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You will have the opportunity to re-instate that which was always yours. Your birthright is to reconnect with your own Divinity, your own mastery.  This is offered to each and every one of you and as you move into these higher frequencies many of you are becoming aware of that Divinity that lies within.  It is your own Sacred Divinity you have been searching for.  As always we have told you to look within.  This is what is meant by that.  Your own Sacred Divinity lies within the heart of each and every one of you just waiting patiently to be recognised and reconnected with.

We would like for you all to be aware that in these unfolding energies the opportunity for you to reconnect is much easier. The higher frequencies allow for this remembrance, this reconnection.  All that is needed is the acknowledgement that there is so much more to you, that there may even be a divine spark within and then for the intent to know that part of one’s self more, to re-embrace all that you are.  When you give intent for this and do this in alignment with divine will you will be pleasantly surprised at what will unfold.  There is nothing to fear in doing this as it is your birthright, it is you claiming you.  You are all deserving of this regardless of what you have previously been told.  Claim it now.

We ask that you become a little more familiar with yourselves. Get to know yourselves on an intimate level.  It is your purpose to reconnect with the higher aspects of the self.  Get in touch with your heart.  Speak openly to your heart.  Allow your heart to let you know what you can do for you to bring you into balance.  Let your heart tell you what it is you fear, what it is you are angry about or who it is you are angry with.  Resolve these feelings, let them go as they no longer in these changing frequencies.  All resentment, all hatred, all self-loathing can now be transmuted to allow more of your true authentic self to shine through.  It is important that you all be aware of these structures that hold you back.  Lift them and you will lift into higher planes of existence.

When these are lifted from the very fabric of your being you walk with much more ease. You will not be carrying the heavy burdens you have for so long born.  It is time to walk without the weight of the world upon your shoulders.  It is time to walk in the Grace and beauty that you are.  Never before have the energies been as they are.  In the past the work one has done upon the self was always quite involved and lengthy.  It seemed that you needed to work for many of your years upon yourself to resolve the tiniest of issues.  Now, in these crystalline energies, that which took years to clear can now take moments if you choose for it to be so.  And so it is.

Again we stress how important it is to remain in balance. It would do you well to remind yourself to be balanced many times throughout the day.  As soon as you feel your emotions are out of balance, balance them and move on.  If you are quick to anger, balance.  And so on.  This will help you to connect more deeply with your sacred heart and divinity.

What is it your heart desires? What is your passion?  You are asked to look closely at this as you will be able to follow your dreams.  When you are balanced you will know without doubt what it is you so lovingly choose to do.  It may be that you choose to move into a teaching role, even though you are not as young as you used to be.  It may be that you choose to study medicine.  If your heart is calling then listen to it.  It may be that you are called to another city across the globe.  Listen to these calls for it is your intuition telling you that you have something to offer others, or that you need to be somewhere to assist in other ventures.  Do not allow your fears to stop you.  You will be provided for if you choose to make these changes.  You must trust that the Higher you will always guide you in the right direction.    Ask for help from your spiritual friends and family and you will receive help.  You must, however, ask otherwise they will not intervene according to the Law of Freewill.  Find your passion and pursue it with gusto.

Open to receive and many doorways of opportunity will be opened unto you. You will be amazed what can happen when you follow your heart, when you reconnect with who you truly are.  You have much support if you choose to accept it.  Trust in this and trust that all will be well.  Trust in the synchronicity of events that will get you to be where you need to be or to provide you with what you need to be provided with.  Know that you are your greatest guide and you already know what is that is for your highest and best.

We await your calls for assistance with much love and anticipation. We are patient and we will not judge you should you prefer not to ask.  All is as should be and in that we trust.

And so it is…

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