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Activation, activation, activation.  The process all are going through at this time is the process of activation.  We walk with you as each and everyone of you will be experiencing activation at some level.  The 3 dimensional Earth grid matrix is no longer.  The Earth’s shift is creating opportunities for all to experience more, more of themselves.  There are some of you activating that which needs activating to move into the 4th dimensional frequencies and some into lower 5th dimensional frequencies.  It is not that you are any better than another if you move to a higher frequency it is merely what is appropriate for your continued service work upon Earth.  There are some of you that we call the Lightworkers and Wayshowers that are moving into high 5th and 6th dimensional frequencies.  One can only move into these levels when one is ready to do so and it does not matter how much manifesting you do to get there you will get there when you are ready and the work you needed to do upon the self is done.

Do not be too hasty dear ones to move into a higher level than what you have come here to be for you will miss the opportunities you have already mapped out for yourself.  Trust in the Self and know that whatever level you are to reside within will be most appropriate for you for it is you that decided this before you incarnated into this life experience.  You are all here for certain roles and missions.  You are all One and without your particular roleplay the play would not go smoothly.  Be patient with yourselves and trust that where you are now is where you are meant to be.

Those that are the Lightworkers and Wayshowers are here to assist many in different forms.  They will be the ones that will move into higher 5th and 6th dimensional frequencies.  The roles they play will be to assist the many in their own awakening experience.  You must all understand that the role you are here to play is of your own choosing.  Yes it was agreed upon before you came into this life experience that the role you have chosen will be suitable for you and allow you to express, create and experience that which will advance your learning whilst in a human experience.  You seem to think that you were put here and told that this is what you will do and that is your role because God or the Angels must have said so.  That is not the case.  Why you have come, the role you are to play was your decision.  We cannot emphasise this enough for you.  So it is you that you must trust in guiding you to be where you need to be meeting the people you need to meet.

Synchronistic events will occur when you are ready to recognise them and when you are ready to hand it all over to your Divine I Am and say “I am now ready to allow you to guide me along the path we have chosen”, “I am now ready to allow you to synchronistically place me in the right place at the right time and to guide me to meet the right people for the right purposes”.  Although we use the right, meaning correct, remember that we have emphasised before that there is no right or wrong.  Perhaps a better way to phrase it is “I am now ready to allow you to guide me to be in the most appropriate place at the most appropriate moment meeting the most appropriate people I need to meet that will assist me in aligning with my purpose.”

There are so many factors that can lead you from your path, that can block you and those factors can be the very fact that you believe you may taken a wrong turn and that you will never find it back to the path you should be on.  That is not the case.  As we have said there is no wrong, dear ones.  You can never be wrong, you have merely taken a detour along the path and you will eventually come back onto the original direction the path was heading.

When you are your own navigators you can never get lost, you can never be alone.  So even if you feel you have wavered from the course you were taking do not be alarmed or concerned.  Trust that you will guide yourself back into the alignment most appropriate for you.  You also have our help, our love and our guidance but there is no guidance greater than your own guidance for you.  It is imperitave you begin to realise how very profound these words are for you truly are the Creators of your own path, you own goals.

We speak now of the rising awareness upon the planet.  More and more are beginning their awakening to a higher consciousness.  More and more are starting to question, starting to seek, starting to change their way of perceiving.  We ask that you assist each other in these times as the energies that are pulsating upon the Earth’s surface, within the Earth herself and that are being carried upon the cosmic band waves are creating mayhem and chaos in the lives of those that do not understand what is happening.  Many, many dear souls are experiencing shifts in their lives that they do not understand. Many are going through tumultuous relationship experiences.  Many are experiencing sudden health issues.  Many are finding that they need to change location rapidly throwing their lives into absolute chaos.  Many are in Earthly locations that are experiencing many natural weather disturbances.

We ask that you help these dear souls understand that all is as should be and the changes they are experiencing, the emotional rollercoasters they are riding are in fact part of the cleansing and balancing process and that if they can just weather the storms a little longer they will see that all will settle soon enough if they are willing to let go and trust that they are exactly where they need to be in that exact moment.  Help them to see this clearly and they will feel so much more settled for it is the fear of the unknown that many struggle with.  It is also the fear of being alone, of abandonment issues that cause much struggle.  Help them to see that they are never alone and that they have the greatest guide with them at all times – themselves.

You will find that there are some dear souls who are not yet ready to take responsibility for their own choices and their own pathway.  They are still more than happy to believe that they were put upon this Earth and told what they are to experience and cannot change that no matter what.  That is where they are at and that is most appropriate for them.  We ask the there be no judgement of these dear souls for that is what they have chosen for themselves.  You are not responsible for the choices another will make.  You can only share with them the knowledge and wisdom you have and what they choose to do with that knowledge and wisdom is entirely up to them.  Be mindful that unless they are ready to listen to this knowledge or wisdom you have to share then it will be falling on deaf ears.  Love them for who they are.  Love them for the path they have chosen.  We are not here to judge them for the path they have chosen for that path may be exactly what they need to experience this time around.

We are getting so excited for you are coming into a very special festive season.  This is a very special time for you all and for the planet herself.  There is much change occurring before and after your Christmas period.  This special birth date is to be an opportunity for you all to birth the new you.  The changes you are experiencing are allowing you to be birthed into the new higher vibrational you, into the most appropriate level for you.  We love this time of year and this is an exceptionally special one.  We hope to share more on that later.  Feel the excitement building, feel the energies intensifying and allow this to guide you to the Divine you that you are.  Many here will be celebrating with you so enjoy your festive season and know that you are all where you need to be.

All is well dear ones, all is well.

With so much Love, Light and Grace, your hearts we embrace.


Neptha El Ra – transmitted through Fiona M White © All Rights Reserved 2014.  We offer these messages as a gift to be shared freely with copyright credit, without alterations and reference made to 


Photo Credit:   Comfreak