect of self wants you to fall in love with the divine being of love and light that you are and in order to do that it would be advisable to address what prevents you from doing so.

There are many societal beliefs, religious beliefs, ancestral beliefs and self-imposed limitations you can hold onto that prevent you from accepting the love that the true self, the higher aspect of self, wishes to share with you. This universal wave of love and light energy is creating a frequency of shift within that will bring to the surface that which you have held within your DNA as a block that prevents you from receiving this love.  Allow the light to reveal to you that which you would like to let go of, to release, to balance and to integrate.  Give yourself permission to receive love, unconditionally.

personal-2923048_640Look into a mirror and be honest with yourself. What do you see?  Who do you see?  Can you love the reflection that looks back at you?  You may indeed love the look of your outer self, however, we ask you to look deep within your eyes.  Focus upon your eyes and allow yourself to let go.  Imagine you are falling deep into your eyes, as though the eyes are the window to your soul.  Fall deep within your eyes and imagine you are floating in a liquid pool of unconditional love.  This pool of love is so deep it feels fathomless.  In fact it is so deep with, of and in love that you cannot see the bottom.  How does this make you feel?  Do you sense fear rising within?  What is this fear?  Do you fear the depth of love your higher self wishes to share with you?  Do you fear the change this love may create within you?  Do you fear what others may say about you when they recognise the change within you?  Are you comfortable enough to float within this love and allow the love to permeate every cell, every atom, every subatomic particle and every space between?  Imagine that you are floating within this love so fathomless that it fills you to the brim and when it does you notice the fears, the stresses, worries, concerns etc. being pushed out through you into the pool of love to be transformed into love.  Imagine that you absorb this transformed love and integrate it within. Lie within this pool as long as you like.  Use this as a meditative tool to take you out of the sympathetic nervous system, the flight or fight mode, into the parasympathetic nervous system of rest, relaxation and peace.  Use this tool anytime you choose to so that you can literally love your stresses, worries, concerns, fears, doubts, angers, frustrations, regrets, jealousies, hidden agendas and conditional love into balance and integration.  Love yourself free.  Free yourself into love.  When you have finished floating in this pool of love and integrating and balancing imagine you come back out through your eyes and imagine yourself standing in front of the mirror.  Look at yourself after this exercise, look deeply within your eyes, and sense if you feel any different to how you felt before floating in love.  Do you feel more peaceful?  Do you feel calmer?  Do you feel a little bit happier with yourself for taking a moment to spend with yourself, to love yourself free?

Worries, concerns, doubts, fears, angers, frustrations, regrets, resentments, jealousies are all contributors to the stress levels held within. Stress puts your body into the flight fight, sympathetic nervous system response.  If you can do this simple exercise once a day you will notice a big difference in how you approach your day.  The differences may be subtle at first however we say to you that they will have an impact not only upon the self but also upon all loved ones around you.  Relationships will change because of the energetic geometries your light body field displays.  This techno-light display within your light body will attract the resonant frequencies within other people’s light bodies and because of this match it will create more harmonious relationships.  These relationships will not only be within the family unit they will be within the work place and with any other interaction you have with any others.  Love is love, love attracts love, love shares love, and in truth there is only love.

Can you imagine a world in which stress, worries, concerns, fears, doubts, etc. are integrated in and through love? There would be no more fighting within your relationships whether they are with your partner, your children, your family, your work mates, etc.  There would be no more war.  Imagine how the world would change when the billions of dollars spent on warfare could be spent elsewhere.  Imagine how countries could love their neighbours and there could be amicable resolutions to situations rather than missile launches.  When you choose transformation then the world will transform.  When humanity consciously chooses to roll with the universal wave of love and light that is flowing in through and around you the butterfly in you emerges.


Loving the self does not mean you have tickets on yourself. Loving the self means you are loving all that you are, on all levels, and loving all and everything.  Love connects all, it is what the very crystalline grid of the earth was created in, through and of.  When you practice this exercise you are connecting more with the planetary crystalline grid of love and light and that is increasing the light quotient upon the planet.  This light is measurable and scientists have noticed an increase in the light that emanates from Gaia.  She is becoming more radiant because many of you are choosing to take the time out to drop deep within this pool of love.  When you do this for yourself with the conscious belief that you are helping the relationships you have with others, which in turn helps others, that you are helping the entire planet then you step into the role of being a planetary teacher.  You are teaching others how to be love.  You do not need to say anything to anyone to be a teacher for a teacher can just lead by example.  By being more attuned to love, to being able to share love unconditionally you are leading by example.  By choosing to do this consciously you then become polarised in favour of ‘service to others’ rather than ‘power over others’.  This creates more light upon the planet and the harmonious frequency of the planet changes.  The Schumann resonance has been increasing and scientists are baffled as to why.  We tell you that it is because of the love and the light that you hold within and share with all.  When you are consciously aware of this you can see how you step into the shoes of the alchemist.  You can alter physics which not only impacts Gaia it affects the whole universal structure.

By understanding this and cognitively processing this message today you consciously choose transformation. Transformation from one thing to another, from one system to another, from one energetic to another is alchemy.  You are all alchemists.  Consciously choose to be the alchemist.  Love the alchemist within.  And so it is…


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