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To be present upon the Earth at this momentous time is a wonder and a joy.  Many will not see it this way and of course they have reason for this.  Whether it be internal conflict, situations within their sphere of life, whether it be the chaos happening across the globe, one can find it difficult to see wonder and joy.  We ask you to move yourself away from the thoughts that you are all suffering and that you have before you much doom and gloom.  We ask that you see clearly that the road ahead is a clear road with many beautiful scenes along it.  The scenery is splendid.  The plant life and animal life flourish.  Happiness is seen upon a person’s face and shared deeply with another.  These are all things that your planet and all of humanity are working toward and as we see the potential for this we smile upon all of you.

Please understand that there will be a day when all who walk upon the Earth will walk in peace and happiness.  There is much energetic residue that still needs to be released for the new higher light codes and energies to come into fruition, however, they are there and we see it.  We ask you to imagine how wonderful it would be to spend every moment of every day with a deep inner smile upon your face knowing that deep within you are at peace with everything and everyone.  How wonderful that would be.

The Supreme Creator of all that is has offered to you all an opportunity to receive, allow and integrate the highest resonance of divine love and light that you choose to accept.  The energies that are available to you all have never been such and we look upon you all in wonder at the opportunities you all have.  This love and light is available for all to integrate, allowing you to move into the higher resonant frequencies that align you with your divinity.  The light within you is being activated like it has never been activated before en masse and when it is activated to the highest potential or the highest capacity one is able to tolerate magnificent changes not only within but within the whole of humanity.

This will also allow for the lower, denser energies of the collective consciousness to be lifted allowing the collective consciousness to flourish in love , peace and happiness.  Imagine if you will the collective consciousness, which are the collective thoughts and patterns of humanity as it has been over aeons of time, as a cloud much like that which you term the icloud.  Imagine it as a mist of energy much like a fog that sits around the entire globe.  It is dark in places, ominous even, and even a little lighter in other places.  These collective thoughts and patterns that sit within this mist, this cloud, rain down upon you even though you do not feel them.  Without even knowing why one may be feeling a little drained, a little angry, a little anxious.  When one is able to consciously detach from the lower vibrational patterns of the collective consciousness one is able to consciously create new higher vibrational thoughts and patterns which will lift the resonance of the collective field.

It is the drama and trauma of this collective consciousness field that can have an unsettling effect upon the energies of your body.  It is well that you do the work upon yourselves to clear and transmute that which no longer serves you, however, we ask that you be mindful to clear and transmute the lower vibrational energies of the collective consciousness and detach from these so that you may raise your own resonance in alignment with your Soul.

We offer to you a very simple visualisation to step you through this process.  Imagine yourself sitting in an open field of barren land.  There is only darkness, dark soil, dark rocks, dark sunlight, as if you are sitting not only under a cloud but also in it.  Imagine that there are patterns and symbols moving around in the atmosphere and these patterns and symbols are sticking to you and to your energy field.  We ask you to feel the weight of these as beliefs that others have had or that others still have and we ask that you make a conscious decision to detach from these.  “I lovingly and consciously choose to detach from the lower vibrational energies of the collective consciousness.”

As you say these words out loud imagine that these symbols and beliefs that were stuck to you are lifting off you.  Imagine that the light of your inner being, your divinity is shining so brightly from within it is carrying these heavy energies off you and out into the light of the One.  See the Light of the One anyway you wish to see it or imagine it and as these lower energies and symbols etc. are sent to this light ask that they be transmuted in the highest and best way for all.

Imagine now that as these energies are lifted you see and feel that from under your feet the grass begins to grow, the land begins to sprout many grasses, shrubs and trees.  You imagine beautiful flowers, fruits and animals suddenly appearing before you.  You can feel the warmth and glow of the sun upon your skin as it rises above the horizon and sheds a beautiful light upon the surface of the planet.  You know and feel that beautiful forests, waterfalls and mountains appear.  The air is pristine and as you walk along the pathways before you you meet many others that walk with an inner glow of peace and joy.  You have just created such wonder.  What a wonderful place to be is it not?

Dear ones, how easy is it for you all to imagine these things.  This is why we say to that you are all able to create the life you wish to live.  Feel the joy within, feel the happiness and peace.  We share this truth with you for you are all able to experience this if you so choose.

Collectively you are raising the frequencies enabling the planetary shift.  Collectively you are creating a world in which you all aspire to live in.  Collectively you realise what it means to be a collective.  We are all one and every little step toward the realisation of this enables a more expanded awareness.  Humanity is moving out of the I/me mentality to the us/we collective.  Begin to see the events in your daily lives broaden into a better understanding of how they affect the whole.  Expand your conscious awareness and move out of the i/me to the we/us.

There are many community activities one can partake in to allow you to feel more as a whole.  If this is what resonates with you then you will find many community activities that bring such joy not only to you but to all concerned.  Embrace the collective and share this Divine love and light that the Creator is sharing with all of humanity.  It is time now for all of humanity to awaken to the truth of what is meant by “We are all one”.

And so it is we love you all, we embrace you all and we Grace you all.


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