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To accept the vastness of your abilities is to accept the truth of who you are and in doing so you can feel totally exposed.  To be let go and be totally exposed can bring much liberation, joy, much love, bliss, peace, harmony and more love.  It can also bring much despair, much sadness, and much heartache if you allow what others think of you to affect you.  There can be no despair, heartache, sadness if one stands within the light of their truth.  Many others will see you in the light of your truth and begin to question what you have and how you got it.  There will be others that will try to bring you down, judge you and ostracise you.  Are you strong enough to keep the light shining brightly if this happens?  Or will you let yourself dim under the dark umbrella others can place over you?

You are all so powerful that nothing can bring you down unless you let it.  Lack of self-worth and self-love will keep you in the dark.  What you have all been waiting for is to be reconnected with your true self, the light within.  You do not ever have to be reconnected as the connection was never broken.  The light of your truth lies within at all times and between times.  This light can never be separated from you and it can never go out.  It can be dimmed and the only person that can dim it is you by allowing your lack of self-worth and self-love to control the level of light you emit.

There is only one Light and you are all connected to the One Light.  The light within you is a part of this Divine One Light.  When you understand that you are all connected and that you are all experiencing a representation in humanoid form upon the planet Earth then you will have surpassed many of the blockages that held you in the dark.  This will now enable you to move freely through these high frequency changes with ease and Grace.  We look within and find a pure heart dear one and you are expanding the pureness out into the higher realms.

It is this self-realisation you have been waiting for and but no one other than yourself can get you to this place.  You need to come to this place yourself so you are able to move into a more profound remembered experience of the self.  You see it is not that you need to reconnect, rather it is that you just need to recall, remember, the Light of your Truth.  By doing this you are then able to understand and accept the vastness of your abilities.

There are so many levels of awakening consciousness, of awakening awareness.  As you awaken you expand.  Much like the concentric circles in the pond your awakening consciousness flows out from the centre of your being, from the Light of your truth touching all it comes into contact with.  Regardless of what level you may be at, the Light within will always shine brightly if you let it.  What is needed for you to allow your light to shine is not what another may need.

It is as a student new to yoga.  They may feel as if they are not as good as another adept yogi but that is not what it is about.  Each one of you on your mats has the same light within.  Some have just chosen to study more intently what they require to brighten that light.  The new yoga student may find after the first 3 lessons that he/she realises she doesn’t actually need yoga to brighten her light.  It is not about comparing yourself to another.  It is about focusing on the necessary actions needed to turn the dial up on the light dimmer illuminating what it is you are so passionate about.  Take the time to look at what you are most passionate about and act upon it.  You will find that with pure intent you will manifest your desires.  Your abilities are vast so just allow them.


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