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You are all of value to us.  We place value on all beings however our concept of value is not what is perceived on your level of understanding.  Value is a right; it is an inherent right to be sovereign free.  Value is a commodity of love.  Value is who you are.  Value is not what your monetary systems portray and it does not need to be weighed or measured.  Value does not mean that you are worthy or not worthy.  Value is not a price upon your head.  Value is your birth right and you are all valued.

All of you that have chosen to be a part of this ascension process and have chosen incarnation upon the Gaia are valued beyond measure. Your value, your worth, is priceless and it is now time to accept this.  For those of you that think you are unworthy and of no value to family, friends or society we ask you to lay down that burden that you have carried for far too long.  Value is not what humanity perceives it to be.  Many of you perceive that you will be judged for what you have or have not done.  Many perceive that by being judged you have sinned and for that you will be punished.  That is not the case.

The only one to judge you or to place value upon what you have or have not done is you. You evaluate the life choices you have made and you make choices to realign these choices in alignment with your truth.  For those that are consciously aware you will make these choices in alignment with your truth.  For those that are just beginning to awaken you will soon realise that you evaluate yourself and you make adjustments to the choices you make so that they align with the truth of who you are and not with that which society perceives you should be or should be doing.

Let us look at this understanding of what you perceive value to be. Let us say for a moment that you have a property and you choose to sell it.  It is common practice to have a valuation done on that property so you can determine where it sits within the current market.  This will then give you an indication of what price to sell that property.  This price is determined by what the current market has recently sold.  There may be special features that this property has however these may not even be considered due to the current economic climate.

Let us look now at the understanding that you may be a bounty hunter in days gone by. There are prices upon those that you seek and of course you seek those that have the highest prices upon them.  Please note that this is metaphor only.  The bounty hunter will do what is necessary to bring in the hunted, or the target, that has the highest price on his head because this has more value to him.  Who has put the price upon the targets head?  Those that are in power or perceived power have determined what price the target is worth.  He will get paid more for his time and efforts.  He will prioritise and choose those that have the highest price on their heads regardless of what it involves.  It may cause him great distress and discomfort to pursue this target however he continues on.  It may be that the target eludes him for many months as he is quite the magician and vanishes into thin air just as the hunter gets close.  The hunter has placed value upon the target regardless of what is involved and how much distress it causes.  When the target is captured and handed over to the authorities the hunter receives his reward.

These are two very different analogies however we use them so that you can see how the perception of value differs according to outside influence. We would like to look at another analogy and this is of the elderly lady that lives on the outskirts of a village.  She is a little different to those that live in the village and she has been excluded from their community because she is perceived to be a witch.  She has been labelled a witch, a crazy old lady, a demon and many more names.  She has an affiliation with the Earth and she spends her days caring for her gardens and searching the outlying forests for medicinal herbs.  She is a healer and shaman and shares her craft with whoever chooses to learn about it.  The herbs she retrieves from the outlying forest are prioritised and she places value on them regarding how they can assist with certain ailments.  She might place more value upon garlic as a remedy for the common cold than she would another herb because she knows that the garlic will offer the greatest results.  This is not to say she is not open to try new herbs and other cures.  She bases the value upon the results others have experienced.  Those within the village that have cast her out do not place value upon her at all.  Most of her clients come from villages far and wide.  You see she frightens those within her village as they do not understand her gifts.  It is not until one of the hierarchy in the village fall extremely ill and she tends to their declining health helping to restore health and vitality.  Due to the speedy recovery of that person the elderly lady has now been given value within the community.  The community begin to include her as she has something that they need.  The elderly lady chooses to remain a bit of a hermit in her hut however now she has village people knocking on her door day in and day out.

The value we speak of is divine value. You are valued beyond the perceptions of others.  You are valued beyond measure.  You are cherished and you are a treasure.  Without you playing your role in this ascension process the bigger picture would not be complete.  It would be like doing a jigsaw puzzle and finding out there is one piece missing from the centre of the picture.  You are valued from beyond the stars for the choice you made to be present upon the Earth throughout this ascension process affects not only the planet or the galaxy but the universe and beyond.  The universe values you so start to value yourselves.  Find the universe within for you are the centre of your own universe.  Find value of the universe within.  Without that central jigsaw piece the divine picture would not be revealed.

Your value is not what others perceive you to be worth it is what you perceive yourself to be worth. What you do and how you do it should be valued by you and not another.  Does what you do feel true to you?  Does what you do feel as though it is in alignment with your truth?  Does what you do and how you feel about yourself make you feel content and happy?  Does how you treat yourself make you feel fulfilled and loved?  Love yourself for the role you have chosen to play within this universal divine plan.  Love the you that you are and the you that you choose to become.  Be your own bounty hunter and prioritise what makes you feel content and happy and pleased with self.  Target those things, those attributes you value the most about yourself and when you find them share them with others.  Be kind and loving toward yourselves and you will find that your own self-worth will increase tenfold.

You are worthy and you are loved beyond measure. Know this and accept this then you can allow it to fill you with contentment, peace, joy, balance and sublime bliss.  And so it is…


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