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We welcome you today to take up the challenge of experiencing each day as a day full of surprises; of wonder, joy and miracles. How often are you able to wake up to a new dawn and give yourself permission to experience joyful wonder and miracles?  How can you adapt to that which occurs throughout your day and to see it as though you are experiencing miracles?  It is difficult to do so when weighed down with stress, worries, concerns, regrets, frustrations and other baggage.  Through your thoughts, what you give intent/consent for is what you create.  Are you able to adapt to your external stimuli, circumstances and situations and give intent to see each as a wonderful opportunity for growth and expansion?  To adapt is like acclimatising to different weather conditions.

You have your winter’s day and from where you are located on the globe you may or may not get snow even in the coldest of your winter days. Although you may not get snow you still feel the cold and you are not as acclimatised to the winter as you are to the summer.  Your summers may get hot, very hot; however there are other places that get hotter.  You would acclimatise to the weather conditions depending upon where you live.  If one lived in the desert and then decided to live in Alaska they would find it extremely difficult to adapt.

We speak of adaptation. Adaptation to the new light is going to be like one that has gone from the desert to Alaska for those that are entrenched in the denseness of the third dimension.  The thickness of the energy, the heaviness of what they carry will make it difficult to adapt to the light.  If one has done the work in clearing and emptying out their baggage then they will find it quite easy to adapt.  The amount of light one is able to anchor within the physical vessel is determined by the amount of space, the amount of lightness within.


We would like to bring your attention to an image of a Ferris wheel. This wheel spins around slowly allowing one to take in the view whilst enjoying the sensation of a ride.  The ride itself is repetitive as it goes round and round at the same speed, seemingly without variation.  The view may be spectacular however it is only viewed for a short while and only from as the carriages reach the peak height.  The carriages will descend and you lose the vantage point to witness the spectacular views.  It is not until the next rotation and the carriage arrives at the top that you can enjoy the greatest view.  This very repetitive motion becomes a little mundane and it is not long before one decides they have had enough of that ride and they look for another ride to satisfy their whims.

Life is like the Ferris wheel in many respects. One can be in a marriage and find that they enjoy the closeness of sitting with each other, much like sitting together on the ride.  They enjoy the sensation of the forward, upward motion of their marriage, and they get to experience the wonderful views along the way.  They will have ups and downs throughout their marriage and they will endure the hardships along the way.  As their marriage goes up and down some may find that they become a little tired of the “same old, same old”.

One can be in a career and find that initially they have enjoyed the ride. They work hard and at the beginning they enjoyed going to work.  There are ups and downs in the work environment and it is not long before they get bored with the job and look for something else.

It is not long before they are looking for another ride to satisfy them, regardless of what that ride may be. Some may choose to look for the fast pace of a slide, some may look for the thrill of the spin.  Some may even choose that they are content not to look for a ride at all but rather plod along happy to see the beauty around them.  Some seek that beauty from on high and choose to ride in a hot air balloon.  It matters not what ride one chooses, it matters how they receive the experience of it.

It is not what ride you choose to take, when you choose to take it and with whom you choose to take it that has the greatest affect.  What do have the greatest affect are the emotions you hold within in regards to the choices you make and the intent behind those choices.  Is the choice made from a loving, caring, kind and compassionate heart or a heart that holds pain, sadness, bitterness and hatred?  What regrets, guilt, shame, fears and doubts do you hold within, for taking this ride, or that ride, over here or over there, with this person or that person.  Are the emotions of regret, guilt, shame, fear and doubt going to limit you in any way?  Are you able to change rides without holding onto these emotions and to experience the new ride with enthusiasm, love, joy and wonder?

Every emotion has a vibrational frequency unique to it. The energetics of the emotion held within your body is unique to you and the effect this has upon your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and etheric bodies can be quite harmful in respect to peace and balance within.

What does the ‘energetics of the emotion’ mean? Let us give you an analogy.  There are twelve participants in a cooking competition.  They are housed within a tent and have been given a technical challenge to complete.  They are all given the same ingredients, the same utensils to use, and the same time frame in which to finish the challenge.  No two finished bakes will be the same.  The energetics of, the combinations of the energy of the baker along with the ingredients within the time/space model, will be different and unique to each of the bakers.

When you hold an emotion in your body it will be different to how another holds that emotion in their body. It will be different due to the energetics already within the person.  We refer to the energetics as the combination of all energy including self-acceptance, self-love, self-hatred, self-loathing, worthiness or unworthiness.  If one feels they are worthy then the emotions of fear, shame, guilt and doubt will not have as much of an effect upon their physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and etheric bodies as it would if one felt they were unworthy.  So it is the unique blend of energetics that will have varying degrees of effect upon the bodies.

Again we say it matters not what ride one chooses to move onto, it matters what emotional state one is in when one gives the intent to take the new ride and what emotions are held within the body for making that choice and following through on it. Making a choice and following through on that decision can in itself hold a different blend of energetics.

You are all about to embark on a new experience and have a new ride. This new ride is not to do with your marriage or career.  This new ride is like coming off the Ferris wheel and moving into a new ride altogether.  Although the Ferris wheel offered you an opportunity to witness the wonder and beauty of an expanded horizon and spectacular views this new ride will offer an even greater expansive vantage point.  You will be able to see so much more than what you have previously been privy to.


Again we say to you that what you give intent/consent for is what you shall create. Some may choose their new ride to be in a hot air balloon.  It is a much slower paced ride however it takes one up much higher and offers a more expanded horizon.  One can see for miles and miles.  One may even see beyond the borders and into other countries.  What wonder and joy; a miracle to say the least.

Some may choose their new ride in a spacecraft, offering great speed and the opportunity to see from the vantage point of outer space. The ride itself is only as good as the emotional attachment made to it by the person experiencing it.  What ride do you choose to take?  And how do you choose to experience your ride?

There is an intervention taking place and that is going to create an energy that will uplift all of humanity. This energy is rainbow crystalline liquid plasma light.  It is what can be termed as the new ride that all of humanity can experience if they choose to.  This intervention will enable more and more people to awaken.  This energy will create an energetic expansion of consciousness.  As such there will be many changes within and without.  It is an upheaval of sorts and although it sounds dramatic it is not.  It is only dramatic if one buys into the drama.  Attaching to drama is seems to be a normal experience for humanity.  There are shows upon shows, movies upon movies, in your television/movie industry that pull you into the drama.  There are even shows that watch the dramatic actions of those that are watching the movies/shows.  These are created around drama and to ensure that humanity relate to this drama as normal so that the continuation of the drama occurs.  There are energetic geometric matches that are magnetised to a person that sits within and expresses drama.  This is like a feedback loop that perpetuates the drama and ensures it continues.  This then can propagate more drama, like a snowball rolling down the hill that gathers more and more snow; this drama can then create destruction in its path.

Whilst one is ensnared in the trappings of drama it is very common to place the blame on others for the dramatic situations they find themselves in. This external blame game ensures one identifies with being a victim, preserving the victim/victimiser/perpetrator archetype.  Caught in the web of victim/victimiser, and “oh poor me” programming prevents one from recognising their true identity as a divine being of light and love.  It is this programming web/net/matrix that prevents the recognition of the truth within.  It is important now to recognise when you are being caught in this web of drama and to step back, take the observer/compassionate witness viewpoint and allow those that choose to play their dramatic roles to do so without placing judgement.

This intervention, the new ride, the new light, is available to all, however, some may find that they are unable to get on the new ride when they choose to. Only when one is free of excess baggage and aligned with their own unique energy of divine timing will they be able to step on board the new ride.  There is the divine timing aspect to everything and it is time, for those that give intent for it, to be aligned.


One is always aligned to a certain degree, however we shall use the analogy of being upon the water in a sail boat to assist with the explanation of this.  As you sit in the sail boat the winds may take you off course a little; you are aligned with the general direction of north, however the winds have taken you away from the exact longitudinal and latitudinal co-ordinates.  When you are fully aligned you are in direct alignment with north and with the correct longitudinal and latitudinal coordinates.  You know that you need to keep continuing along the direction of north, knowing that at times you may be pulled a little from the exact coordinates.  That is ok because you have the necessary tools and equipment to steer you back on course.

Your alignment is pulling you into the direct orientation of the co-ordinates necessary for you to reach maintain your northward, or shall we say upward, course. This is metaphor for your process of ascension into the new light.  The journey is never ending and always expanding.  You are all being magnetically drawn to the correct co-ordinates and with intent you can be metaphorically locked into these co-ordinates so that your vessel does not keep veering off course, regardless of the weather conditions (external circumstances/situations) around you.

The captain of the vessel is your multidimensional self and when you hand over the wheel/rudder to your new captain you can sit back and enjoy the ride.

You are all entitled to be the captain of your vessel. You are all entitled to decide what ride you choose to take.  You are all entitled to create.  Be consciously aware of what you choose to create and create it from a place of wonder, joy and love.  Adapt to the energetics around you and recognise the miracle in the new ride of your life.  And so it is…


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