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It is your birth right to claim your divinity. It is your birth right to be lifted into the higher octaves of your being.  When you consciously choose to do this and make a concerted effort to live in this way then you will be aligned with your higher octaves in the most appropriate way.  It may be that you need to clean out your closest so to speak; however you will be given the opportunity to inherit your birth right.

In order for humanity to understand the mechanics of divinity you have to be open to the fact that you are not alone. There are many now residing upon Earth that believe they have brothers and sisters from other places, higher places if you will, however, there are still those that fear the unknown.  Call them what you will, Galactic’s, Starseeds, ET’s etc.  Society has been educated that any being that comes from the stars is to be feared and so the majority remain fearful of any form of communication.  That is of course if they believe it possible to communicate in the first place.  There will be a coming moment that will change this for all of humanity.  It is important to remember that each and every one of you is entitled to your own truth and beliefs.  Tolerance of another’s truth and beliefs is what will prevent wars.  The Earth, Gaia, has suffered so much due to the intolerance, the xenophobia that has been a part of culture, of race, of creed.  What you do to each other you do to Gaia.

You have created abominable structures that are not coherent with her energies. The energies they were created from were of greed, lust for power and control.  These structures hold very strong energy within them.  You are familiar with how the consciousness of the person performing a test upon another can influence the outcome of the test.  These structures, these man-made time portals, buildings, waveband transmitters, receivers and broadcasters have a very intense effect upon the planet and the peoples, the animals and elementals.  The frequencies emitted by these man-made structures seep out to those in and around these structures and can often scramble their own wavebands or frequencies.  It is what we would like to term microelctrohaze.  The energies, the programmed energies, behind the designs and the development of these structures and devices are designed to indeed scramble your own energies, etheric fields and electromagnetic bodies, light bodies etc.  These manmade structures, devices etc. will indeed have a draining and debilitating effect on your life force energy if you allow it.

By being aware of the damage these can have upon your psyche you can do many things to counteract the effect they have upon your physical, emotional, mental and etheric bodies. We do not speak of other devices to prevent this from happening although there are some that indeed can help.  (There are many coils, discs, crystal tools etc. available on the internet).  We speak of claiming your birthright and taking back your power.  The power you give away is only given if you allow it to be given.  If you choose to retain your power and you choose not to let it drain from you then this microelectrohaze cannot affect you.  There are a myriad of ways you can do this.  Visualise your power being held closely and within.  You can set up many visual meditations to do this if this is what will work for you.  You can indeed just give the intent for your power to remain with you or give the intent not to allow these man-made structures and devices power over you.  Of course you must truly belief it is possible and trust it will be so.  Your intent holds such power that you are able to counteract the energy emissions of these structures and devices.  You can also connect with Creator, mother/father god, and ask that all excessive radiations from these structures and devices be transformed in the highest and best way for all.  Seeing, or imagining, these energy waveband formations of excess radiations being completely transmuted in the highest and best way will allow you to regain your power.

Reaching out into the ethers with your consciousness you can ask that all power you have given away or allowed to be taken from you be returned to you, washed, cleansed and harmoniously balanced. With love and gratitude for this and doing this on a daily basis you will begin to notice a change within.  Your power, your truth, will attract more of itself to itself in alignment with the Law of Attraction.  Remember though that the law of Attraction works for positive change and negative change so be very mindful of what you put out there.  You are all familiar with the term ‘What goes around comes around’ so be extremely mindful in these increasing energies to be full of love and gratitude and not hate, resentment and revenge.

When you claim back your power you are assisting all upon the planet and the planet herself. As you cleanse yourself you cleanse Gaia.  Every time someone consciously chooses to reclaim their power in their own unique way they are laying down the foundations for a kind of template available for all to use.  Every time these templates are lain down they are stored within the Akash and anyone anywhere in the world can access these records and use a template appropriate for them.   You are probably familiar with hearing of an inventor on one side of the word inventing something new only to find out that someone on the other side of the world has invented the same thing.  How does this happen?

The Akashic records are the holographic layers upon layers, so to speak, of events and happenings of all the incarnate lives you have had upon the planet. Everything you do, be it in a positive or negative energy, for this is a polarised duality world, will be stored within these records.  Of course they can be used for empowerment or disempowerment and so it is important to realise that as humanity raise their light quotient and they begin to make choices from their heart sharing love and compassion then the records will hold much more light within them.  The Law of Attraction will come into play and when we retrieve anything from the Akashic records it will be in alignment with the light we carry within.  Light attracts light etc.  The Akashic records are intricately woven within, of, through, around Earth and are interwoven with the Cosmic records.  Any beings, whether they reside on Earth or in the stars, are able to access the cosmic records for they are stored within the consciousness of creation within what is termed cosmic mind.  Through the magnetic fields of the Law of Attraction we are able to bring heaven to Earth by attracting the compassionate love and light of our Mother/Father God, God/Goddess, Source, Creator of All that is.  All beings are able to access cosmic mind and cosmic mind already has within it all records of all beings, events, happenings etc. not only of the Earth but all planetary systems.

When seen this way we can start to understand that it is so important to monitor our thoughts. We can choose to, with intent, to reclaim our power to add to the light not only within self but also within our planet and the beautiful sentient being Gaia but also within the entire tapestry of creation.

With that said we offer the following powerful positive affirmation/invocation:


“I lovingly choose to reclaim all my power I have ever given away or allowed to be taken from me from all dimensions of time and between times. I ask that it be washed, cleansed, harmoniously balanced, integrated and assimilated with my physical, emotional, mental and etheric bodies as I walk upon this Earth in my current incarnation as …………………….  I ask that this be done in the highest light and best way for all.  Thank you.  It is done, and so it is.”


As you begin to claim your power, your birthright, synchronism will become most apparent in your daily lives. There are no coincidences and it is through synchronistic events that the higher aspect of self tries to get your attention.  Of course you can walk around with blinkers on all day if you choose however you will at some point be triggered into noticing.  Be aware of the numerical prompts such as 11:11 and the double or triple master numbers eg. 44, 444 etc.  Notice the parking space available just as you need one.  Notice the telephone calls from someone you had just been thinking about.  Why is it that something plays over in your mind 3 or more times?  These are not coincidences.  They are your true self initiating a remembrance within so that you may begin to have open communication with the higher, wise aspect of self.  These communiqués can be taken to a higher level, a broader waveband, and if you allow it you will be aligned with your highest truth.

Your guide set wait patiently for your return to self. We offer you our love and support and ask only that you open to believe that anything is possible.  We hold you in our loving arms of embrace and empower you with grace.  And so it is…

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