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Keys and codes held within that take you into the refined light of your true essence self are being illuminated.  Although these keys and codes are being illuminated it is not until you recognise this and give permission for these refined light processes to awaken the codes within that the quickening into higher light frequencies occurs.   These spiralling filaments of light are being magnetised to you so that, through the Law of Magnetism/Law of Attraction, you entice the energy that is required to offer the most aligned activities to move you into the progression of true self embodiment.



All of humanity is experiencing an upgrade, if you will, where the higher expression of self/selves is lifting the physical expression of form to greater heights.  In order to move through the “eye of the needle” one must unload the baggage.  This is metaphor for letting go of the illusion (Maya), the material world, and all the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual baggage and burdens we carry so that we may pass through the eye, or shall we say pass through the membrane of forgetfulness to step into the light of the true self.  This moves you into the higher dimensions of your new reality upon new Earth.


Your ability to listen, to read, to understand and to know what the body needs has been detrimental to the health and well-being of form.  Having a greater, more intimate connection with the body, with the inner landscape of all bodies, will assist in being able to recognise what baggage/suitcases need opening to alleviate the excess load/weight/burden.  Connect with the inner child and find the spontaneity, joy and wonder to free the self of the density of these burdens you carry.  You have all been offered a dispensation where we, the over soul self/selves have been assisting you to clean out your luggage/baggage.  As this was agreed upon before incarnation we are not moving beyond the margins of free will.  Connect with the inner child and find the spontaneity, joy and wonder to free the self of the heavy burdens you carry.



You are being imbued with your refined light, you are being elevated, and you are being gratified with the light of your higher dimensional self/selves.  This can be felt as what we term a love wash.    These love washes are what you might deem a download, however, we would not term them a download as that can be representative of energy being loaded down, down-played, brought down so to speak.  In fact the energy is being embodied, anchored within, and the love wash offers a full recognition that the higher light frequency of the higher dimensional self/selves is being assimilated and instilled into the cellular structure.  The cellular mitochondria are being healed and enhanced to allow for the integration of these higher light frequencies.


If one prefers to see this as a download then we would say it is simultaneously an upload as well.  As the higher light (the anti-matter) is being integrated then we would say that the energy within the body (matter/form) is being magnetised to meet with the highest light frequency appropriate for your level of embodiment.


We would term this as a quickening, a term used to signify the rate of vibrational frequency.  You are all being vibrationally quickened to some degree.  Some will feel this quickening and some may not.  It matters not if you do, or do not, feel this as sensations within the body, all that is required is your acceptance of this and the intent that it be so.


Clarity in vision, clarity in thoughts, focused intent, and energetic heightening are occurring.  You may become aware of changes that you may not have experienced before and these changes may not fit within the spectrum of perceived normality.  This previously perceived spectrum of normal is shifting to a new normal, your new normal.  Heightened senses and astute intuitiveness, is the new normal.



Balanced states of mind are a by-product of a balance between the left and right brain hemispheres.  Balance through the left (divine feminine principle) and the right side (divine masculine) of the body guide you into your new normal.  This is an integrative body alignment.  Intense energies may be felt as the lower distortions are being released and re-calibration is occurring.  The physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and etheric light bodies are being re-configured.  Trust that you will only receive what is necessary and appropriate for your alignment with your embodiment phase.


You are supported and you are guided, however, whether or not you receive this guidance is entirely up to you.  In alignment with the Law of Free Will intent and permission on your behalf must be given.  You may like to seek out those that may be able to assist with energetic balance, polarity integration and ascension guidance to help you understand and move through these intense energies.  And so it is…


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