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The greatest knowledge comes from within. All that you are, all that you have been and will be, is within.  To access this is to open your truth box.  Your truth box is just that.  It is the storage for your truth.  It is the container in which your truth resides and that box, that container, is your soul self.  Many of you believe you are physical beings having a spiritual experience.  You are beings of the light, souls, multidimensional soul beings, that have chosen to incarnate into a physical form to experience, express and share.

Limiting belief structures and ancestral and societal programming has led you to believe that you are limited. We say to you that you are the only ones limiting yourselves.  You place self-imposed limitations upon vast beings of light and wonder why it is that you feel an inner sadness.  The sadness you feel is the illusion that you are separated from the vast soul being of light that you are.  You are not, never have been and never will be separated from the self or from Source, the Creator, Divine Father/Mother.  Everything is made of up Creator particles, of prana, of life force energy, for everything is energy.  You are energy and intimately and intricately interwoven with everyone and everything.  Those of you that are sensitive will know this as you will be able to pick up on the emotions and feelings of another.  Most of you are aware of the feelings you get when presented with a situation that is uncharacteristic as you may feel the hair on the back of your neck stand up.  This is intuitive guidance from within.  This is the wisdom within letting you know to be aware that the situation you find yourself in is not in alignment with love.

This inner wisdom is expressed to you through these innate feelings, through the intuitive senses of feeling, sensing, knowing, seeing and hearing. Some you are just beginning to feel these senses and sometimes they seem to be screaming out to you to take notice.  You are free to acknowledge theses senses or to ignore them and deny them however they will never go away unless you specifically ask them to.  These intuitive glimpses you are getting are the tell-tale signs your higher self, your soul self, is trying to get you attention.  The energies that are presented to you throughout September will certainly shake many up and they will not be aware of why.  The solar eclipse, 1st Sept, the 999 portal, 9th day of the 9th months in a 9 year (2+0+1+6), and the penumbral lunar eclipse 16th/17th September, transmit energies to Earth that present you with the opportunities to clear out the old energy to move into the new era, the new age, the new Earth.

The 999 represents completion and so it is that you are completing a cycle that offers the opportunity to grasp the new. Just as the world, Gaia herself is experiencing flooding, earthquakes, volcanoes etc., so too is your inner world.  Your inner world reflects outwardly and what you experiencing inwardly.  The thought processes you have will influence what is happening in your external reality.  What is being presented to you that is out of balance?  What are you being shown that can be aligned with love?  What are others showing you or telling you that offer you the grandest opportunity to clear out the old to make way for the new?  Who do you hold a grudge against?  Who have you not forgiven?  Why do you hold the grudge and why have you not forgiven?  These are all questions you can ask yourself if you choose to allow these energies to be transformed from the old outmoded reflections of self into the metamorphic angelic self that you are.

What is it you are holding onto? What do you fear if you let it go?  Do you fear change?  Do you fear the unknown?  What is the unknown to you?  Is it the unknown result of the outcome of the change you may make in your life that you fear the most?  Is it the unknown power and magnitude of the angelic being you are that you fear the most?  Is it the wrath of, ridicule from, or being disowned by family, friends, loved ones that you fear the most?  Whatever your fears trust that they are being presented to you so that you can make the choice to resolve them, clear them, or release them so you can step into the new you.  You are never alone in this as you have people on the ground in the form of friends, family, or spiritual helpers and you have friends and family here beyond that veil of separation you keep yourself hidden behind that are ready to take your hands and walk with you through these challenging times.  Open to receive our love and assistance and you will find that you navigate these turbulent waters with ease and grace.

What does the new Earth, the new age, represent for you? How would you like to see the new Earth?  Consciousness is living.  It is scientifically proven that the consciousness of a person conducting a test can influence the outcome of the test results.  Can you imagine for a moment if each and every one of you focused your conscious awareness on living in a new Earth of peace, love, balance and harmony?  Are you able to imagine how profoundly powerful that would be?  Can you see now how when we say you are all co-creators that you are indeed that, the co-creators of the new world?  You are the new world.  The new world resides within all of you and as this new inner world is acknowledged it is reflected outwardly.  Bringing balance, peace, love and harmony to your inner world, to yourself, will create the new external world, the new age.  This is the new Age of Aquarius and it is fluid and flows with the harmonics of each and every person upon the planet.

More and more of you are starting to reflect upon these teachings and are beginning to realise just how very true they are and how very important it is to take responsibility for one’s own internal world. The time has come for you all to take responsibility of your actions, thoughts and deeds.  More and more of your young are starting to inform the adults what they can do to bring more peace and balance into their lives.  Are you stuck in a structured program that makes it difficult for you to accept the teachings from the young individuals that are so very much aware and attuned to their angelic selves?  Does having age make you the authoritarian?  Are you, as humanity, as a collective, able to willingly allow the very astute young ones to educate you?  Are you able to listen to the star children that can teach you how to cleanse your waters and your environment?  Or are you stuck in your ways that say only scientific conclusions will clean your water or environments?  There are many great teachers awakening within the young upon your planet and there are many great innovations and inventions that are going to be released because these children are listening to their inner wisdom.  The wisdom they are listening to is the wisdom they have garnered from life experiences not only of this world.  This may be difficult for some to believe and that is ok.  You are all open to believe what you choose to believe for you have been granted free choice, however we say to you that it is going to be difficult to disbelieve it when the new age presents new technology that comes from the young.

These are exciting times for you all and you are all able to move in unison with these incoming energies or you can fight against them. The two opposing forces of a magnet is a good metaphor for what will occur within when you oppose these incoming frequencies.  It is best to go with the flow as you say and allow yourself to swept along with these currents of change and allow them to take you to where you need to go.  Imagine you are floating on your back in a stream and the water flows gently carrying you along.  Imagine that you sense, from your internal intuitiveness, that the waters ahead are a little turbulent.  Are you going to turn over and try to swim against the current or are you going to lie back and allow the current take you?  Yes it may become a little turbulent and that is ok because you are safe.  However are you going to be able to relax and allow these turbulent waters to bounce you around a little trusting that the bouncing is causing those stuck parts of you that you no longer need to be dislodged and washed away in the current?  Can you trust the soul aspect of self to guide you safely through these waters into the peace and calm that is around the bend?  Or are you going to fear what lies ahead and create turbulence by trying to swim against the current and thrash around in the turbulence creating more turbulence?

These questions we present to you this day are questions only you can answer for you. By taking responsibility of your choices, your actions, your thoughts and your inner world you take responsibility for your outer world.  That outer world is there to be redefined for all of you.  You have a clean slate in the new energies and peace, harmony, balance and love are the new chalks you can use to write your new stories upon the slate.  We see this world already for you have already created it.  There are trillions of potentials available.  Are you going to take the highest potentials in alignment with peace, balance, harmony and love or are you going to tap into the same old limiting potentials.  The choice is yours however as you/we/Gaia are moving into unity consciousness you will only want to make the choice that is in the highest and best interest for all.  That is unity, and that is the acknowledgement that we are all one.  How can we not be when everything is created from the same essence of creator particles.  The true essence of those particles is love and we have already chosen this for this is who and what we are, and so are you.  And so it is….


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