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We have come to a crossroads upon the planet.   These crossroads are not a pathway, nor are they the junction at the end of a roadway, they are the energetic ley lines; the electromagnetic grid architecture of the planet.  As we walk upon the planet we are aligned with this electromagnetic grid system and this architecture has an effect on our energy field and our energy centres/chakra’s similar to the push pull energy of magnets.


For those that are sensitive to energies you may have recognised that there are moments when you feel intense sadness or despair and disconnect and not even know why.  It may be that you are connecting with this planetary architecture and picking up on old energy imprints of past wars, bloodshed, hatred, sadness, futility, control mechanisms, and collective consciousness constructs of a lower vibrational frequency.


We are moving into an heightened energy upon the planet, within the planetary architecture, and it is much easier to feel the amplified and enlightened energy of beauty, love, joy, peace, happiness and contentment, and higher vibrational patterns of light.



Due to polarity within the architecture both energetic frequencies of lower vibrational construct and higher vibrational construct co-exist within the planetary field.  This polarity construct has provided the means for separation, for duality to assist with the experience we have as we walk upon the surface of the earth.


Within this grid architecture there are ley lines that intersect.  Within these intersecting points, these junction points, there is a vortex of synergy taking place.  This vortex of synergy is a neutral zone, the amalgamation zone, the space within the spectrum that is not of duality.  Within this field of neutrality the conscious choice to witness the planetary architecture and the interplay of energy can be made.  The conscious choice can also be made to identify with or connect and attach to either polarising force, the old energetics of sadness, despair, disconnection etc. or the new heightened energetics of love, joy, peace, harmony and unity.


If we can hold that space of neutrality, stand as a witness to what we are feeling, picking up on, experiencing, we can make a conscious choice as to what energy we wish to engage in.  Whatever we engage in we fuel, we add momentum to, and heighten even more.  This is the junction in the crossroads; what energy do you choose to engage in?


How do we wish to see earth, to see Gaia?


Do we wish to see her as evolving into a beautiful planetary system of light, unified love, joy, peace and harmony?



Or do we wish to continue to walk upon the energy heavy in the chaotic energies of the old constructs of sadness, despair, hate etc.?


Our physical bodies have an electromagnetic field around it, a toroidal field, and are always connected to the electromagnetic grid/field of Gaia.  Just as the earth/Gaia has the polarity construct of lower vibrational, or higher vibrational energies so too does our physical body and within this field we hold old patterns, belief structures etc. that keep us limited, or that restrict us that create an energetic soup of sadness, despair, anger, hatred etc.  We also hold the patterns that allow us to expand, grow, learn that create an enlightened energetic soup of happiness, joy, peace, bliss and love.


Step into the junction points of vortexial energies, the toroidal field energies of your own energetic body/bodies and choose what it is you would like to feel.  It can be as simple as that.


Do you wish to feel happy, peaceful, energised, and lighter?


Do you choose to feel sad, weighed down, angry and heavy?


The universal law of free will enables us to make a choice regardless of what that choice is, and regardless of what choice another makes.  Stepping into the neutral zone, that amalgamation point, allows us to step back and witness another’s choices without judgement.


Our electromagnetic fields are always connected to Earth/Gaia and if we choose to step into the heightened energies of love, joy, peace, harmony and unity we immediately lift the energy upon the planet.  And as more and more of us choose to step into this heightened energy of love, light, unity, the more Gaia will provide love, light, unity.  It is reciprocal and one cannot happen without the other.  This is a unified field and as we all choose to walk within this energetic construct of unified love and light, this unity consciousness, the planetary architecture will be heightened and shared by all.


Do you wish to share in this unified field of love, light, happiness and bliss?


I do.