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Many in the collective field are experiencing a strong sense of separateness from the guidance team they have become so seemingly close to and reliant upon.  The guidance team, as you word it, is the collective energies of what you may know as your guardian Angels, guides and teachers.  Many have asked ‘why is it that I no longer feel their presence?’


Your guidance team will never leave you as they are a part of the collective energy that make up who you are, they can however step back to create the space for you to evolve, to grow, to expand and to experience this in alignment with your own free will.  When you choose to let go of the old energy, the old patterns, belief structures etc. the guidance team will assist in helping you recognise the patterns, however they will then take a step back to allow you to cognitively process, transform and integrate the new.



In truth there is no guidance team up here and you down there.  The guidance team is an infinite helix, a matrix of light, if you will that represents the consciousness construct of the greater aspect of self/selves.  You stand as the central cell to this plasma light helix.  And this monadic/avatar construct prepares you for greater expansion; however, you are the one that must take the physical step into the expansion.


In some cases the guidance team may take a step back as you have reached a certain level in your evolution that has heightened to a new vibrational frequency.  In this instant it is necessary for the guidance team to align with the heightened vibrational frequencies that you now sit within.  It is as if you have changed the words to a song and they are learning the new words that you created for indeed you are the creator.  The energetic signature now takes on a new frequency, harmony, song, new colours and vibrational tones.


The element of space/distance that is perceived when sensing a form of separation is due to the universal construct of time/space that allows you to perform and play within the illusory playing field.  Incarnating to play within the playing field entitles you to explore, to create, to integrate and assimilate that which you have created.


Integration is a necessary part of evolution and when you move into alignment with higher consciousness units you will undergo a process of integration.  This integration is what you might like to call a ‘pause’ moment, a ‘hold’ moment.


Let us bring in the inner child as we give you a metaphor for this.  The child is playing a game that allows free movement whilst music is playing.  When the music stops the child must also stop and act as though it has frozen in time.  The child that moves after the music has stopped has to sit out of the game until the next game commences.  Those that are able to hold their form in a pattern of inertia are the ones that will progress through the stages of the game.



There is no right or wrong, there is no actual winner; there is only the soul that progresses in this game.  Progression comes from momentum.  Progression is a result of manifestation.  The energy weight, or momentum, behind the intent to progress will catapult the game player to heightened levels of acuity.  Heightened levels of acuity allow for the game player to intuitively know when the music is going to be stopped so is able to immediately drop into the pause moment knowing that it will progress him through the game.


The pause moment can be accepted with ease and grace or opposed with frustration, anger, confusion etc., causing the game player to be held in patterns of inertia until that which blocks the flow of energy shifts.  When the blockages shift the game player may be swept off his/her feet with the intensity of the flow of energy, much like the flood gates of a dam system opening to adjust water levels.  It stands to reason that the game player be aware, astute, balanced and ready for the shift, the momentous flow that is to come.  Being willing to flow with the waters of change without fear, doubt, worry or concern will ensure the game player be carried along integrative currents of plasma light.  These plasma light currents of varying colours act as the rainbow bridge into the new harmonics of the consciousness construct.  We look to the Aurora Borealis as a most appropriate representation of this.



Finding peace within for the wave-like fluidity of momentum and inertia will ensure the game player progresses through the current level of the game with ease and grace.  Enjoy the game.  Enjoy the flow.  Enjoy the pause moments for it is within these moments that inner tranquillity can allow the observer to see reflected upon the calm waters of the inner dam that which may be out of balance or alignment.  This then allows the harmonious integration and processing which creates inner space for knowledge and wisdom of how the game can be played with the greatest strategic plan that will suit their choices in alignment with free will.


Recognise the beauty and fluidity in the pause moments and adapt your game to get the maximum fulfilment out of it.  Use the breath to connect with the pause moments.  At the height of the breath pause and with intent align with energetic pause moment you feel you are in.  After releasing the breath take another pause moment to take your awareness out before you to manifest where you would like your course to flow.


Most of all allow the inner child to come out and play the game with you.  Laugh a lot.  Have fun.  And enjoy the moments/momentum/momentous evolutionary progression.


And so it is….


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