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Angelic presence is with you all.  Most never feel this presence as they are so wrapped up in their world of illusion that they go day by day unaware that there is a greater force, a vaster energy that they are able to connect with.  Many will go about their days with their illusory blindfolds on and that is ok.  That is appropriate for them and that is what they have chosen to experience.  There are also many that are now ready to lift the illusory blindfold that keeps them trapped in the denser, heavier energies and when they are ready to achieve this the Angelic presence around them draws closer and closer.

We are aware that the ones that choose to know more and to seek a greater understanding of this are ready to be taken to the next awareness level, however unless they themselves choose this and they themselves allow for our presence to assist we are unable to step in and assist.  Oh we can give nudging’s and hints and signs however it is really up to the individual how much they choose to expand and grow and how much of our assistance they require.  And they must ask by inviting us into their life.  We are ready waiting as each of you will indeed feel a magnetised pull in the direction of your heart and that pull is magnetising to you the greater aspects of self, without you even knowing it.  Oh many know of this but for those that are unaware this pull is becoming stronger and stronger and it is creating a little turbulence in your life.  Reach out to us and we shall assist.  We have offered this to you before and we are waiting patiently for your return to us.

We speak now of the many opportunities that lies ahead for you all.  Many of you are beginning to realise that you are able to remain in a balanced state for longer periods of time.  Many are aware also that whilst in these balanced states flashes, memories, alignments and synchronicities are happening rapidly and often.  Being aware of these are indicative that you are moving through the sub-planes, the levels, the gradients, or however you wish to label it, of the third through fourth, lower fourth to higher fourth into fifth and beyond dimensional frequencies.  Now you may wonder at what that means to you and although it appears to be a little convoluted it is quite simple to understand.

We shall endeavour to explain this in a manner that is acceptable to all levels of awareness.  There is only one dimension, one light, one energy, and that is the energy, dimension and light of the One, of Source, of the Creator of All That Is.  Within that one energy there are subtle differing harmonic frequencies and these frequencies present as dimensional attributes of the One.  Within these dimensional attributes there are many varying harmonic frequencies and so on, much like the Babushka Dolls (Matryoshka Dolls) where you open the doll to reveal another inside.  You then open that doll and reveal another and so on until you get to the smallest doll in the centre.

Let us say this centre doll represents you.  Oh it is the baby of the pack and it is solid, not like the other dolls that are hollow.  This solid doll is the representation of the three dimensional flesh and bone you.  It is the heavy and dense and cannot remove the outer layer because the outer layer is perceived to be all that it is.  The flesh and bone that you are is what many perceive themselves to be and that is all.

We shall use this little doll as our metaphoric heroin of this story and we shall call her Babe.



Now Babe knows no better.  As a doll upon the shelf (a human upon planet Earth) she goes about her daily business of sitting and looking pretty.  She knows that she must remain pretty for those that cast their eyes upon her would not like to see anything other than the outer beauty she imagines herself to be.  She thinks that the external beauty is all that one looks at and so she plays her part beautifully and looks amazing perched upon the display shelf.   

In her mind’s eye the external image of herself, the Babe upon the shelf, is all that she is.  She is not aware that there are other reflections of herself, exact images of herself that she can nestle within.  Babe thinks that she is all she is and there is nothing more to her.  She has taken pride and joy upon that shelf and she has remained there all her life not seeing that a little higher up on another little sub-shelf sits an exact image of her and even higher up on another sub-shelf sits another exact image of her and so on.   

You see her maker, chose to display her beauty in such a way that each individuated aspect of herself were displayed upon shelves that seem to step up higher and higher upon the wall of her mansion.  Babe did not understand that there were sub-shelves, let alone what they were for.   

One day her maker came into her world and rearranged the position she was in, posturing her beside another doll that looked similar, but not the same.  As the maker placed the doll upon the shelf Babe could see it was much larger than her.  This doll was grand and Babe felt very unworthy beside this doll.  She began to sink deeper and deeper into despair at how she could be so little in comparison, how she could feel ‘not so beautiful’ in comparison and how self degrading she became.  She boiled with envy for many years and she was angry, frustrated and completely lost.  Without even knowing it Babe’s ego had taken control and she did not like the feeling at all.  The ego self was driving her to despair and she needed to change something otherwise she would become so deep and dark within she felt she would explode or expire.  Something within urged her to change and she did not know how.  Babe did not like this feeling that was festering in her.   

Whilst resting one day Babe had a fleeting thought that maybe she could seek assistance from this grand beauteous divine being beside her and so she asked the beautiful doll beside her how she too could be so grand, so divine and beautiful.  The doll just smiled at her and gently whispered in her ear, ‘I have been waiting for this’.   As confused as she was Babe decided not to say anything and allow the other doll the opportunity to speak.  She sat back and listened.  Something she thought she never had to do as she was the only one in her world, or so she thought.   

The grand, beauteous doll spoke softly to her and asked her if she would like to see something so profound and beautiful that it would change Babe’s construct of what she perceived herself, and her life, to be.  Of course Babe was interested.  How could she not be?  In silence the divine doll began to expand and as it did it looked to Babe as though she was taking off her clothes to reveal another splendid replica self beneath.  The doll placed the outer garments upon a sub shelf that seemed to sit much higher up the wall.  It did not take Babe long to realise that the doll that was now beside her was the same doll, however, it did not seem to have the same beauty and glow to it.  Oh it still shined so brightly but there seemed to be a subtle difference to the emanation and frequency of the light.  Babe did not even know how she knew it was a frequency, she just felt it was so and if she had to explain this feeling she would have to say it was a love frequency and yet she didn’t even understand this love frequency at all.  She felt very confused by this love and wanted to identify with it.  

With her intrigue piqued Babe watched carefully and indicated to the doll that she was ready to see more, to know more and so the doll again took off her outer garments and placed these garments upon a sub-shelf just a little lower than the first shelf the first garments where placed upon.  What was happening to this divine being that glowed so brightly?  Babe could sense that she no longer glowed so brightly but knew instinctively that she was still as bright and beautiful within.  It seemed to be an illusion and Babe could not quite put her finger on why it was giving a subtle difference every garment the doll took off.  

The doll continued in this fashion, removing her garments, until beneath all garments was a solid doll just like Babe.  Although similar they were both different yet unique in their own beautiful ways.  Babe still felt threatened by this doll because she could still feel the beauty in her, she could still sense the light and the love within this solid doll.   

The solid doll consciously reached out to Babe and embraced her.  Instantly Babe felt an electrical charge run through her.  It seemed to charge everything that was inside her, every atom and every sub-atomic particle and even the spaces between.  It was such a jolt to Babe’s system she shuddered and began to sob.  She broke down and felt as though her world was crumbling around her.  It was as though her whole being shook and her foundations were being pulled out from under her.  She felt like she was falling into a void, something she had never experienced before.  Babe was scared so she tried to scramble out of the void but something touched her again and she realised it was the doll’s consciousness reaching out to her.  The doll pulled her out of the void and closer to her.  It was a magnetic pull and Babe could not let go.  She wanted to be pulled along by this doll.  Why was it the doll felt so familiar to her?  What connection did she have with this doll?   

As Babe surrendered and allowed the doll to guide her way she realised that she felt lighter and lighter.  She looked down and could see she had donned a more beautiful garment upon her solid form.  Babe felt much more beauteous and light.  The doll enticed her to reach higher up the sub-shelves and as she did so she took the garment that sat upon the higher shelf and wore it with such joy.  It felt like her own skin, it moulded and melded with her.  She no longer needed to know what, how or why, she just floated along in bliss with the, now so familiar, doll rising higher and higher to collect the garments upon the higher sub-shelves.   

As Babe reached the highest shelf so too did the doll and for some reason Babe felt as though she and the doll were the same, that they were one.  As Babe wrapped that garment of light, that outer garment of lighter frequency and love around her she knew that she and the doll were indeed one for the mirror that stood before her revealed the illusions Babe had created for herself.  The mirror reflected the perfected image of her but because Babe was so clouded in despair, self-loathing and lower, denser frequency she could not see the truth the mirror revealed.  She, the now so radiant Babe, realised that she had blindfolded herself from her own truth. 

Babe felt as though she could fly.  She was free.  She was free to be.  She was free to be the truth of who she truly was and this made her feel so beautiful.  This beauty came from the feeling within her, not the feeling of comparison to others outside of her.  Babe is the divine, beautiful, loving being of light that she thought she was in competition with.  She was finally at peace knowing that what she had been seeking outside of herself was already within her.  Babe was looking for Babe and she did not even know it.


Dear one this metaphoric story of Babe represents what many are feeling at the moment.  The pull you are feeling is the pull to know more, to know more of the truth of who you are.  It is you that is magnetising yourself to the grander aspect of the self, the divine being that you are.  You are seeking more knowledge and wisdom and this already lies within for it is you that you seek.  Do not underestimate the power of your own Angelic self and the love you have for yourself.  It is time to realise that the outer garments, the higher light beings that you are, are ready to be worn with confidence and security.

You see the different garments are the many versions of self that have already experienced the contrasts of the lower sub-planes, the lower dimensional frequencies.   These higher light frequency selves (garments) are ready to merge so you may wear the divine outer garment of divinity.  The Angelic assistance and presence you seek and feel is the Angelic you.  Oh you have many guides and teachers with you, however, your greatest guide is yourself and until you are ready to allow the Angelic you into your life then you will continue to sit upon the earth in a solid form just like Babe the doll upon the shelf.

Trust that you are able to wear these beautiful garments of light and wear them with grace.  It is your birthright so claim it now.  Walk the red carpet in your new garment to the greatest stage production ever created for you to observe.  This is the stage production, of truth, the show of the truth of who you are.  We are waiting for you to ask for assistance and we can help you dress yourselves in the divine light garments of your truth.  And so it is.


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