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It has been a very intense couple of months energetically.  Triggers/catalysts have been heightened for many and confusion and mystification have resulted.  Complete breakdowns/meltdowns have been triggered and at the time these occur it is difficult to see them for what they are.  To remain as the compassionate witness is difficult at the best of times, however, when our very foundations have been dismantled beneath us we tend to do what has been inherent within us for aeons and aeons, and that is to survive.

“Survival of the fittest” seems to be a new mantra in many spheres of life whether it is in the corporate world, within and between institutions and industries, within family units and especially within self.  It is easy to sit back and witness the many survivors and be admiring of their incredible inner strength and tenacity when faced with incredible adversity in their lives.  These people truly are inspirational.  When we are willing to be inspired by others and their stories we open the door to stepping out of the ‘victim’ mentality.  We are all triggered, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, by events that happen in our life.  These triggers act as catalysts for if we can recognise them as such.  The following communication and visualisation was received in regards to triggers/catalysts and I hope that it may assist in some way.



It is well within all that arrive upon planet Earth to have the ability to recognise the inherent qualities of the Creator within.  Those that choose to awaken and illuminate those qualities are offered many triggers, or shall we say catalysts, in which to do so.  The triggers are only triggers if one is unaware of the priceless opportunities held within.  The triggers become catalyst if one recognises the opportunity to experience growth and expansion from that which is triggered.

There are many upon the Earth that are waking up.  Many are coming to the realisation that there is so much more.  It is not that they are being awakened and are immediately adepts, however they are on the path of the shaman/sage/savant/mystic.  You are welcomed today as adepts, as one who has chosen to follow the path of the inner mystic.  You are welcomed into this circle of joy, this circle of love, this circle of unity for we are all one.  Within us all is the formulation of unity, of unified light and love (light/love) and love and light (love/light) and you are offered the opportunity to experience this truth.  We (your guides/teachers) are here with you, through you, to carry out specific tasks, specific energetic exchanges.  It is through our agreed upon unification that this work can and will be done.  Your recognition of this grants you permission to enter more fully into self, into the life of self.  We would like for you to be aware that as your connection to self illuminates and strengthens in awareness, you may find that you will indeed feel as though you are peeling away the outer shell.  The analogy of the hard boiled egg comes to mind for indeed the construct of which you thought you were will no longer be relevant.  This construct is beginning to melt away as we speak and indeed dearest one you will begin, are beginning, to recognise that the light you/we hold within is of a specific vibration that is here upon earth to shine.

There is a radiance emitting from within.  This radiance is going to magnetise to it those that resonate with it or repel those that do not.  Understanding the positive and negative polarisation, without judgement of those that are negatively polarised for they are indeed a piece and part of the whole, is necessary for unification.

We have recognised that we, although we are you, must allow you the free will to choose.  We are here to offer support and to help you to come to a recognition of inner self and inner guidance of self.  We offer to you the opportunity to receive love and support from us/from you, however we are not here to say that you must or should.  We have given this to you, however we are not here to sway you to thinking you should or should not do anything.  The choice is yours and indeed much of this is decided upon before incarnation and also as you sleep.

We are aware of your free will and you must always be discerning of that which you read, or that which you receive, for there are some that would like to deceive by giving that which is not of true light shall we say.  If it feels right for you to follow in this imagery, this visualisation, then do so without judgement.  If it resonates with you all is well.  If it does not resonate with you, all is well.

Most of you are under a certain amount of influence if we look at the grand plan.  This influence comes from many differing sources, some of which you are unaware.  For example the news/media, movies, TV shows/sitcoms, ancestral beliefs, family, friends, co-workers and the list goes on.  Some of you have recognised you have experienced this in the past and risen above it and some are rising to the extent that they are able to discern at the moment this happens and lift themselves out of it.  For the majority, they have no idea whatsoever and they struggle with life as it all seems very heavy and hard.  The tool we offer will lighten your load if you give intent for it to be so.


Imagine, if you will, a set of scales big enough for you to stand on.  You step upon these scales.  These particular scales only pick up energy, they do not pick up weight of matter.  In other words these scales do not weigh your weight in the physical sense they weigh your light quotient, they are more like a light metre reading set of scales.  Imagine a dial with a needle where the needle spikes up but slips back then spikes and slips back and so on.  The needle does not stay up on the highest scale, representing the highest light quotient, and often lips back down to below a quarter of the full needle range.  This light metre reading will only hold steady when the light it reads within you holds firm.

Those that are unaware of energy and of how their emotions affect their mental and physical bodies have no idea that in order to hold the needle firm on the light metre scales they must take charge of their light.  They can see that the light metre needle is flickering about and not remaining steady.  How do they take charge of their light?  How do they get the needle to hold steady?  What can they do to aid themselves in maintaining a steady needle that is reading at the highest light quotient level?

Awareness of their level of light is the first step.  How do they become aware of their level of light?  It is through their emotions, their ability to remain as a compassionate witness to their emotions, to how they respond to these emotions, and to how they feel about themselves in response to their emotions and external reality.  Just by choosing to recognise, witness, remain non-judgemental, respond with compassion and love not only for others but for self as well they become aware of the light within for they will indeed feel lighter in every sense of the word.  A feeling of emotional lightness, a feeling of compassion/love will replace anger, frustration and doubt.  A feeling of mental lightness will replace worries, concerns, mental fatigue and self-criticism.   A feeling of lightness within the body will replace pain, lethargy and melancholy.

All of you are able to discern your own levels of light and all of you can do many things to enhance the light or dim the light within.  Doing fun and loving things with family and friends, even with strangers, will enhance the light within.  Doing meditation and going within to meet and greet your divine light will further enhance the light and hold it steady.  You can also do visualisations and give intent for the divine light within to be illuminated.  We offer to you a visualisation that may assist if it feels appropriate for you.

Imagine you are standing upon the scales and to your right there is a panel with dials on it.  There are four dials on this panel and they represent the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual aspects of self.  Each aspect has their own gauge that measures the light quotient as a scale from one to ten, one being the lowest level of light and ten being the highest.  And each aspect; emotional, mental, physical and spiritual, has a sub gauge that represents an emotion, a feeling, a sense, or a knowing that supports the light quotient level.

Imagine you step upon the platform and immediately the gauge will read all dials at once and give you a corresponding analysis of your light.  The emotional gauge flutters about a little but finally settles on a light level measurement and an emotion you may be feeling within.  It may be anger/rage, or it may be love/compassion, or any other emotion in between.  Take a moment to sense, feel, see, and/or know what emotion is represented on the sub gauge so that you can choose to balance it with harmonising intent.


The sub gauge that represents the mental body may reading as lack of self-worth, self-doubt, self-limitations or anything in between.  Allow yourself to come from a neutral stance, without berating the self for any of these feelings.  Check all sub gauges to get a reading.  This reading is unique to you and with intent you can consciously choose to bring harmony into the emotion, state of mind, body, or heart/spiritual centre.  Your sub gauges will have a harmony marker on them.  Feel the peace as you bring the emotions into balance by intentionally moving the marker to the harmony level.  Know you are balanced mentally, physically feel the shift as you drop into harmonious balance.  Sense the light around etheric bodies, around the spiritual self, settle and become stable.

Consciously become aware of the light level gauges to see where the level sits after you have brought into harmony that which was unbalanced.  Each dial, gauge and sub gauge is exclusively yours.  The more you are able to harmonise and balance, the steadier the needle will be.


Do not be afraid to allow your light to shine.  Love your light free as you stand in your divinity. And so it is…



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