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During this energetic phase, the cosmic events of 8/8 – 8th August – (Lion’s Gate), the solar flares, the new moon, the full solar eclipse moving into the equinox I have been guided to spend as much time as possible stilling my mind, standing in my truth, my pillar of light, and maintaining a stance as a compassionate witness to the changes occurring within and without.  Although much has been going on within my external reality, my internal reality is experiencing a shift.  There are many names for it such as a paradigm shift, a consciousness expansion, a kundalini awakening; however, it is a shift, a reordering, a restructuring, or a resetting.  Because of these shifts occurring within/without this was at the forefront of my mind as I sat down to do this communication. 

No sooner had I sat down I received a fleeting image of a horse and a paddock. I am not sure if that was an image that was impressed upon me or my mind making it up as it was not a clear image. In fact I was not sure I saw a horse, rather I felt as though I was upon the horse and perceived it as if I was riding the horse across a paddock.  No sooner had that image passed across the web of light in my mind I received the following…


We impress upon you the energy of the meadows. What you sensed in regards to the horse was that you are free spirited like a horse.  The meadows are vast and span for kilometres across the open plains before you.  There is a mountain range in the far distance.  You feel as though you are upon a horse and are galloping along across the plains however you are not galloping on horseback.  Yes you are astral travelling.  You are floating or flying across the meadows and you are free.  You can rise up higher and higher and see the world from a bird eye perspective.  You can travel out beyond the stars, beyond the galaxy and into the universe.  There is a central pulsating hub within the universe and you travel toward this central hub.  It is a vast light and what you would know as the Great Central Sun.  This light is all-encompassing and it penetrates your being as you get closer to it.

As it penetrates your being you feel as though your DNA is being coaxed. Coaxed is a most appropriate word for this metaphor.  It is as if the great central sun is using its forefinger gesturing you to go it.  It is like tropism where the DNA turns to face the great central sun reaching out to it.  The Great Central Sun is calling you home.  It is a calling home of your DNA to your DNA.  Your biological DNA is aligning with your divine blueprint DNA raising the patterns to harmonise with the Divine 12 strand crystalline diamond frequency DNA.  The original plan and divine blueprint for your universe is encoded within the diamond light frequencies of the Great Central Sun.

When something metallic is magnetised it draws, locks or secures another metallic object to it. Let us use your Magnetix magnets as an example.  You have the magnet rods that magnetise balls and other rods to them.  When you place a ball at the magnetic end of the rod the ball sticks to it.  It creates a new structure.  There is a multitude of designs, structures, templates you can create with these magnets.  Your DNA is restructuring and it is being magnetised to the divine blueprint and restructuring to the blueprint design.  This is metaphor, however, it allows you to see that your DNA is being enticed and coaxed to restructure in alignment with the divine crystalline diamond frequency 12 strand DNA blueprint.

The coaxing is already happening with those that have chosen this prior to incarnation. For those that are consciously aware it is happening may perceive it through a magnetised hologram so to speak.  When you consciously place your awareness upon something you will manifest it.  Even though it is divinely ordered that all of humanity will experience this it is those that are consciously aware of it, and allow for the alignment to occur with ease and Grace, that will find it seems to be happening in what they may perceive as a more rapid timeframe.  However, it is not that at all.  It is through the Law of Harmonics that they attract the energy and magnetise it to them more rapidly.  It is through the frequency wavelengths that this occurs.

The changes you are all going through are beyond your comprehension at this moment. You are experiencing rapid acceleration.  This is appropriate and in alignment with where you are on your conscious ascension pathway.  With rapid expansion comes what you may perceive as ‘the new’.  It is not new per se, it is memory recall or what we would say is the unlocking of the codes within the DNA.  It may appear to you as new due to your choice to forget who you truly are upon incarnation.  Rapid expansion can be quite daunting for some so we suggest you listen to your body and respect its wishes.

As an individuated aspect of the One Source many of you have chosen to remember your truth. Your choice to remember truth can be in alignment with the energy and frequency of ‘service to others’ or ‘service to self’ for indeed as an individuated aspect you can choose that which best serves you.  What serves you is usually in alignment with what you chose to experience prior to incarnation.  As an individuated holographic aspect of the One Source Light you hold the keys and codes necessary to accomplish that which you have chosen to align with regardless of whether it is ‘service to others’ or ‘service to self’.  The keys and codes, when ready, will be triggered and unlock when appropriate.  In order to unlock something a key is required to do the unlocking.  Making the conscious choice to unlock the codes you hold within is the key that will do the unlocking.  As an individuated aspect the codes that are to be unlocked are the memories of all experiences which are held within your DNA.


We would like to offer to you a symbolic representation to assist in understanding this. Indeed a symbol can be an illustration upon a piece of paper or it can be metaphor.  The symbolic representation we offer to you is the latter.  Let us say for the moment that we present to you the symbolic representation of the unicorn.  Indeed you can draw the unicorn if that suits or you can sit within the energy of the unicorn.  By giving intent you can imagine you are connecting to/sitting within the awareness of the unicorn.  You can even sit within the weblike structure of the collective unicorn consciousness.  The symbolic representation we have is an energetic transferral or what is known as light language.  Let us now look at the energetic transferral.  This is a download and upload, simultaneously.  Through the sacred geometry of the language of light you receive energy packets, symbols, frequencies, colours, patterns, formula, algorithms, etc. through your pillar of light from the higher self/over soul self.  Whilst this is being transferred you are also reaching out to receive this energy transferral through a symbolic matching or pairing of like energy packets, symbols, frequencies, colours, patterns, formula, algorithms, etc.

Imagine if you will that you are playing a game of Memory, the card game that has symbols/pictures upon the cards that get turned over to reveal the symbol. For the sake of this metaphor we will use pictures of animals upon the cards.  When you match a pair you keep the pair to the side.  The person with the most pairs wins the game.  Although there may be a few different representations of sea fish you cannot keep a pair of fish unless they are the same breed of fish.  For example you must match a dolphin with a dolphin and not with a swordfish.   There may even be different representations of the dolphin and unless you get the same representation, e.g. dolphin jumping out of water paired with dolphin jumping out of water and not dolphin jumping out of water paired with dolphin swimming underwater, you are unable to match them up and put them to the side.

So it is with this language of light energy transferal. You are unable to pair with the energy if you have not yet awakened the geometric symbolic match for it.  Again the geometric symbolic match will be through frequency, colour, symbols, patterns, formula, algorithms etc.  Through the Universal Law of Harmonics you are able to draw to you the aligned pairings.

We bring this to your attention as the energetic frequencies that played out upon, across and within your Earth/Gaia have assisted you in triggering the higher frequency pairings. Many are beginning to feel the symbolic pairing of the divine masculine, divine feminine principle within.  The left and right brain hemispheres are vibrating at a higher octave and you feel this within your crown chakra, even within the blood, flesh, bones and entire cellular structure.  The more aligned one is the less they will experience the sensations within their physical anatomy.  What is meant by that is that the more light one holds within the smoother the receiving and transmitting of frequencies will be.  This is a reciprocal pathway where energy in becomes energy out so to speak.  As the higher self/over soul self transmits energy to the individuated incarnated self they can receive this energy, accept it, allow it and share it.  If one becomes stuck in doubts, fears and limitations the reciprocal looping can have a blockage so to speak.

Imagine if you will the infinity symbol drawn on a piece of paper. Taking your finger you trace over the line of this and get into a rhythm or a flow tracing over and over the symbol.  This makes a looping effect and it is continuous.  This energy transferral is like an instantaneous, simultaneous feedback system where you are the receiving and transmitting station for the One Source to experience through.  We share this with you so that can better understand what is happening with the new energies upon, within and around the Earth.

Those of you that have done the work upon their self and cleared out the baggage, so to speak, to allow the higher light to be integrated will find that these energy pairings/matches will create a vaster holographic field. Within the holographic field synchronous events pair up/match and you become more and more aware of these alignments.  The synchronicities you may have once ignored due to your inability to recognise them will be difficult to miss.  Once observed they cannot be unobserved.  They can be ignored; they can be denied, however, they cannot be unobserved.   Acknowledgement of the synchronicities creates a geometric pairing/match to attract more to you.  This is the same for your thoughts and emotions.  Would you want to attract more fear, doubt or self-imposed limitations?  Would you want to attract more sadness, grief, anxiety, and stress?  Why would you choose to place those thoughts and emotions on the feedback loop to the higher self/over soul self and to the One Source of all that is?

There is no right or wrong and there is no judgement for what you place upon that feedback loop for indeed it is what you chose to create and what you chose to receive more of. Through the Universal Law of Free Will you are entitled to create for indeed you/we are all co-creators.  How do you see the world you wish to create?  Is this world self-centre, ‘service to self’, or is it in service to the light and in ‘service to others’?  How would you like to portray yourself to another knowing that if you place that portrayal of yourself upon that feedback loop you are only creating a vaster holographic representation of that image?  To see yourself as limited, fearful, anxious, stressed, depressed etc. will ensure others see you the same way.  This can then create a polarised positive or negative experience for you.  Positive polarisation (higher light frequency) of this is the ‘looking in the mirror’ to effect change, to become the alchemist by changing that which does not align with your truth.  Negative polarisation (lower or false light frequency) can be seen by you as the ‘oh poor me’ or ‘victim’ archetype, blaming others for your situations/experiences.

The art of creating is a divine tool and instrument offered to all who walk through the ascension portal on this journey into the higher vibrations of their divine true self. How would you like to see this divine tool and instrument used for the sake of all who walk with you?  Are you aware that when you place anything upon the feedback loop you create a template of geometric design that others can tap into and align with?  An example of this is the ‘Hundredth Monkey Phenomena’.  The One Source Light of All is conscious.  And consciousness holds the summation of all individuated aspects of self that retain the memory of the expressions of experience.  It is a collective consciousness.  Within the Earthly plane you have an individuated soul consciousness and a collective planetary soul consciousness.  The receiving and transmitting stations, the feedback loops, of every individual upon Earth is held within the planetary soul consciousness field and one is able to align with whatever it is they choose to align with (Law of Free Will).  Are you willing to take responsibility for creating a design template that is not of higher light or of love, peace, joy etc. knowing that others can pair with what you create and create more of it?  Or are you willing to take responsibility and create much joy, love, peace, happiness, bliss, service to others etc. knowing that others can match the same frequencies?


The image we have just shared with you is of the heart and the flame that resides within the heart complex. Let us take a look at this for the moment.  The heart flame is crystalline; it is a frequency that when triggered and aligned with the higher light of your truth alchemically changes you.  The flame is and always will be the true flame of Source, the individuated aspect of Source and can be depicted as the DNA.  As we have said the DNA is restructuring in alignment with the divine blueprint and alchemical change occurs to your light bodies, your light body vehicles.  Imagine the light body is the space in which the flame is garaged.  As the garage (the light body space) gets cleaned out and rearranged it creates space for the flame to expand.  The flame can then expand to a degree where it chooses to redesign the garage, to reconstruct or to change the blueprint so that it can be housed most comfortably.  The foundations, the materials used in building the garage can also be changed.  You may choose to transform the concrete to plasma light.  What is happening within is that you are recreating your garage.  When you do this consciously and take the necessary steps to align with the new transformational materials available you will find you are able to just wave your hand over the blueprint drawing and see that the walls, floor and materials magically change.  This is what is meant by being the alchemist.  In this metaphor we shall use the word architect.  As the architect you are going to find that what was a basic drawing and design template is becoming much more elaborate and intricate.

Again this is metaphor and what is meant by that is that you are taking your awareness from a linear 3rd/4th dimensional alignment to a higher 5th/6th dimensional alignment where you can access higher understandings, higher consciousness.  Some of you may experience rapid expansion and we say to you that as this occurs you may find that the walls to your garage may appear as though they are melting away, reformatting if you will.  Imagine a sand sculpture of a house with a garage attached to the house.  The sand sculpture can be dismantled and reshaped/reconstructed to any design you choose.

Rapid expansion can be perceived as the floodgates opening. When one perceives floodgates as opening one sees that the dammed up water behind the floodgates is released and the water quickly gushes out through the gates reducing water level of the dam.  The water that gushes out over the terrain does so chaotically and without any order.  One can perceive this as a tidal wave ripping through and over the terrain.  We would like to portray this in another way.  The water held in the dam represents the life force energy of the One Source Light, which in truth is love.  This love does not diminish at all for the dam of love can never run dry. Let us say that the dam, the source of the water/love is your higher self/ soul self.  The higher self unlocks the codes (the floodgates) and opens the stream of light to the individuated soul aspect that is the incarnated you.  Through this stream or pillar of light (your conscious awareness of your connection to that higher aspect of self) the dam water/love flows.  It does not gush out all over the terrain as it is channelled through this column, this pillar of light.  By consciously standing within this pillar you catch the water/love and you are then able to hold it within you creating a new dam.  This can be interpreted as a ‘well of self’.  One can drink from this well at all times as it will never be depleted.  You are not opening the floodgates to lose all the water in the dam.  You are creating a new well within you that retains the water/love that has been streamed to you from the higher self.

Stand in your pillar of light and flow with the water/love that your higher self streams to you. Allow yourself to recognise the magic within the synchronicities.  Be consciously aware of what you place upon your feedback loop.  You are the creator of your reality, co-creating with All.  And so it is…

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