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It is a necessary requirement of ascension that one become more aligned with the higher Divine Feminine aspects of one’s self.  In order to do this one must be willing to encapsulate the feelings, the emotions, the understanding of what it is to be balanced in Masculine and Feminine energies.  It is well enough that we speak of this through channel after channel, however, it seems to all that it is a difficult concept to grasp.

How do we learn to be more connected to those feeling, those emotions and understandings, when for so long upon your planet the very idea that the Feminine energies are nothing more than being of service?  How many times have you been asked to roll over and play dead, so to speak?  How many times have you been knocked from your perch?  The time to rise and sit upon your perch is now.

Let us give you an understanding of what it takes to stand tall within the Divine Feminine Goddess suit that you all have.  Even the males upon the earth at this time must understand that this suit is one they have worn.  You have all experienced the sublime bliss of being a Divine Feminine Goddess at some point.  This can be remembered.  All it takes is the choice to remember this feeling without fear, without condemnation or without hatred of self.  One must love all aspects of self before one is able to fully integrate and recalibrate into their fullest potential.

Let us look at this in a way all can understand.  There are many that are not quite able to grasp the fact that within they have masculine and feminine aspects.  To be born a male or to be born a female is the only gender they are.  It is all they know and depending upon their upbringing they may be embroiled in heavy masculine energies.  This is difficult for one to grasp a concept if one only goes off one has been brought up with.

You wear, every day, a new garment to cover the gender that you are.  Whether it be a dress, whether it be pants, it matters not.  It hides the very anatomy you were born with.  This anatomy you have is a representation of the choice you made before entering upon the Earths plane in this life experience.  It is just that, a choice.  You may have chosen which anatomy suit to wear in order to experience that which will assist you in learning the human lessons necessary to assist in the evolution of your melding of soul self with human self.  We refrain from saying soul lessons for the soul needs no lessons.  The soul is pure.

The garments you wear from day to day represent the feeling, the emotions, the understanding you have of yourself.  It is that one day you may actually wear a pretty dress to represent the feeling of being feminine on that particular day.  You may decide to wear a get about outfit of track pants and sloppy shirt because on that particular day you felt you wanted to be comfortable and lounge around.  It is the same for men.  It may be that you wanted to wear a very crisp formal shirt in the colour of pink, because as you say, pink is the new black.  This represents the feeling you have inside.  You may be a little emotional, however, as a man you have been taught not to express your emotions so the only way you know how is by donning the garment that is accepted in society as a cool new colour without fully understanding that you chose that crisp formal pink shirt because you wished to represent that feeling/emotion you had inside.

Understand that all of us feel.  All of us have emotions and all of you have understanding.  How you express them or to what level of understanding you have can be conducive to where you see yourself in comparison to the next in society or how you feel you will be accepted by society.  And usually due to the upbringing you have had.

Take notice of those feelings that are spurred on by the emotional state you are experiencing.  Understand that when you can recognise these feelings and emotions and choose the garment appropriate to them you are getting in touch with a more balanced you, which takes us back to what we mentioned earlier about not knowing how to reconnect with the balance of masculine and feminine qualities.  It is as we have just mentioned.  Listen to the inner voice.  The voice is not a loud person speaking in one’s head.  It is the feeling, it is the emotions you experience, and it is the understanding of what they represent and why you are feeling them.

That inner voice speaks with you daily.  That inner voice asks only that you listen.  It is as if one is on a sporting field and one needs to speak with the other members of the team to communicate to them who you are defending, or what play you are going to make to attack the goal.  We must communicate with our team members to play the best possible game we can play as a team.  It is like the players themselves understanding that in order to be the fittest they must train hard and strengthen their muscles so they can either run harder or jump higher.   The muscles of the ears must be switched on whilst on the field or the players will not really hear the directions they are given.  This in itself is a skill.  The coaches will often tell you to switch on out there.  This is what they are referring to.  This skill needs fine tuning, so does the skill of listening to your inner voice.

There are many, even lightworkers, out there that may think they are listening, however, if they really pondered this a moment they would be able to say, “maybe my listening skills need to be tweaked a little more”.  Yes that is all it takes, understanding the concept of how to do it.  Turn the listening muscle on and listen.  That is all it takes.  Be regiment in your daily practice and you will kick many more goals.

The energies at this time are of such a frequency one will truly need to continue ones practice of listening.  The frequencies that pour forth upon the Divine essence of Gaia at this time allow for this communication with self.  It allows for communication not only with self but also with the higher planes of existence.  The elementals are waiting for you to acknowledge them.  The angelic realm is waiting for you to hear their celestial songs.  Practice diligently dear ones and you may hear the beauty that rides upon these vibrational wavelengths.

And so it is that when we choose to listen to that inner voice it will tell us what is required to create that balance within, to create the integration and recalibration with the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine aspects.  When this balance is achieved it is as a cornucopia of Divine blessings poured upon you.  It is as nothing you have ever before felt.

We offer our assistance to you in all ways.  Be open to first ask for it, then to listen to that which is given.  We ask also that when you hear that which is given you follow through with it for this is what your true essence is asking of you.  Do not be afraid of the change that it may bring.  Do not be afraid that you feel you may lose something in doing so.  Be bold, be confident and be strong.



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