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I would like for you to know, you already do, however, on a conscious level it would be appropriate for you to know and understand the position you are in at the moment.  All upon Earth have before them a doorway and many are walking through this doorway.  Many have chosen not to and that is ok also.  Due to their choice and free will they will choose to remain locked in the old belief structures and programmes which are not conducive to the new energies of the now.  It is apparent to many of you that in order for you to walk through these doorways you are to be as light as possible and so it is that you have been clearing and releasing the old to make way for the new.  This is occurring without the need for you to be consciously aware, although being consciously aware will enable you to release not only more but also much easier and quicker.  Why is that you would be expected to slog through release when you can do it gracefully and easily.  It is just a matter of perception and intent.

While many of you slog your way clear take note that given intent and clarity to the situation you can ultimately create the experience you wish whilst undergoing such intense change.  These changes are not only energetically they are also on a physical level.  It is akin to the flower of life within every cell of the being blossoming and returning to full bloom.  What an immense change for you and what an exciting time.

Whilst many of you choose to allow the old 3dimensional ways to serve you it may come to a point where you want more, you seek more and you wish to get off the 3d merry-go-round and step onto the 5d and beyond rollercoaster.  You have come to the realisation that this is what you prefer and choose then there are many who can offer assistance with this.  Do you wish to get of the 3d merry-go-round?  If so seek out those that can help you.  Seek out those that can help you connect to the greatest teacher and guide you will ever have.  It is these teachers and guides within your sphere of life that guides you to the greatest you that are the teachers and guides most aligned with your process.  We say this not to be derogatory toward any such teacher or guide we merely bring this to light to inform you that those that assist others to seek within and find their own true self, their own true greatest teacher and guide, which is ultimately themselves, their higher self, they are the ones that are most in alignment with the way the new energies are assisting humanity.  It is not to say you need to see this person or that person.  It is that you should look within and feel what is right for you and when you give intent for the teacher/guide to appear, they will when the student (you) is (are) ready.

Many of you are about ready to realise the extent of that which we have repeatedly said.  It is all about you with you, however, in alignment with the greatest good for all.  We are all one and when once seeks to better themselves in alignment with the all, the one, then they will receive so much more than they anticipated.  These are very exciting times and there are many doorways to walk through.  Take not of that which makes you happy.  Seek out a path that brings fulfilment to the heart.  Seek out a career, a hobby, friends, geographical locations that inspire, that fill the heart with love.  It should never be an effort to be around anyone or to be in a specific location or situation.  It should always be an enjoyable experience.  Although we are often challenged at times with the experiences we face it is always a joy and an easeful experience to find the positives within that experience or situation.

It is important for you all to be grounded in these intense energies and this can be done with ease.  For those that are beginning their journey to within it is always easy to find a simple way to do things, whether it is to meditate, to just sit in silence, to ground yourself or to practice spiritual discipline.  It is when we make it a chore or when we follow an already existing example that you find difficult to understand, then it becomes unenjoyable and all too hard.  You must find what is easiest and what resonates for and with you.  It may be that to ground yourself all you need do is stand of the grass and say I am grounded.  It may be that you need to see roots growing out from your feet fully rooting yourself to the Earth.  It may be that you need to follow an elaborate recorded meditation.  Whatever it is that works best for you is what we recommend.  Each and every one of you is different and depending upon your level of awareness and understanding you will seek out that which compliments you.

It is along the path that you will come to the full realisation that you are creator Gods and you are able to create that which you choose.  In fact you already do create that which you have chosen.  All that you are and all of the circumstances you find yourself in are because, on a certain level, you have created them.  It is when we create from a place of love, to put forth love, to share love and to experience love is when we create a world of joy, bliss, abundance, love, truth, balance etc.  When we reach that place we fully know and understand we are love, there is no other place to be.  You will one day live in a world that finally realises this and “what a wonderful world it will be”.

Love is everywhere, it is everything.  There is no thing that is completely devoid of love.  There are those that deny love and there are those that have dimmed their love light to the extent that it is barely visible, however, there is not a soul upon the planet that is not offered to opportunity to return to the fullness of the Love and Light of the Supreme Creator of All that is.  Those that choose to return the The One will be taken in arms of love and will be given all that they choose to experience.  It is not about who deserves it or who doesn’t deserve it.  It is about understanding and accepting that All are love and All are Loving.  It is about understand and accepting that even those that are afraid to return to the light will still be loved no matter what.  This is hard for some to accept, however, we say to you there can be no other way.  How can there be any other way when you have all been created from the Love, from the greatest source of love, from the outbreath of the Supreme Creator of All that is, from The One.

There is never not an opportunity to return to this state of being and we offer it to you all now.  Do you accept?  Do you find that you are unable to accept for fears you are not good enough, not holy enough, not deserving enough?  With intent look deeply at the reasons you feel you are unable to accept this state of being for this is the time to clear these distorted beliefs.  This is what is necessary to do in order to walk through the doorways of opportunity.  Is it maybe that you are afraid of the power of yourself, the power of love?  Is it that maybe you fear others will see you differently and judge you for it, ridicule you for it?  Now is the time to release these into the Light and the Love of the Creator and ask that more of you come to you.  Ask that more of your light fill the voids that are left from these cleared beliefs, structures and programmes.

With each breath, breathe in the new you, breathe in the light and the love that you are.  Breathe this into your heart space and feel it fill your body.  Breathe this into your hearth space and feel it fill every cell.  Breathe this into your heart space and feel the light of your truth illuminate the blossoms of the flower of life within every cell.  You are the most beautiful blossoms of love and light and you are all opening to the love and the light of The One.  Feel this shine upon you as the sun shines upon the flowers in your garden.  Feel the balance of the Divine Masculine and The Divine Feminine within.  The beautiful energies of the Divine Feminine have already been ignited within each and every one of you.  It is now that the balance is occurring and that is why it is safe to release the old you and allow the new you.  Feel your Masculine and Feminine counterparts converging.  Feel the balance within you, feel the love within you.

Most flowers have male and female counterparts.  This is termed Monoicous (‘one house’).  This is what enables them to blossom fully and create new full blossomed flowers for all to enjoy.  You are as a flower and when you realise that the balance of the masculine and feminine counterparts is what makes you blossom into wholeness, that is when you will fully understand, and feel, the light and the love of the self, of The One.  There is only One Love and you are it……   And so it is…….


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