Does life seem to be getting more and more hectic and you find it difficult to

just sit, to relax, or to go within and nurture your self? 

Have you recognised that you have been feeling conflicted, out of balance and anxious?

Or maybe you have noticed that you seem to be quick to anger and get frustrated easily. 

Do you feel as though you are not fully grounded, dissociated and disconnected?

Does it feel as though your body is experiencing more and more aches, pains and discomfort?

Are you finding that you are generally feeling unwell, sick and tired?

Have you found you seem to be blocked from moving ahead and need clarity?

How would you like to feel much more energised, awakened and balanced?

How would you like your body to become strong and flexible?

How would you like to release blocked energy and belief patterns that keep you from accessing the intuitive body and the intuitive self?

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.”

– Albert Einstein

WHITE LIGHT encompasses all colours, tones, hues and gradations in the light spectrum.  All colours emanate their own harmonic and tonal frequencies.  There is only one true light and that is the all-encompassing Light, white light, of the eternal life force energy.  The eternal life force energy comprises of the infinite eternal light, intelligent Light, and the infinite eternal energy, Love. 

Love/Light is All there is.  It is a universal truth that we are all united in this conscious intelligent light and infinite energy of unified consciousness.  Therefore it would be safe to say that the ultimate purpose of Consciousness is to discover, to explore, to express, to share, to illuminate and to be Love and to shine our light. 

We are all on the same journey of self-discovery and remembrance of our True Divine Self, however, through our own unique experiences we will evolve at varying rates.  Access to higher levels of consciousness is available when we awaken to the truth within.  We have chosen to step down our vibratory frequencies to experience within the realm of polarisation/duality through the Law of Cause and Effect.  The soul expression chose to understand The Law of Cause and Effect in duality through a physical expression within what could be described as an holographic time matrix. This time matrix allowed the soul expression to explore the time it took to receive the effect from the cause of our thoughts, words or deeds. The effect received from the cause of our thoughts, words and deeds depended upon the impetus, the weight/mass and the force of the energy (e-motion) behind the cause.  It also depended on the choice of the soul, through the Law of Free Will, as to how, what and when this effect was implemented. 

Duality allows us to experience polarising energies such as love and fear, negative and positive, up and down etc.  Fear constricts, congests, compacts, and condenses while love evolves, expands, develops, grows and shares.  Each thought, word, action, deed and expression has a consciousness frequency to it and what we focus upon, what we consciously put energy into, regardless of whether the energy is physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, we will attract the geometric match to that particular frequency.  This energetic geometric match can manifest in our physical, emotional, mental, ethereal bodies, and spheres of life, as positive (light) energy polarisation or negative (dark) energy polarisation.  Positive polarity has a geometric match to a ‘Service to Others’ energetic configuration and negative polarity has a geometric match to a ‘Service to Self’/”Power over others” energetic.  It is also important, to recognise that there is polarity within polarity.


“Everything is energy and that’s all there is. Match the frequency of the

reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality.

It can be no other way. This is not philosophy.

This is physics.”  – Albert Einstein


White Light Energetics is your gateway to your True Divine Self whether it is through the physical pathway of Yoga or through the Polarity Integration Technique©, Crystalline Light Technique©, Crystalline Integration Technique©, or Divine Template Reset Technique©

Living in alignment with eternal love/light raises our awareness of our True Divinity.  Our physical bodies are sustained and maintained through the flow of the life force energy.  Eventually when we are able to sustain a high level of our True Divine Light we will be able to slow, or even reverse, the aging process.  Our human bodies have not been able to hold much of our True Divine Light, however, now as we move through this ascension process with Mother Earth (Gaia) we have been given the opportunity to unburden the density within to create the space for this Light to be anchored within the  physical form. 


“Every man is a divinity in disguise, a god playing the fool.” 

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Only the adept masters of old could anchor this Light into form, however due to the influx of new crystalline light from the cosmos all of humanity are now able to hold this light in our physical bodies. 

Our body, our third dimensional physical form, is only able to sustain a high level of our True Divine Light when we make the conscious effort to cleanse and balance the heavy, dense energies held in the Chakras, energy pathways of the Nadial structures and meridians.  These energy centres within our bodies hold geometrically matched frequencies of negative/positive, light/dark, etc.  The energetic construct we focus on and send out into the world, for example hatred or love, will be what we attract to us regardless of whether it is internally or externally focused.  Energy out is energy back.

Perceiving that our external world is our only reality can limit our intuitive abilities and conscious awareness.  Not taking responsibility for our thoughts, words, and deeds keeps us limited in our understanding of how the ebb and flow of the universal life force energy can effect an energetic alchemical change within us.  The human body is shifting the heavy, dense energetic construct of emotions that are negatively polarised, that keep us in inner turmoil and conflict, to a much lighter, freer energetic construct of emotions that are positively polarised and work with/for us compatibly and harmoniously.

White Light Energetics is your gateway to your True Divinity, your True Divine Self.  By going within and connecting with your True Divine Self you are creating an open field of love/light in which you are able to sustain the white light, crystalline diamond light, within the light body matrix.  The light body matrix is often referred to as the Merkaba (Mer/Light, Ka/Spirit, Ba/Body).   Becoming consciously aware of this Divine connection with the True Self and having a conscious construct of communication with the higher True Divine Self helps to prevent dis-ease, imbalance and inharmonious energetic patterns within our light body field (Aura).  It also ensures that any energetic fractures and/or fragmentation caused from traumas, fears, anxieties etc. are deterred and prevented from anchoring into the subtle energy bodies of our light body matrix. 

White Light Energetics can raise your awareness and elevate you into the embrace of your True Divine Self by assisting you to bring yourself into a state of internal and external harmonious balance and flow.  Balance and flow on all levels, internally and externally, can be achieved by cleansing, balancing, aligning and re-calibrating the chakras, meridians, nadial structures, and also by harmonising and balancing the left and right brain hemispheres and the masculine/feminine principles within.  It can also be achieved by being reset to our Divine Template.

By shining a light on the shadow aspect of our archetypal attributes and patterns we can transform or transmute what lurks in the depths of the shadows, cleansing the physical body, chakras, meridians, nadi’s and central nervous system, as well as our emotional, mental, spiritual and etheric bodies. 

Are you ready to be the master of your reality?

Are you ready to shine a light on that which has been kept hidden in the shadows?

Are you ready to take responsibility for your own healing?

Which gateway will you walk through?