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Although many are feeling as though all the work they have been doing has done nothing or made no difference.  This is not the case.  The elevation of spirits is high.  It is a mighty feat to have achieved what you have all achieved.  For that you should be proud, very proud.  We ask that you continue with the wonderful light work that you are doing, whether it be grounding, counselling, healing, light gridding etc.  You are all doing so much more than you are able to tangibly see.

Many have chosen for this time to experience the process all of humanity is experiencing from on high.  It is that they have chosen not to be upon the Earth plane at the time so they may move into the roles they have chosen to play to assist humanity in their evolution.  We are to commend these dear souls for their choice to assist on another level and we thank them for the service they do.  Many have chosen this role and there will be many more also that may choose to assist from another level.  With love we give you all of our support in your chosen path.

It would seem that those that have chosen to be upon the planet at this time are understanding what they are doing, why they are here.  That is not always the case.  There is much confusion among many of you and this confusion stems from the lack of remembrance of their chosen pathway.  We ask that you please assist those that are beginning to awaken as they may feeling much incoherence, confusion and even chaos within.  Assist them in the understanding of that which is happening in regard to the changing vibrational frequencies.  Assist them in the changes that are taking place within the cellular structure.  Assist them with the changes they may be seeing in their physical self, in their home family unit, in their career.  Lend them an ear so they may release some of their worries or concerns.

Be ever more patient and tolerant of those that seem to bumbling through.  Bring much love and support to them for they need it dear ones.  Much is changing and it is changing rapidly.  You will be elevated to a level never before experienced upon Earth.  Wonderful times are ahead for you all and balance is the key to allowing this to unfold without dis-ease.  Bring yourself into balance.  Align your mental, physical, emotional and etheric bodies. Ground into your higher dimensional self and Gaia.  Bring yourself into alignment with your Divine I AM and ask that recalibration occur with ease and Grace.

There is much love being rained down upon you all from Mother Father God, from the Supreme Oneness.  This is being felt by all, to some degree.  This love is so complete and absolute that one may have feelings of erratic emotions.  Crying one minute, happy the next seems the norm of late.  Crying for no reason, feelings of emptiness, these are all feelings associated with integration of the new higher harmonies of light.  Should you find yourself in a state of emotional distress, recognise that it is the adaption to the influx of love, of wholeness.

Bring into balance these emotional ups and downs and feel the changes that have occurred.  You will begin to realise that the little things don’t matter anymore.  You will begin to realise that the grass is not always greener on the other side.  You will begin to realise that the emptiness you have been feeling is filling with love, filling with purpose.  To know yourself, to truly know yourself, is a blessing.  We cannot describe to you the feelings you will have when the union of you with you takes place.  We are unable to give you this in 3 dimensional, linear terms.  No words in your language can describe it.  It is a coming home, dear ones, a coming home to family.  And when this occurs there will be much rejoicing.

How much love is shared within the family unit when a member of the family reunites to celebrate a special occasion?  This love that you feel, this joy and adulation, is 100 times, 1000 times and more, greater.  It is all encompassing and it shall be.

Celebrate this, for the party has just begun.  Put smiles upon your faces as you experience unity.  Share the love you feel and allow this love.  Feel, share and allow this divine feminine, divine masculine all-encompassing love.



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