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We all have a role to play, an integral part in the holographic experience upon Earth. Each and every one of you that walks upon the Earth is what we term the ground crew.  There are many that are not upon the ground that are assisting in many ways.  We assist in the ascension process of Gaia and all of humanity for one cannot do it without the other.  You are a piece and part of each other, of the divine essence of our father/mother, creator of all that is.  Each of you is directly linked with Earth, with Gaia herself, and unfortunately over aeons of time you have forgotten not only your connection to Gaia but also to the higher divine self.

Never before have we been in this situation where we, as a collective, are attaining the higher mantle, reaching the higher dimensions and evolving with such ease and grace. Humanities evolutionary process is underway and the new souls coming to earth are bringing with them the codes that trigger the DNA into the next phase of planetary status.  As you evolve, Gaia evolves, as Gaia evolves you evolve.  It can be no other way.  The new paradigm, the new world, will reveal itself to the few initially and then over time the masses will be able to access this new dimensional gateway.  It is through this gateway that you/we bring heaven to Earth.  All of this is unfolding now and all is as should be.

Let us talk for a moment about what appears to be happening upon the world, or shall we say within your spheres of life. There are many that are experiencing much upheaval in their lives.  Many are faced with circumstances beyond their imagining and some of these are not what one would call pleasant if seen from a linear, three dimensional aspect.  Many are receiving perceived bad news, job or career redundancies or terminations.  Many are finding that their sphere of life is much like a snow globe where many things are floating around, circling them, all in random patterns, hectic even, and without any indication of settling anytime soon.  It seems that life is so busy you do not have time for yourself let alone your spiritual practice or your mediations.  Many of you are concerned about this and it is causing many to feel disheartened, sad, depressed, stressed, unbalanced and downright fatigued.

All of this is because you do not see the bigger picture and understand that all of this needs to occur in order to move into order. It is through this chaos that the greatest gifts are given.  It is by being able to see the gifts for the truth of what they are that enables you to address the energies that no longer resonate to the higher dimensional frequencies you are moving into and that are moving in you.  It is a necessary part of the clearing process.  One would not be able to travel very far if one was still weighed down with heavy baggage.  When you can empty your suitcase of all the unnecessary items you will be able to travel far for the bags that you carry will be light, filled with light.

The physical vessel is cleansing and purifying. The higher aspect of the self is assisting with this.  Many will notice that they no longer desire certain foods.  Many will notice that they begin a new exercise regime and it may not necessarily be a ten kilometre road run; it may just be Qi Gong or Yoga.  There are many changes taking place within that you are unable to see however you are able to feel.  When one is able to allow their heart to open a little further they will begin to feel things never felt before.  They will begin to understand love in a new way.  Love is not conditional; love is totally unconditional and unbiased.  Love is pure and love is light.  There is only one love and out of love we were created.  In love and through love we move physically, emotionally, mentally and ethereally.  We are love and when we are able to begin to feel this love through our heart and sacred heart centres we will begin to see everything in a different light.

It is important that you hold only love for the self. Love for the self is not to be misconstrued for egoic actions.  Love for the self is realising the truth of who you are and who you are is love created by love and through love.  It is hard for you to cognitively process this and truly grasp this however you are moving into a place of illumination and you will be amazed at what you begin to see.  It has always been there however you have been unable to see it with the thick lens of distortion you have placed over it.  You look through this thick lens of distortion and assume that what you see is all there is to see.  You are happy with the familiar and so it is you allow the thick lens of distortion to become even thicker.  Through loving intent this thick lens of distortion can be lifted and you will begin to see with clarity, you will begin to see in ways you could never have imagined.

There is much for you all to see and when you are ready you will see. When you are ready you will remember.  The higher self knows when you are ready and although you may think you are ready you may first have to experience things to gain a more expanded awareness before being aligned with this higher, more illumined sight.

There are worlds upon worlds, universes upon universes. There are civilisations upon civilisations within planetary systems that you are not aware of.  What you don’t see does not exist, or so some think.  Lift the thick lens of distortion so you can begin to accept the possibility that what you see is a very limited fractal of the holographic experience of life upon Earth.  When the lens is lifted you will begin to see colours never before seen.  You will see with such clarity that it will seem surreal.  You will see and feel and feel and see.  We are all so excited to be here with you now assisting you in this transitional phase.  It is exciting and yet you do not feel the excitement as you are still so busy.  This will settle and when it does expect the unexpected.

What a joy it has been to share with you again in this way. Of course we would like to share more with you and to lift the burdens, to clean out the baggage and to lift the thick lens of distortion for you however we are unable to do so in alignment with the universal law of free will.  Of course if you asked from the pureness of your heart then we are indeed able to assist however we will never be able to prevent you from experiencing that which will assist you in this transition into greater and more illumined heights.  You are here to expand your consciousness and through this expansion into a greater awareness you assist not only all of humanity but all of creation for life is an ever expanding creative experience and you are all a part of that.

We look forward to when you see clearly without the distortions and we shall rejoice with you. Open to receive more of this unconditional love, this pristine love, and you will feel the shift within that is necessary to allow the lens of distortion to drop away.

We hold you in our loving arms, in our loving embrace, and shower you with grace. We are all one and it is through this unified field of love that we can play our role perfectly.  And so it is…


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