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Let us speak to you of the interplay of energies.  These energies are bringing with them the greatest potentials for each of you to enter into a higher phase of self.  This higher phase of self is predominantly a higher vibrational level in which you will be able to bring into manifestation the higher gifts you possess.  Each of you has higher gifts and just as some artists are exemplary with paint and a canvas and others may be skilled at wood carvings so too will some be good at leadership qualities and others good at counselling etc.

You each have before you the opportunity to tap into the tool set you have acquired over the many sojourns to the earth plane.  These tools and gifts are yours to use, however, you must be aware that if not aligned with the will of your soul self you will find that these gifts may fall by the wayside or worse still they may return to you in greater force that which they project out.

Manifestation into being is occurring at a greater rate and this which would have taken years can now happen in a moment.  So be aware dear ones that if  you project outward from yourself that which is not in alignment with higher resonance then in a moment you may find yourself in unpleasant situations.

It is through love and integrity that these greater gifts will come into manifestation and these can then be nurtured and cajoled into a greater force.  Force is used in the sense of greater capacity, it is not to be used as force against another to undermine their integrity.  Love and equality is a wonderful expression of the true self.  These are being felt more and more as you come into alignment with the greater you.

It would be wonderful for you all to have a crystal ball that told you what you will do and when you will do it.  Life upon Earth is not that way inclined.  There is nothing outside of yourself that can tell you what it is you, your soul, will do and when it will do it.  Go within to find these answers for you already know what it is you came here for.  You already know when it is that the purpose for you being here will become apparent to you.  You have certain criteria chosen that will enable you to come into full realisation and these have been chosen by you.

Do not blame another for the situations you find yourself in.  Take stock of where you are and ask yourself how you are able to change that which no longer want, whether it be a situation you are in, a relationship you are in, a career you are in.  Ask of you own self, your true authentic self how to get you out of these predicaments you find yourself in.  Ask and then listen for you will be given the answers, it is up to you to be willing to allow yourself to hear these answers.

There is much shifting of energies within relationships at the present time and these energies are giving you the opportunity to change that which you choose to change.  Only you know what that is and how to do it.  Seek assistance from others, not to ask of them what you should do, rather ask of them to assist you in the balance you need so you may see and hear clearly the answers you seek.

Balance within is imperative to getting the balance desired in your external world.  Balance within allows you to hear the answers and the guidelines you seek.  Balance within yourself is sometimes all that is needed to rectify the situation you find yourself in for when you are balanced and at peace, others around you will feel this, sense this and often flow along with this.  This then creates a more harmonious outcome for all.

Much conflict stems from the turmoil within and the drama you attach to it.  Oh, you can have internal turmoil, however, it never needs to manifest in external imbalance.  Inner turmoil can be nullified by having the wisdom to first recognise it, acknowledge it, balance it without attaching drama to it.  When it is balanced it becomes a most calming influence.

You all have the capacity to do this for you are all Masters.  The Masters that walked the earth did so balanced in all aspects of their life.  They found love in all.  You are all capable of this.  Reconnect with the Master within and you will be amazed at the changes in your life.  You will be amazed at the changes within your cellular structure.  You will be at peace and you can see that those that are at peace within walk upon the earth ever so lightly with a placid smile upon their face at all times, unless of course they are laughing.  It is not often you see a Master with a frown.

Be aware that within these energies that are being showered upon you now there are light packets that can trigger specific codings within your crysto-magnetic field.  These triggers are activating higher consciousness bands of light.  You are moving at a much greater rate.  We use the word greater rather than faster to encompass the enormity of that which is happening.

You have help and you are welcomed to ask for assistance regardless of what situation you find yourself in.  We are here to help, however, we are not here to do the work for you.  We can put you in places you need to be in order to resolve that which needs resolving or to meet those that can assist you.  We are unable to do it all for you.  That is your responsibility.

We offer you all the support you need, be open to receive it dear ones.

With open arms we await you call.

And so it is….


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