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Be prepared dearest ones for that which you have not yet seen. You are currently in energy juxtaposition.  The merging forces of energies is uniting that which you felt was separated from yourself.  Whilst you prepare for the next elevation into refined solar light you are being drafted, shall we say, into an academy of souls that have trained diligently for the next wave of ascension energies.  These souls, including you, have been committed to their cause and they have ventured forth in illumined truth, their truth, to pave the way for those that are to follow.  These energies you are currently postured in, and are moving into in the month of May, will indeed be intensified and the integration process will either be with ease and grace or out of balance.  All will receive these refined energies and all will integrate them, however it is not an easy ride for those that deny or oppose them.  Nor is it smooth sailing for those that are not aware of what is happening.

Mapmakers and way showers are asked to come forth and assist where necessary. These are unchartered waters and you are here to determine the smoothest journey for those that follow.  Due to the shift in the frequency of Gaia herself the grid lines and vortex points across Gaia have been tweaked and fine-tuned.  The mapmakers are the ones that are able to connect with the refined resonance and orient their way through the varying degrees of shift.  The mapmakers are the ones that have fine-tuned their sonar senses and are able to tap into the frequencies of the new Earth.  Step forward now so those that are here to be lifted into higher light can see your light beckoning them forward.

Divine Mother hears your cacophony of inner turmoil. She would like all to open their hearts, their sacred heart space, to allow her to fill it with the quenching love and light of her divine blessing.  Each of you can be completed by allowing the divine love of the feminine and sacred masculine to permeate your cells, your atoms and subatomic particles.  Create balance by allow Divine Mother to equalise and stabilise the love and the light of the unified divine feminine and divine masculine.

We bring your attention to this as many will have union with self, with their twin flame facet of their diamond crystalline light signature. Each of you works from a unique facet of your own refined crystalline diamond and some of you are ready to have your diamond set into a fine piece of jewellery that can be worn upon your outer garment as you walk on the earth in your current incarnation.  Each of you can create your own magnificent trinkets and they will shine however brightly you choose for them to shine.  You can have as many ornaments or gems in the design of your trinkets and you can decide what colour, shape, size, weight best suits you.  They can be worn as a singular item such as a charm, a necklace, a ring, a cuff, a bracelet or even as earrings.  They can be worn as a crown upon the head or simply adorn a piece of clothing such as a hat or lapel of a jacket.  It matters not how you wear your own crystalline diamond light signature, it matters only that you choose to wear it.  All of you will eventually wear your own unique signature however if you give the intent for it to be so it will posture you in this new refined energy that dances across Gaia’s surface.  Fashion your own design and wear it proudly.

As this energy dances across Gaia’s surface you, the ones’ that consciously choose to partake in and assist in the ascension process, will find that you are the anchors for this energy, grounding it down into the crystalline heart of mother Earth. We ask that you remain grounded so you can be the pillars of light that hold the energy for the New Earth.  There are those that will choose to float off with the fairies as you say and whatever you choose is appropriate for you, however, we bring your attention to that of assisting Gaia in her own transformation into her new refined celestial body of light by grounding this energy down into her crystalline heart.  She needs just as much assistance as you do in allowing these higher refined solar cosmic light emanations to integrate and assimilate within.  You/we are all in this together and we shall succeed.

We do not say this to denote that there is the chance of failure. That does not come into the equation.  There is only success when one holds the love and the light of Divine Mother and Father.  The word success in your third dimensional linear language does not portray what we are trying to express.  There will be triumph, victory, achievement and accomplishment however it is not over another being it is over your own miscreations.  You will succeed in transforming your miscreated beliefs, structures, ideologies, dogmas, actions, deeds and even the energetic signals of misaligned body language.  Your prefabricated holographic light body will superimpose the physical form that you currently possess.

The conduit asks if the word “prefabricated” is appropriate here. ( meaning of ‘prefabricated’ – to fabricate or construct beforehand).  Many of you will have heard that life, your life expression upon Gaia, is like a tapestry that can be embroidered however you choose to decorate it.  The rays of light upon which you are formulated, the extensions of creation itself, are interwoven with the filaments of light, the DNA, the building blocks that are the foundations of all life.  This is the fabric of time and no time.  This is what you will succeed in, the alignment of the prefabricated holographic light body overlay, the template of which is already within.  Your tapestry can be adorned with as many gems and ornaments as you choose.  There are no limits to your creative abilities and we urge each of you to begin your own unique embroidering process that embellishes your uniqueness.

It is a very exciting time for all of humanity and whilst you may think that you are the only ones enjoying this electrifying passage we say to you that the company of heaven and your galactic brothers and sisters are also very animated. We are like kids in a lolly shop.  Happiness is a blanket that is being draped around your shoulders now.  Feel it wrap you in the warmth and tranquillity of our divine love, light, blessings and joyful interaction.  Breathe in this warmth and tranquillity and feel it through every cell and atom of your vessels.  We are with you in all ways and at all moments.  And so it is….


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